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  1. There seems to be a fine line between "Extreme" caches that a good portion of the geocaching population could find if so inclined and with a fair amount effort and a cache so difficult that it becomes almost a novelty that feels like "I'm going to create a cache that almost nobody will be able to find." A cache located at a spot that requires a long and arduous hike at high elevation might take someone that isn't in the best physical condition a long time to get to (perhaps requiring camping several nights) but it would eventually be doable. There are probably not too many caches that will be able to find a cache located at the bottom of the ocean or on the ISS. The two listed above approach the novelty level rather than something that is just "extreme". I would have to agree with you.
  2. So have you contacted the property owner of this dangerous cache so they can contact Goundspeak and have the listing removed for lack of proper permission? Have you contacted the local code enforcement agency and pointed out the dangerous situation this cache represents so they can get this hazard isolated from the public? Annoying world-wide assortment forum readers who can do nothing to remedy the situation in your local area seems rather counter-productive. Its in Canada. If the property owner is made aware of it, they will not be very happy. Any official that finds out may want to create excessive regulations regarding caches. I contacted a lackey about it with no response, as I suspect there are plenty like it. I would armchair NA it, but I only do that for german caches. Perhaps I could call the local police with an untraceable service such as Skype, and mention suspicious packages in public places among wires? Or you could just drop it, not find any LPC or electrical box caches, and leave the rest of us to find the dangerous caches.
  3. Ok I am tired, its 440am, and I thought the title said "Exclude Pizza Caches" lol..sorry
  4. <wondering if OP will ever actually come back> lol
  5. Thats awesome G&C I actually grew up in Riverside, and lived in Perris for my high school years. Found some caches around the Perris/Sun City area last June when I went to visit family, nothing extreme though :\
  6. If you are going to be in that area, try this cache. Its northwest of there. I never climbed it but its really cool in the summer. Can be cold at night in the summer. http://coord.info/GC5CE3 Another mt near by is: http://coord.info/GC1QWR3 I was camping in this area last summer and was aware of those caches but I was with a girl that wasnt outdoor type at all, so I didnt do it. Oh yes, I remember seeing Turtlehead when I was doing this cache. http://coord.info/GC18FMD If I ever get the oppertunity to head back out that way those caches are difinately possible!!!
  7. The 4 I listed that I havent found are all in NC. and on my list to get someday lol
  8. ok on-topic lol The Lost Treasure of the Confederates The Labyrinth Bradley's Bottom WILDLIFE Most extreme I have found below: The Legend of Zelda A string of caches on a over night canoe trip (extreme for me) From Wateree River Run: Yaks Away to De Soto Lost in the Swamp III Turtlehead Peak Cache
  9. apparent by the look of these forums, LPC hides and electrical box caches are pretty extreme!
  10. We had over 500 finds before finally placing our first caches. They are LPCs, but they aren't 35mm containers or matchsticks, they are Hot Wheels. hehe Some have some favorite points even
  11. when my wife and I watch this show, when they go to a new place, I always pull out the lap top and search for caches where they are, very interesting!!! Hope they can find some!
  12. I couldn't agree with this more, although, I would go off a side of a cliff with rope to find a cache, and I will find nano's in parking lots, or ammo cans on 10 mile hikes. I like to see the smiley on the map. =P I really prefer the fun hikes or 4wd drives or any out-doorsie, but I have this uncontrollable urge to find every cache around me, first was 5 mile radius, then 10 mile radius, now Im in a 20 mile radius...although there is some I still haven't found in my shorter radius's lol
  13. If they were to get rid of PMO only caches, I would stop hiding caches, the majority of my hides have unique containers, I have a LPC with 4 favorites...not bad for a LPC...lol. and there is no way I would make my multi a non PMO cache. I do not want my caches muggled by someone who has nothing better to do but go around taking caches. Just like I will try my best to put coins I find into PMO caches (not sure if it helps) but i do that to lessen the chance of a muggle.
  14. Ill my cache placements have unique containers or fun puzzles (only my multi), I do not want them muggled, they are worth being PMO. The exception is my 5 terrain caches, no special container, just an ammo can, but you need a canoe/kayak and a 3 day weekend to find them.
  15. Sounds like a good birthday present =) I bet that is hard to do, go to this park, go to back corner, which corner? the BACK ONE!! TURN LEFT...NO LEFT
  16. after reading the logs, this one would go straight to my ignore list. Then I would probably look at every other cache you placed, and if the logs were similar, I would place them on the ignore list as well.
  17. Creston RCMP and BC Coroners investigate accidental death of geocacher WOW. Thanks for that link. Another death this year. Interesting, but also sad. The person linked above was just on scene. It was not suggested that he was going in for the find. Okay, rephrase..... I do believe that this is the first death directly attributed to final retrieval of a cache? Do I have that right? Was he going in for the find? Do we really know for sure? Is there a German news article? It makes you wonder how many people have died geocaching, people that the news doesn't report or know they were out geocaching, and simple reports on a tragic death of a hiker or rockclimber etc. who has died while performing those feats. My deepiest sympathy to the local community and the family of this cacher.
  18. I fall under your "unless..." clause. I pay my bills in full when due; never paid credit card interest in my life. But even for others, cc interest can't be where REI's profit on this deal comes from. REI gives the customer dividend, but it's the bank/CC company that gets the merchant fees and interest. thats good, alot of people don't pay off thier charge cards in full and on time. Regardless if REI or its banks are making money off the interest, if you don't pay off your CC bills, they are making far more money off you in interest and finiance charges every month, then that 14 bucks you saved from setting up a charge card.
  19. That was the kind of thing I was looking for when I started this thread. I just spot checked pricing eTrex 30: Amazon: $250, REI: $280. But knock 10% dividend off and REI is only $252. Use an REI charge card for an extre 5% dividend, brings it down to $238. So at this moment, an REI member can get a better deal on that GPS than an Amazon shopper. Yet to realize that dollar benefit there would have to be other stuff you'd want to buy at REI over the course of time. I was wondering if anyone else had done the math on other purchases at other times, to see if it's really worth while? Is that 5% really worth saving 14 dollars? What is the interest rate on the charge card? 23%? Thats where they get you. Unless you pay it off right away, they are making money off you, and you think you are saving an extra 14 bucks.
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