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  1. "Off-highway vehicles are one of many ways to enjoy the Southern Nevada landscape. Due to public health and environmental concerns, off-highway vehicle closures are in place for BLM managed public lands within and designated areas surrounding the Las Vegas Valley. The BLM closure includes Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area and wilderness areas. The boundaries are: North Apex on I-15 or Lee Canyon on US 95 South Sloan Exit on I-15 or mile marker 14.5 on State Route 604 East National Park Services Lake Mead National Recreation Area West U.S. Forest Services Spring Mountains National Recreation Area Outside of the closure area, off-highway vehicles can use existing roads, trails and washes within the BLM Las Vegas Field Office managed public lands." I didn't do extensive research I just googled off-road driving on BLM land in Nevada. This is of course if it is BLM land. Apparently you can not drive anywhere you please unless you are on a existing road, trail, or wash. So is the alien head in a large wash? So the question is now, that since this trail is there now, is it legal, since its now a existing trail lol I have cached in Nevada, i've lived there also, and the desert area around any road or highway is filthy it seems that alot of humans like to dump thier crap out in the endless desert.
  2. Three active duty Air Force geocachers set out on a goal to find 111 caches in honor of veterans day 11/11/11. We had to drive two hours away to get to a cache dense area. and we were successful! We wanted to find the 111th at 1111pm, didnt work out we were done at 10pm. We enjoyed a free lunch thanks to Chili's and although worn out and tired we had a great time! Logs signed as AFVets.
  3. I'm just posting to see if my avatar is pixilated. Looks like I muggled this post?
  4. who wants to open a container thats moldy because of the wet contents inside? I would want people to tell me about it as well.
  5. I agree with you knowschad, it like what they did, but I feel that all the lists should looke the same
  6. Thank you! Thank you! Thank YOU! Yes I agree, great tweeks!
  7. Well when my membership goes up to $38.99 I'll know who to blame. Actually you can't, I never recieved a survey to fill out.
  8. When off trail, i am always in the lead when caching with my wife, my job is to swat spider webs down, either with a stick or my face, and hold or step on branches, help her over large fallen trees or up and down rocks/ravines etc. We stick close because its easy to talk to, I have a hard time hearing when I am in the lead, and the wind is blowing and I am stepping on leaves and branches. If i am caching with some other friends we just go.
  9. I'm not doing the survey sbell111, because of those questions. just stating my opinion.
  10. I agree power: My age, my income, my marital status, how many kids I have is none of thier business. Which of the following best describes you? [student / Employment] What is your marital status? How many children under the age of 18 live with you? What is your gender? In which age group do you fit? What was your total household income in 2010? (U.S. dollars)
  11. Shouldn't France, the UK and US team up against Germany for that game? LOVE THIS LMAO
  12. have fun!! I wish we knew about geocaching prior to the 2 cruises we have been on already =(
  13. Seriously you are too worked up over something so trival, life goes on, continue to cache, and find trackables and log them, quit sweating the small stuff. GS could easily not show the trackable inventory on the cache page, and still be able to track mileage on them, its just simple HTML code. The time you are searching peoples caches that you never visited and reporting that thier trackables are missing, when you could be out enjoying the outdoors looking for caches is beyond me. Enjoy your retirement, quit getting worked up on small trival stuff, life is short, enjoy it.
  14. AWESOME!! Some examples of quality caching right there!
  15. Enjoy finding caches, enjoy finding trackables, if they aren't there, BIG DEAL, go find another of the 1.5 million caches and move on, have fun, don't let little crap like this bother you.
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