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  1. this is the first time i attempted a pocket query..i have been loading the caches individually but finally decided to try it like this. over the last couple of days i individually loaded all the caches near where i am right now, none of them are saved. I have read somewhere about there being a limit to the amount of gpx files in the dakota, so i have cut all of the 1000+ gpx files out and attempting the pocket query file again
  2. Ok so i am out of town, and ran a pocket query for near me, i unzipped it and cut and pasted it under /garmin/gpx and nothing. there are three folders under gpx folder archive, current, and nav. what am i doing wrong? its really frustrating.
  3. I enjoy the caches that get me out on the trail, I don't like urban caches, its hard for me to get over the fact of people staring at me and wondering wtf I am doing lol. but my wife loves them, and I want all the smileys I can in a 50 mile radius of my home so I do them anyways, it was a 10 mile radius, pretty much have that taken care of, next will be 100 mile radius...my goal is to get all the caches in all the state parks/forests in South Carolina.
  4. i used my garmin car gps for a couple months prior to getting my dakota 20. it works fine, but only has a 4 hour battery life.
  5. I forgot about Torrey Pines! Thanks for the links and checking out placerita right now
  6. Hello all! I grew up in southern cali and lived there till i was 20 years old. I am not 35 and plan on coming back for 10 days starting the second week in April. I wasn't really into the outdoors then, and now that I am, I'd like to take my wife to the 3 main different climates too find some geocaches. I'm looking for some good places for day hikes, in the mountains, the desert, and the coast. Now sure, I've been to all those places, but never hiked them. I'm looking for easy to moderate hikes, no more then 10 miles round trip, probably 5-7 miles for the mountains. I was thinking somewhere up in Big Bear or San Jacinto for a mountain hike...and maybe the Mojave desert or Joshua Tree for some desert ones....and really the only place I can think of that's coastal would be near San Diego? I may not be able to find a nice coastal hike in Southern Cali, probably central or higher. Thanks for your help! Wanted to add that trail heads need to be accessible by 2wd vehicle, can't bring my Jeep on the plane =(
  7. thanks for the info, i decided not to buy a big box store big, thanks!
  8. i started trail running this week, cause i need to run for the pt test in the air force, i am really considering a mountain bike, is it ok to buy a wal-mart brand for starters? Im 6'2 220lbs
  9. i got a really great deal on mountain hardware, grabbed a tent, footprint, 20 degree sleeping bag, and some nice convertible hiking pants, roughly 300 bucks with shipping, normal price about double that, and doing a google search for same items, the pro account was definitely cheapest route, thanks for this thread. wanted to add about north face, great deals, but everything i wanted was out of stock...100% of tents, i looked at ALL of them lol
  10. thats great, i have a presidential cache a mile from my house that has been reactivated lately, need an excuse to go get it.
  11. We are at 97, and I hope to get South Carolinas oldiest active cache this weekend. Murdoc Stash or cache lol. Its not hugely important for us to have it at a 100, so if we don't feel like driving 80 miles saturday morning, we will just stay locally.
  12. well I was going to comment about something someone said, but then I realized that was in 2009, so I don't have anything to say, other than I don't have anything to say. heh
  13. looking over the area some more I found Okaloacoochee Slough state forest, there is about 4 inside this forest 2 are multi-caches. This is where my wife and I would go for sure, looks pretty wet though and the terrains are 3 or below.
  14. I've never been there myself, but from looking over the map briefly I would pick these Caloosa Cache GC31B0 Hickey's hideaway GCADA8 Muddcutters GCF6D9 Three Bridges GCW2W4....3 are located in a state park, with a terrain of 3 or more, and 1 is located near a wildlife/envorimental area. My wife and I love the ones in the state parks/forests and when we take a trip we try to make a point of getting these type. We are currently trying to find all the ones in our states park/forests now.
  15. congrats! I am at 93, waiting till 100 to place a cache as well
  16. Anyone do any backpacking for caches here? Any recommended trails that one could do in a weekend, or 3 day weekend
  17. Did your Las Vegas Sign picture include a picture of your GPS? That was a requirement to log that virtual. Seems I recall that's a requirement of the cache owner and not allowed by Groundspeak.
  18. so if I have been to the Lincoln memorial and the famous las vegas sign, and i visited them before i learned about geocaching, and have pictures of me standing in front of them, and log those finds on the same night, because i have been to both, is that a bogus find and i am a armchair cacher?
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