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  1. No email so i guess i wasn't chosen. I have yet to place my smokey trackable because i want to put it on a smokey the bear figure that i have yet to secure. I might have screwed myself out of this one because of that. I figured that since it was such an icon trackable, it should have something of equal value to send it off with. Hopefully once i get it out there, i will be taken off the black list. is there a map for the Smokey trackable like the TMNT map?
  2. It turns out i did get an email for the smokey promo. But no email from this promo yet. Has anyone gotten an email yet or are the trackables being placed ones that were picked up at events.
  3. I never got an email for the smokey the bear promotion. At least not that i saw, so i assumed they just got mailed out.
  4. That's Awesome. what did you attach it to? or is that just for taking a picture of it?
  5. Just curious if anyone has received one of the TMNT travel bugs yet. How did it arrive? in an envelope or was it shipped like a package.
  6. it wasn't an app for the phone. i do know that when i logged from my iphone that it did not post to facebook. it was only when i logged from the site.
  7. i used to have something set up so that each of of my finds was posted on my facebook. i dont know why this stopped or even how i set it up? anyone know?
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