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  1. I need to repair the battery cover and flap over the USB plug in, my dakota is no longer water proof. Anyone have a broken one laying around? Or know where I can find one, ebay is a no go.
  2. been caching for a year, have had PO rashes 4 times. never had it before caching lol
  3. I have two caches I placed on Oct 9th, that still have not been logged as found, but it's a 2 day canoe trip, or you could paddle 10 miles back upstream. Suppose a jon boat could make it, but the water level is pretty low right now
  4. We probably will plan on hitting greenville now, We have found everything in Camden except 6 hides. we have found several in Columbia as well, so greenville is surely our best option right now.
  5. Tomorrow I will have been caching for a year...i have 650 finds (neither good or bad nor bragging just saying)...because of geocaching I traded in the best car I have ever owned, one I took to car shows, drag races, a 2010 camaro, (I had it for 9 months) I now drive the best car I have ever owned a 2007 jeep wrangler, its my geomobile. Geocaching has got me mountain biking, which in turn has got me into road biking, I've also taken up hiking and backpacking, and I just returned from a 3 day canoe trip this past weekend with a friend to...you guessed it, geocache. The weekend before that we went camping for only the second time of our adult lives at a popular fishing state park....to you guessed it, geocache. You could say we are addicted, lol. that doesnt count the many hours a day i visit the forums at work, and scout out places I want to visit on the maps lol
  6. grrrr you are right Ike! But I don't want to drive to greenville or charlotte! lol I may just have too suck it up and go to greenville. We will be at geofest tonight and will be leaving in the AM we have a wedding to go to. family comes before geocaching....unforunately lol
  7. lol I agree, but dont think we could handle that lol. Not sure what we are going to do next year on 12/12/12
  8. yeah Mr. Yuck, thats what I was thinking. Thanks for taking the time to check it out, its the neariest city to me that I haven't been to yet, so its the best chance I have, unless I went to charlotte, but thats 1.5 hours away, and I am not familar with the city. I think we will give it a good try anyways. we might hit lynches river if we get near our goal, several of those caches are canoe/kayak required caches...
  9. thanks, not splitting up, if i cant physically sign or be there for someone to sign for me i dont want it
  10. 2 of us plan on going to Florence, SC. on 11/11/11 to attempt to find 111 caches. Just wondering if by looking at the map of the city if you guys think its possible. Will surely start in the large congestion of caches in the shopping mall area. Its a busy city, a lot of traffic so I was thinking about walking for those hides first, its about 30-40 caches there alone.
  11. I might be part of the problem, but there are some caches around me that haven't been found in a long time, with a long string of DNFs, and the CO is no longer active, but a popular hider for my area I have searched and DNFd, but I do not want to post a NA log because I dont want the local cachers to look down on me. Who knows...maybe they won't, but i dont want to be labeled "that guy"
  12. congrats on 10 years!!! Very Cool! October 16th will be a full year for me, it's changed my life. I've fell in love with the outdoors, and I find myself day dreaming at work, wishing I was out on a trail somewhere or camping someplace hunting caches!!
  13. Ok duh, it is on a ferry, i was searching all around on the map
  14. actually there is a road above the drive-in called Malta Ave. which heads towards the coast...second picture appears to be water, hard to make out though. Thats where I would search, take malta ave. and search along the coast.
  15. Its near the Malta drive in movie theater in malta new york!!!!! GEOCACHERS FIND IT!! I live in South Carolina
  16. I know it's OT but my idea of stealth is only before I start looking, I usually want to wait for people to pass or leave. Once I start looking though I dont stop. Once you start looking 10 feet off a hiking trail, kinda hard to play that off lol. I'm getting better at not caring what others think, but its still uncomfortable for me, knowing people are looking at me wonder WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE LOL
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