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  1. I have one that made one move and disappeared. The cacher shows one cache logged (that one) and won't answer my e-mails. Anyhow it was just an old id badge off a GMC truck. However the TB tag cost $5.00. Just venting, I have had aome long lost ones pop up so there's always hope. I just mark them "location unknown" and let them ride.
  2. Thanks for bringing back the KML
  3. I guess that I am one of the 200 using Google Earth to plan my cache days. I just had to re-do my main computer and of course it doesn't show the caches on Google Earth anymore. My other computer still appears to work as before. Some of the new features added I will not be using so I vote for the Google Earth KML to return.
  4. Hi, I'm thinking of a two day stop in Seattle on a cross country train trip probably late May. Some questions on Seattle: 1. Hotel suggestion < $200 per night downtown. Doesn't have to be fancy but clean and in a safe area. 2. I won't have a car so will hit some of the downtown caches that I can hit from public trans. Any really good ones not to be missed. 3. I would like to take a ferry ride for the experience. A short one and preferably one that lands in a populated place. 4. Is there anything at Groundspeak to see? Are cachers welcome? Thanks for any advice. Charlie KT1I
  5. I have two possibly three TB's that have gone missing. I have the COPY tags and am wondering the proceedure to use them with another TB. What if the origional shows up in the future.
  6. Just curious: did Garmin send the replacement grip feee? Ours is all messed up and I keep wondering if they would fix it. Thanks, jnj I have an Etrex Legend and the rubber gasket surrounding it has torn thru just where thr flap covering the connector is. I e-mailed Garmin and am awaiting their reply. Maybe it's not a hard job to replace it if I can get it.
  7. Where did the Google Maps go? I'm back to Mapquest.
  8. Yes, two of my travel bugs have gone missing. If anyone has them please get them going again. TB AK Salmon last seen in Logicache in AZ and BMX Bike last seen in Outstanding in its Field in OH. Oh, well.
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