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  1. Frankly, I'm stunned that the focus from Groundspeak seems to be placing so much effort into defending this inconsistency, rather than just apologizing. As a Navy veteran myself, I find it deeply disturbing that something as precious as serving one's country is considered questionable content. Disgusting.


    Well said, I'm not sure Groundspeak realizes the can of worms they've opened up. From the rumble I'm hearing from our local cachers this revolt is just starting.


    This "can of worms" has been opened for years and threads pop up like this several times a year where people are furious that Groundspeak won't let them promote their agenda. I recall a huge blow up because they wouldn't allow caches encouraging tsunami relief. Another furor about not allowing Toys for Tots caches. There have been many others. The veteran one comes up at last once a year, usually around this time.


    Groundspeak has wisely (in my opinion) decided to keep all agendas out of geocaching. The idea is to keep it a light-hearted, fun activity. Nearly everybody has their pet agenda and I like that I can geocache without being bombarded with caches urging me to be aware of breast cancer, support PETA, give to the Red Cross, find Jesus, thank a teacher, whatever.


    It's not an anti veteran thing (the president of Groundspeak is a veteran himself, as are many of the reviewers), it's an anti agenda thing.


    Frankly I think the idea of honoring veterans by sticking a film canister in a parking lot or some Tupperware in a tree stump is kind of lame. If you really want to honor them volunteer at a VA hospital, support legislation that positively impacts our veterans, go to a Veterans Day observance, donate money to veteran related causes, join the Patriot Guard, clean up the veterans section of a cemetery. A geocache in their honor? That is just a cop out. Do something tangible for these men and woman who gave so much.


    As a veteran my self, and still serving, I happen to agree with this post, and I agree with Groundspeaks stance.

  2. "Off-highway vehicles are one of many ways to enjoy the Southern Nevada landscape. Due to public health and environmental concerns, off-highway vehicle closures are in place for BLM managed public lands within and designated areas surrounding the Las Vegas Valley. The BLM closure includes Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area and wilderness areas. The boundaries are:


    North Apex on I-15 or Lee Canyon on US 95


    South Sloan Exit on I-15 or mile marker 14.5 on State Route 604


    East National Park Services Lake Mead National Recreation Area


    West U.S. Forest Services Spring Mountains National Recreation Area


    Outside of the closure area, off-highway vehicles can use existing roads, trails and washes within the BLM Las Vegas Field Office managed public lands."


    I didn't do extensive research I just googled off-road driving on BLM land in Nevada. This is of course if it is BLM land. Apparently you can not drive anywhere you please unless you are on a existing road, trail, or wash. So is the alien head in a large wash? So the question is now, that since this trail is there now, is it legal, since its now a existing trail lol


    I have cached in Nevada, i've lived there also, and the desert area around any road or highway is filthy it seems that alot of humans like to dump thier crap out in the endless desert.

  3. Three active duty Air Force geocachers set out on a goal to find 111 caches in honor of veterans day 11/11/11. We had to drive two hours away to get to a cache dense area. and we were successful! We wanted to find the 111th at 1111pm, didnt work out we were done at 10pm. We enjoyed a free lunch thanks to Chili's and although worn out and tired we had a great time! Logs signed as AFVets.

  4. Um, if coords are off, the container is messed up, or the log is wet on one of my caches, I very much want people to post that, and I would go fix it.


    who wants to open a container thats moldy because of the wet contents inside? I would want people to tell me about it as well.

  5. • Added a feature to correct Multi and Mystery cache coordinates for personal use (note: Coordinates are fixed in individual GPX downloads however Pocket Query functionality will follow in another release)

    • Added the ability for cache owners to delete spoiler log images without also deleting the log text

    • When viewing a bookmark list you own it is now possible to see which caches in the list you have already found


    Thank you! Thank you! Thank YOU!


    Yes I agree, great tweeks!

  6. When off trail, i am always in the lead when caching with my wife, my job is to swat spider webs down, either with a stick or my face, and hold or step on branches, help her over large fallen trees or up and down rocks/ravines etc. We stick close because its easy to talk to, I have a hard time hearing when I am in the lead, and the wind is blowing and I am stepping on leaves and branches. If i am caching with some other friends we just go.

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