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  1. Looks awesome. I'm glad you took the time to redo it. Very nice.
  2. Point being if you are going to be there for three months you can place a cache and then find someone to adopt it or care for it while you are gone or you can just archive it when you leave.
  3. If you are in the same place for 3 months that's long enough for a cache under the permanent rules.
  4. It's easy. Just drive to the grocery store and buy a $25.00 prepaid visa card (usually the lowest amount you can find) for $27.50 + tax. Then you can buy the $5 app. And now you have an extra $20 left over for your annual dues. Easy peesy...(sarcasm)
  5. I can't say I've ever found the bonus bum cache but it does give me some really cool ideas for cache names in the future.
  6. It's a shame the sites app isn't as good as cgeo.
  7. Here is what I'll say. I have a cacher in my area who is notorious for maintenance issues. I brought it to light via this forum,our local forum and some strategic nm and na logs. I got some heat from this cacher but they are now doing maintenance on their caches. If it bothers you enough and it is worth the heat bring it to light. I was surprised by how many thank you messages I got from local cachers tired of this cachers negligence.
  8. Around here there are some that will create an event, then hide temp caches around the campsite and allow you to log multiple finds on the event cache. In other words say you found 10 of the temp caches. You would then log the event cache a total of 11 times. Once for the event and 10 Times for the temp caches.
  9. There is a cacher in my area that makes it a habit to return to caches to make sure others haven't scratched off the Smiley face she makes at the end of her signature.
  10. The reviewer noted today The ominous tick tick tick of the archive clock...
  11. Foe the record I say white with a drawing of the maze...that would be super fun. Challenging while at the same time you have the answer tight in front of you...beautiful.
  12. Agree with moose mob. Or you we I'll get the hose again.
  13. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GC1BY16 Not crazy extreme but it is a work out to get to especially if you are over 5'10"
  14. Easy way to identify almost all poisonous snakes in North America is to carefully lift them by the tail and carefully examine the scales on the underside aft of the anal opening. If the scales are in two rows relax. If they are in a single row covering the whole underside of the body gently return it to the ground and step back. OK I laughed out loud at this one. That's better even then getting down at eye level and seeing if they have cat pupils or round pupils.
  15. that's amazingly creative. Could you pm me how you did that?
  16. Had to pull the Wiki Page for that one. Thanks. It looks like you have to ingest it though for it to be harmful. Wikipedia... Did you get permission... You might be tossed in jail for piracy.
  17. Username: HHD colors: black and purple Items: high heeled shoes, something stiletto and strappy Other: hhd stands for highheeled dutchess.
  18. The premium membership gives you access to more caches but that's about it.
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