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  1. lol....i didnt think about this...and I'm the guy sitting at the laptop while my wife is watching Survivor or amazing race and saying I bet there is caches there and looking them up lol
  2. Ok. I actually took the time last night and really thought about this, (actually my 45 minute drive home from work), i took a look at the maps when I got home, hadn't done that previously, and I came to the conclusion that I was being too extreme with my comments, and I feel that Shelly has the best resolution over the situation. Also would like to add, that there is nothing wrong with debating our opinions, we all have different ones, as long as no one is being personnally attacked then no hard feelings.
  3. there is alot of water caches here in SC. Search Columbia, SC on the google maps, then zoom on in to the river and check them out. Then find I-95 and follow it down to Lake Santee and check out all the Kayak only caches in the upper part of the lake which is mostly swampy
  4. I'm hoping its a bug, but I could see it as a attempt to get non premium members to have to upgrade so they have to run PQs. I sometimes find it easier to look on the map near an area where I want to go and click on them one at a time, but you can't do that anymore, it used to be on the beta maps.
  5. If someone asked what people liked about their GPS, would you tell them to go to a GPS forum? Either one is a tool that may or may not be needed to find a geocache. I saw it as nothing more than a way for you to brag about your really cool boat. Sweet.. I don't envy too often but do love your boat. I was just making a joke for anyone who saw the CCW thread would understand. I would love to have a boat to get all of the boat caches in my area.
  6. this looks like a excuse to bring up boating, and if you want to talk about boating you should probably find a proper forum about boating, I'm sure there are plenty.
  7. "Came at you"? I didn't see any "came at you" about it. The way I imagine it, she pulled up in her car, probably for the n'th time, and told these people to skedaddle. I have no idea if it was her property, or not, but she wasn't happy about them being there, and to me, her privacy and sense of happiness is much more important than the rights of a few people to stop there and get a smiley. Look at the big picture. She feels invaded or she would not have gone to such extremes. PS: I'm not "Chad". knowschad, If I am not on her property, I have as much right to be there as she does. I am not going to give up my rights because someone feels "invaded" on what may not even be her property. We can just agree to disagree I guess because my feelings won't change, and neither will yours.
  8. Chad if a neighbor came at me like this lady was said to have done, thats how I feel, now if she was a concerned neighbor and asked what I was doing, then I would feel differently and agree with most here that the cache should be moved or disabled.
  9. If it's not on private property she can get upset all she wants
  10. jayman, trick her into some easy urban hides hehe
  11. I think you should make a comment about it on the cache page. Give the seekers the choice, we should be given the choice in a free country correct?
  12. I couldn't read through all the posts. But this is to Chad, I think this has everything to do with geocaching. Some caches are not in the safest places urban or wild. I do not have a sidearm, and I have been places where I wish I had a CCW and a sidearm, both urban and wild. The OP wanted advice. You have your right to your opinion and so does everyone else. Off-topic discussion? Debateable. Going to a gun forum to talk guns, is not cool, if it concernings geocaching.
  13. As the topic title states, Thank you geocaching! I discovered geocaching by chance overhearing coworkers talking about this game where you go find stuff other have hidden, they didn't know what it was called. So I googled some phrases and found the website. Did a little research, talked about it with my wife. She didn't seem to interested. I borrowed my coworkers GPS from 1996 LOL and off we went. I had to manually enter the coords on that historic thing. Found our first geocache on a third attempt....we were hooked! We went out on a Saturday, and on Sunday we were at the local Best Buy buying a mobile garmin with a 4 hour mobile battery life...and our finds improved! Why am I thankful? Wow ok, several reasons. First off this has improved our marriage (we already had a great marriage, its just made it better)! I love my wife to death, and she loves me, but after being together for 9 years now, we have never had a hobby that we both enjoy together. Sure we enjoy going to the movies, going to dinner, and travelling. But she enjoys puzzle style games boardgames etc., and I enjoy video games and working on my Camaro, including going to races and car shows...not her thing. Geocaching has changed that, we have picked up new hobbies, and I can say after being pretty much addicted to video game since I was a kid, I have rarely played any video game since October. I traded in my 2010 Camaro that I was in love with for a 4WD jeep, with the money I saved we bought camping gear, I haven't been camping since I was 15, I'm 35 now. We go hiking in places we wouldn't have dared gone to a year ago. I've discovered mountian biking which has saved my military career because I was not fit and athletic and had problems with my fitness testing to the point that I almost ruined my 15 years of service. We want to try Kakyaking and find caches along our many rivers here. We want to backpack to hunt those geocaches. So thank you geocaching, you have improved my marriage, got me outdoors and off video games, and saved my career. Hope to have many more years of adventures. We have found 255 caches since October 2010 and have enjoyed them all, even the lamp post hides behind wal-mart! lol Do you have a similar story?
  14. wimseyguy hit the nail on the head. I do not leave great log entries for finding that lamp post cache in a walmart parking lot, or the gaurd rail right behind walmart either. You will get a good log entry for a well placed, adventure filled find or even a DNF if it is worth it, and our adventure was a good one. bottom line LPC hides get a TFTC and thats it from me.
  15. The PQ's alone are well worth it, I have been a paying member since november 2010, I started in Oct 2010. And two weeks ago, i finally figured out how to actually use the PQ, with my garmin dakota 20. and its amazingly awesome. I have a PQ for a 10 mile radius around my house, I use PQs along a route when I travel. and I have PQs for the two cities near me. When i clear 10 mile radius, it will go out to 15 mile radius.
  16. yep sure enough that was it, now Im actually getting my 10 dollars worth! LOL very awesome feature! thanks for your help!
  17. well i know what i was doing wrong, I ran the "my finds query" LOL i just figured out that you have to select the day of the week....im in my hotel room and the gpsr is in the vehicle....so ill have to wait until tomorrow afternoon, but I think it will work. Just call me a dummy. lol thanks for your help
  18. nothing worked and I can't run another PQ.......omg I am so freakin mad....have to sit here and load them individually
  19. ok that didn't work, now I have ZERO caches in the dakota....wierd, the pq i ran was based off coords of where I am, picked all caches I haven't found and that are enabled, got the gpx file from my email and saved it in the right spot. I did a preview of query and it shows all the ones around me...so i did query right...frustrating
  20. sorry two seperate issues. the reason i have finally tried the PQ is because all the caches I sent to the gpsr individually over the last couple of days are not showing up. but now the PQ caches arent appearing.
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