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  1. These coins are in. I will not be selling them until July 15,2006. I will post the link Here at 8:00am on the 15th. There will be 100 Nickel and 400 Gold available for purchase. I will post pictures later tonight. I am also working with Garmin to manufacture a Garmin GPS Geocoin. I should have a response from them later this week.
  2. Garmin may be in the future, I am working on approval of using their image.
  3. Here's an update on these coins. 400 polished Gold $7.75 100 polished Nickel $8.25 The sale site will be posted when I have the coins in hand. Sorry for the delay but I had to work things out with Magellan for the use of their image. Coins are being minted this week and should be in stock within 14 days. I will add the sales link when they are in.
  4. The location to purchase these coins has changed. You can order them HERE
  5. It's funny how all of my coin designs are strictly for geocahing and promoting the sport. This is a sport I enjoy and have some ideas to help promote it. As far as separating people from their money, I keep the prices as low as I can. This coin will come in around $7.50 to $8.00. Unlike many of the other gimick coins that are selling for over $10.00.
  6. Here it is the First Interactive Geocoin!! Spin the wheel to see which cache to seek next. The will of course be trackable at Geocaching.com. Here is an actual picture of the front of the coin. These coins will go on sale 6/15/06.
  7. Here is the Third installment of the satellite series. This 1.75" Spinning Geocoin will be shipping within the week. Check HERE for the order link. Only 250 being minted!!
  8. Congratulations!! and Keep on Cachin'
  9. Way to Go Mike! I'll have to get a few more caches out there for you. You should be at 1000 before you know it. Keep on Huntin'
  10. The second set of "The Definitive Geocoin Series"; "The Gone But Not Forgotten Caches" will begin shipping tomorow, 4/28/06.
  11. Here are photos of the coins. They will be in stock on 4/26/06, shipping will begin on 4/29/06.
  12. Zinc injected coins are just as heavy as brass or nickel based coins. My Cachehunters42 Bear coins were injected Zinc coins. I'll take a few of these. Very Nice coins.
  13. Here is a preliminary picture of the Black Nickel. I will have better photos of all 4 coins later this week.
  14. Just to answer a few questions. They are trackable at geocaching.com They have the same prefix as the first set These 4 coins share a unique icon There are 4 in the set Three are antique finished which is why there is a price difference from the first set One has a Glow-in-the-Dark feature They are epoxy coated as the first set. I hope this answers most questions. Thank You.
  15. Here is the second set in "The Definitive Geocoin Series". The Gone But Not Forgotten Caches Here is the geocoin artwork. I will have sample photos later next week. The coins are in production and will be shipping within 3-4 weeks. The initial minting will be 250 sets of 4 coins. The order link will be posted HERE at 8:00 EDT on 4/15/06
  16. Sales will be 4/8/06 at 8am EDT. Only 250 of each coin in the series will be manufactured. Front Back Order these coins HERE
  17. 250 Satellite Series Version 2 geocoins
  18. If you're looking for Quality Coins check out (promotional link removed by moderator)
  19. Satellite Seires coin 2 Photos. Coins are on their way. Sales will be 4/8/06 at 8am EDT. Front Back
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