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  1. Ok. And how do we do it with Earthcaches. An earthcache is to learn about a unique geoscience feature or aspect of our Earth. You are asked to do some questions and/or tasks and make pictures. Are we all doing that? And what if you have downloaded the cache on your GPS. You arrive at site and it seems that the info is solong and the questions are not visible.?
  2. Coming back to the first question. f it's possible I will try to follow the instructions of the cacheowner. Silly or serious.....why not There are not so many caches/cacheowners around her, I'm so happy if somebody takes the effort to hide a cache. I will try to keep that person happy...so he/she will hide more
  3. aren't you worried that your FTF might spoil the fun for someone else? what do you want? a bunch of people standing around waiting for someone else to get the FTF? might as well make it an event. It's not a whole bunch of people. Just 2 cachers (who mostly cach together). I know it sounds selfish, but is that not what they are doing too?!
  4. I still can't imagine why it's so important for a person to have FTF for such an easy cache. If it was realy a difficult find or a question cache. That's a real achievement. But just driving picking it up and put it back, just to add it to your long list.....knowing you are spoiling the fun of your fellow cachers......ohoh what a fun. What does the words: respect, courtesy, honour, esteem, deference mean in the world if you don't do it yourself.
  5. Thanks all for your reply. It's a good feeling that a lot of cachers still have the respect on a high priority list. Just now why I was asking. We are living in a small country. I tried to get a FTF a couple of times but stopped because I was always beaten by 1 (or better 2 persons). all the time they get the FTF. When chatting around it seems that more cachers tried but stopped because of this. Then I thought of putting some caches out and requested that if it was possible that the FTF is going to a newbee FTF cachers and not for the collectors with hundreds FTF. I know it's can be demanded (i don't want to) but is this not a matter of courtesy?! Especially knowing that it's a wish of the owner and more cachers to have a chance ?! (Yes everybody has the same chances but normal people don't work, eat, live the whole time with geocaching and don't see the cache at the same moment that it comes alive as they are).
  6. I understand that it's not a "must"...But what I mean is how far are you going to "respect" the cacheowner wishes? As your example if I am on holiday and get a cache I don't have a silly hat....I will sing a tune without the hat. For me that's how far I will go. I'm just curious how other cachers will see it.
  7. How far do you need to respect the wishes of a cacheowner? What is for you a reason not to follow the instructions and why? Some examples: - Opening times of cementary - Catch the cache only if you wear a suit and tie - You need to walk the last meters backwards - The FTF only for people with less than X FTF - You need to shout "yes" after finding the cache (or no with a DNF) My personal opinion: If the cacheowner put's the request on the cachesite and you will go for that cache, you need to respect the wishes of the cacheowner. Otherwise just don't go for that cache!
  8. I love TB's and here in New Zealand there are not as many caches to choose fron. I hope to get a TB if I see it's listed in a cache. A big disappointment if there is none. In the mean time I collected a whole list. I did contact the TB owner, but will follow up your suggestion to contact the cacheowner. Cheers
  9. If I come to a cache and can't find it. I log is a "didn't find". Unfortunatly not all cachers are doing this. (probarly because they think it's not looking good). But ok. Than you see more do not finds. Some over a long time ago...... I send a maintenance note (as maybe others have done before and after me)...but still ....no reply....cache will still be "available". This means that more cachers are going and will be disappointed... What can we do to get No finds faster from the "active" list. Especially if the cacheowner just don't reply
  10. Is it possible to sort on favorites. So if I want to go to a certain city and want to look what the favorites are in this city. Can I sort?
  11. In several occasions you go to a cache and there should be Travel bugs in there. The reason why you choose to go to that cache! But....Disappointed no cahce insite. The first thing what I do is of course mention it on the TB site. Than see that it's there for a long time and more people didn't find the TB. So send an email to the TB owner....But then no reply......(sometimes the cacher hasnt been online for a long time) What can you do then??? more people will come to the cache because of it's holding a TB, and get disappointed. What are the possibilities to get the TB removed of the cache, if you are not the TB owner?
  12. I think you could be happy. At least you know where your TB's are. Some day they will travel further or otherwise you can ask them too. We had TB's which should be still in the cache but aren't anymore. Gone...... Tja and then it will not move, but worse .....you don't know where they are.
  13. How can I put a photo on my cache site? It's essential for solving the cache
  14. Is the 161m rule also for questionmark caches? I like to hide a cache on a location, but it was refused because it was too close to a final hide of a questionmark. I'm not good in questionmark caches so I haven't solve those. Every questionmark can be hide in 2km from the mark. I find it strange that you can't hide a cache if you don't know all the solutions of the questionmarks.
  15. Zijn er geocachers die graag nog wat kleine travelbugs of geocoins een stap willen laten maken. Mijn schoonmoeder komt op 4 december naar Nieuw Zeeland. wij zijn 2 fanatieke cachers (sinds kort) en willen graag jullie TB's een extra zet geven hier in Nieuw Zeeland. Jullie moeten er dan wel voor zorgen dat jouw TB/Geocoin in Nijmegen komt Cheers
  16. We just bought our first gps --> Garmin GPSmap 62s It's worthwile to do some browsing on the internet for prices. Cheers
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