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  1. Here's a photo of this one. They will be Imitation Hard enamel as pictured here. Once the coins are in I'll have better photos.
  2. Here is a photo of these coins, not a good photo though.
  3. We will post the link here when the coins are in hand, most likely 3/5/07.
  4. OK, Here are the sample pics. Coins should be in stock by next week. They are Silver Plated 3mm thick Brass based coins with Immitation Hard Enamel and Translucent coloring. Each set of 2 coins comes with a 9" ball chain for attaching to whatever you wish.
  5. I hid a geocoin exchange, which upon my last check was void of geocoins. I started it with 6-8 trackable and non-trackable coins. Also made it a members only cache and it still turned up empty.
  6. We can also manufacture trolley coins.
  7. Here is the coin. They will be sold for $7.89ea. Only 150 will be sold. I will post the link to the sales when I have the coins in hand. I am not managing any lists via this thread. If you want first dibs on these join our mailing list. Antique Silver, 3mm Brass based trackable geocoins.
  8. Exactly, My idea requires at least one organization from each state, the more the merrier. I know the climate of state projects being done by people not in the state have cause quite a stir in the past. This project is to benefit each states organizations and Geocachers, without the support of organized groups this will not become a reality. I do realize that not every state may have an official State Geocaching organization, but they do communicate and geocache. Eartha, I hope I am not violating any of the rules here, if so please lock this post.
  9. All, I am looking for a contact person for at least one Geocaching Organization from each state. I have an idea for a 2007 Geocoin project. This idea is unique I think. I want to have input from each state and their geocachers. I do not want to reveal the plan until I get some input as to whether there is a strong enough interest. So post here or send me an e-mail at cachehunters42@chqualitycoins.com Thanks!
  10. These are standard Brass 3mm thick coins.
  11. Here is sneak peak at our latest geocoin design. Who know what you might find out there in those Geocaches! These should be ready to ship the first week of March.
  12. Here's a sneak peek at one of our upcoming projects. This gold dabloon should be making it's way to caches around the ides of March. These will of course be trackable. There will be a Regular (1.5") an Micro (1") version available. The sales will be through CH Quality Coins and the link will be posted when the coins are in hand.
  13. Here is our 2007 Personal Geocoin. These are Trackable with our own Icon. They are Antique Silver, 1.5" 3mm thick Brass based coins. We are only minting 200 of these for 2007 and offering 150 for sale at $7.49 plus shipping. Sales will be through CH Quality Coins and I will post the link here when they are in hand. I will not be collecting names for pre-orders it's too complicated with the little hunters running/crawlin' around.
  14. Yes these are going to be the standard 3mm Brass based coins. The liberty coins were 2.5mm Zinc based coins. That is why these are slightly higher in price.
  15. A note on shipping: US shipping is based on the weight of the order via US Postal Service Rates plus a small handling fee which covers packaging, labels, etc. International orders are shipped via US Postal Service Global Priority plus a small handling fee which covers packaging, labels, etc. We also offer US Priority, FedEx, and others. Our mission statement is to offer Quality Products at the lowest prices, if your want additional information please e-mail me at cachehunters42@chqualitycoins.com
  16. You all know the Travel Bug, well here is the Travel Coin. Each set comes with two coins. They are 1.5" 3mm thick Brass based coins. They will be Silver Plated and are trackable on Geocaching.com with a unique Icon. They are in production and samples will be available in ~10 days. The price will be at most $8.49 for each set of 2 coins. You will get one coin to release and a copy coin for your collection just like the travel bugs. The price may be less when we actually begin sales depending on the total number initially manufactured.
  17. All pending orders and replacement coins that we received the tracking codes for have been shipped.
  18. Yes that is correct, you get 2 Liberty coins, similar to the travel bugs. You release the one with Trackable at Geocaching.com on it and keep the other for your collection.
  19. The three main metals used for most Geocoins and Challenge coins are: Brass: most expensive, nice weight, smooth edges, Very good detail in 3-D. Iron: least expensive, nice weight, rougher edges, less detail in 3-D. Zinc alloy: middle of the road for expense, there are two different alloy's we use to manufacture (one is equal in weight to Iron and the other is significantly lighter, Very good 3-D detail because it is a liquid poured into a mold. I hope this helps! If you have any other questions feel free to e-mail me directly.
  20. These sales are now open. They are Antique Copper plated Zinc coins with a Gold plated flame on the torch. You can order them at CH Quality Coins
  21. Updated coins will be finished next week. Pending orders will be shipped next week. If you are awaiting a replacement coin, please e-mail us your coin tracking numbers so we can get your replacement coins out to you ASAP. Thank You for your patience.
  22. Ok folks these coins are done. I should have them next week and will open sales when I get them. You can check here for the link: There were 225 minted in Antique Copper and 25 minted in Copper. They are 2.5mm Brass based coins. These are Antique Copper will be $8.99 plus shipping. Not sure what I'm going to do with the Copper just yet. They are trackable with a unique Icon.
  23. Does that price take into account having to return the broke ones to the minter? Most coin places offer the same products with twists and variants, one thing is for sure, coin people certainly have favorites. Avroair if you knew anything about our recent issue you wouldn't have posted your comments. Obviously you don't know the facts. All of our customers will be getting free rplacement coins for the manufacturing issue we experienced with our Satellite 4 Geocoin. All pending and future orders of this coin will be given both versions so they can release one if they wish. Get your facts straight before you post. Thanks.
  24. If you have already received you Satellite Series coin 4 please send an e-mail to sales@chqualitycoins.com with the tracking codes of the coins you have. Replacement coins will be shipped with the same tracking code, once they are received.
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