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  1. cacherstats That's kinda' what I'm thinking, that or it's just a guessing game. The two TB #'s are about 55 numbers apart. Kinda' shoots a hole in the old saying "it's not about the numbers". I've looked at the profiles of some of the top rated cachers ( cacherstats ) & when it says that their best day was over 900 finds for a single day............<sigh>.
  2. How does a cacher get TB numbers without seeing the TB? I've just had two TB's "discovered" one of which has been missing two years & the other one year. They've never been in the same place at the same time & they've never been to Czech Republic where this cacher lives. This cacher has logged over 2200 trackables in less then a year caching.
  3. Coins get expensive. I've turned loose 8 coins & 4 TB's... all have disappeared. I've got more coins but have seriously considered doing the photo thing just to protect them. As for the original post.... more power to anyone who takes the time to move & LOG a TB or coin. If it was only to crank up their TB/coin find count, the offender would only have to "discover" the item.
  4. The log did have the fact posted that there was work going on in the area. I guess I should have been a little clearer. The fact that the reviewer posted the notice to the log wasn't as much of a problem to me, it was the wording of the post. It seemed pretty condescending. "a period which is well in excess of the period of 'a few weeks'" Why the over kill? "we can't do so forever" No one would ever expect to have a spot held "forever". More over kill. Why not a post that just basically says that we need an update on the cache or we need to archive it? I recently requested a cache to be archived that had nothing but DNF's, messages posted in the log, & maintenance request dating back to Jan. '07. I realize that these types of logs don't raise a red flag to the reviewers but it seems the thing to do next time would just let people look for & DNF the cache until one gets a chance to replace it instead of disabling the cache.
  5. I understand that the GS guidelines note that a disabled cache should not "disabled for an extended period of time" yet there is no time listed. I also understand that guidelines also say that the disable feature can be used "to allow you a reasonable time – normally a few weeks – in which to arrange a visit to your cache." I had a cache that was logged as missing. Three days later I checked on it & it was missing because there was tree trimming in the area & road work going on as I posted when I disabled the cache..... "I'll replace this one later after the tree trimming & road work is done." I understand that two months later is more then likely beyond the "extended period of time" yet two months later there was still work being done in the area. Now my question...are reviewers posts to these disabled caches a "canned" response? I kinda' felt like the reviewer was kinda' harsh....I dun-no? Maybe I'm just sensitive.
  6. Like stated above, I saw nothing on the cache page to indicate any set TB policy by the cache owner. Most TB & coin owners would like to see their trackables move as opposed to sit in a TB/coin "prison". I have a TB in my possession right now that has a mission of racing against some other TB's & needs mileage & sitting does nothing for it. I do move a few in my travels across the states & get quite a lot of e-mail from the owners thanking me for the miles.
  7. Besides all of the above.... R..E..S..P..E..C..T! <Sing it Aretha>
  8. Did the festival today, I go because I like the artery clogging food.
  9. We only allow CyBret on this side of the river & into Terre Haute on the odd days of the month & only between the hours of 10:00 AM & 2:PM.
  10. Congrat's to Dan! Oh yeah... who's the rugged looking fella' in the picture?
  11. I thought it was obvious to everyone that the muggler in question has contributed to this thread. Kind of like arsonists who offer to help put out the fires they start. Kind of my point, except I believe that the points on the map are mostly or all fictitious. I'll ask again, where's the list or lists of these missing caches? The original poster had to have some kind of list to know where the missing caches were in order to make the map. This isn't the first thread of this nature started by the very same poster, there was another thread just like it back in February. I also find it amazing that this poster can put forth all the effort to make maps & put in the time here but can't even take the time to go to their cache pages & address the issues there as per GC guidelines. In fact, the poster didn't appear to even take the time to respond to e-mails from Reviewers trying to contact them about the conditions of their caches.
  12. Where did I say anything about being insulted? Just as you posted the you "believe" the serial muggler is possibly a short haul truck driver in the midwest, I stated my "beliefs" that I suspect some college kids in Wisconsin. What was it that that old wise fella' used to say, something about those who protest the loudest?
  13. Where ya' been since your last Muggler thread frenzy 8 months or so, back in February? Just as in your Feburary thread, we've yet to see any proof that all these caches are missing other then a map with some push pin over lay on it. I suspect a group of college kids in Wisconsin, who for some reason, can't even take the time to respond to GeoCachers pleas to check their missing cache......missing cache.......missing cache!!! Have a great day, Truckdweller...."a short haul truck driver in the midwest"
  14. Interesting! A quick check of 5 people who posted in this thread that they don't like "McToys shows that they've only had to stock a total of three caches amoungst all of them. As a cacher, who doesn't have a 6 digit income like some in here must have, I DO use "McToys" mixed with other things & they do move. I usually have about $20.00's in a ammo can cache, it adds up fast. As for finding them, I have no problems, almost all of the swag I trade for gets recycled back into a new cache.
  15. I've been getting mine from you guys for awhile & just wondering what happened to the exterior labeling option?
  16. Don't know how many ways there are to do it but I do it with the GSAK program. Load them into GSAK. Then go to "File" ...then "Export"... then "Microsoft Streets & Trips text file". Now go to your MS S&T's program & open the "Data" ...... then "Import Data Wizard"... then look for the "csv" file that you saved from the GSAK program & load it.
  17. I get Bison Containers for $2's each from here
  18. The one's I've seen & the one I got goes on your car's antenna. It was hand made, but I can't remember the name of the cacher who made it. I've seen them donated for gifts or door prizes at events, I got mine at an event in south-east Indiana.
  19. One place I stop in quit a bit is the local Goodwill Store. Many times they've got the toys that have came from fast food places (McD's, Buger King, Etc) still in their bags. I can usually get them from 25 to 35 cents each
  20. I use a laptop with Delorme mapping, GSAK, & an external GPS-USB port antenna & it's software. I run pocket queries for the area I'm heading for & load them into the GSAK program. Then I export the file to the Delorme map program. All the caches show up on my laptop & I watch for the ones that are close as I travel. If I find one I want to do, I load it from the GSAK on my laptop to my GPSr. You can even narrow down the caches by using the filters in the GSAK program &/or the filters in the mapping program.
  21. I like to leave Bison containers as FTF & I'm sure cachers like to find them. At 2-3$'s each, they make great FTF prizes.
  22. It was 2 degrees when I stepped out of the car to do the first cache yesterday morning! Very low muggle factor!
  23. Congrats to Doobie's... I see you've taken my great caching words of wisdom & put them to good use! Okay... maybe they've been at it a wee bit longer then me?
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