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  1. No need to worry about this. As John stated our policy is to hold back some coins to ensure that all of our orders are fulfilled. You will be receiving the Antique Copper you ordered. Our inventory system works quite well but I am a little cautious to make sure our customers are satisfied and that we will not have to mint more to fulfill orders. That was an issue for some coin versions in the past with other vendors.
  2. These will not be limited in production. We may do a limited run of a specific color at some point but the initial colors will always be available. We are currently designing the velvet pouch they will come in. It will be labeled as Trackable GeoGems. We decided to do this based on some of the questions and concerns we have received about them.
  3. Aye Matey's the treasure has been found. X marks the spot to find these: Matte Gold 200 minted with 25 LE versions. Silver 300 minted with 50 LE versions. Gold 500 minted with 75 LE versions.
  4. Here are the Gems with a ruler so you can see how big they are.
  5. Sticking to the sport of geocaching, as I try to do with the items I create, GeoGems™ are another type of treasure that can be found. What else would one like to find when treasure hunting. Keeping it fun, and exciting since you don't know what might be in the cache is something I try to do when I place new caches out there. Many of us spend a good amount of money creating caches that keep the sport alive. Everyone goes after those Jeeps when the see one close to home don't we? Isn't geocaching, treasure hunting with a GPS? I do have some other ideas to keep the kids interested and continue to grow the sport. I have introduced ~60 people to the sport in the last 2 years. Just my 2 cents.
  6. They are acrylic. Pricing will be well below $6.00.
  7. Introducing a new trackable item to the game GeoGems™ They are Trackable at Geocaching.com and will have their own Icon and Custom Tracking code prefix. They will initially be available in Diamond Ruby Saphire Emerald Each stone will come in it's own velvet pouch. Here's a sneek peak at the Diamond and Emerald versions. They will become available in May 2008, check back here for links to the sales.
  8. Initially there will be: 200 Matte Gold (25 LEs with different stones) 300 Silver (50 LEs with different stones) 500 Gold (75 LEs with different stones) Depending on how they do, we may manufacture Antique Gold and Antigue Silver with different color stones. We will not manufacture additional coins with the same color stones once these or any version are sold out. They will be 1.5" 2.5mm thick brass based coins. Like the original Pirate's Booty we are going .5mm thinner than the standard thickness to give that old dabloon feel.
  9. Here is a new Version of our Pirate's Booty Geocoin. There will be 2 Platings: Gold, Silver, Matte Gold. Each coin will have a gem stone on the front. we will have LE with Different Stones on the front, there will be 25 Matte Gold LE, 50 Silver LE, and 75 Gold LE. These LE will be randoimly mixed in with the regular coins so getting one will require a bit of Pirate's luck. The price will be somewhere between $7.50 - $8.25.
  10. The coins finally arrived. Sales links will be up by midnight EDT.
  11. With translucents, there are not as many options as with soft or imitation hard enamels. Glow colors are very limited. There are both soft enamel and imitation hard enamel options for glitter, translucent, and glow colors. Yes, there are pearl colors. We used them on the Compass Catcher Coins
  12. The New Green Versions are in: They can be ordered HERE
  13. There are 11 geocoins available in PA you just have to earn them by completing the Allegheny GeoTrail.
  14. As far as I know, there's 3 vendors on the left coast, 3 in the midwest... any one the right coast? ~J There's one in the North East!
  15. OK, the sales are open to the public at the following location. Regular Edition Available HERE Limited Edition Available HERE.
  16. I have another reason for these, something that is not available yet. I have been working on this yet to be revealed concept for over 18 months. I saw all the other tags being manufactured and I'm all about giving the community coins and swag at the best possible prices. Yes the 3-D front is an upgrade for an additioanl $10. So 100 3-D trackables are $359.00 And yes I do acknowledge the Atwell Family's GeoTags, nice job with those.
  17. Here are pictures of the front and back of one of our Trackable Geocachertags.
  18. funny, I was thinking the same thing - especially at 2mm I didn't want to be the first one to throw out a negative vibe, but now that you mentioned it. This is the same price I paid for my 1.75" Damenace Geocoin, albeit it was not trackable. So you paid $199.00 for a non-trackable 1.75" Geocoin?
  19. When it comes to cut-outs they can be done in Brass, Iron and Zinc. Whenyou get into removing as much metal as we did with these compass catcher coins the Zinc process is the best. I am curious to see the Brass sun catcher coin Moop Along has. Just a note: We are Manufacturing a new plating and color scheme for the Compass Catcher coins. We have limited the Gold/Red coins and the Chromium/Blue versions, so no more will be manufactured in those color schemes.
  20. Here are some sample photos of Geocacher Tags™ Here are some actual sample photos of the front of the Geocacher Tags™ Here is the die art for the backs, I didn't like the way they originally turned out so the backs are being redone.
  21. You can find it on the hide a cache page.
  22. Yes these were delayed because all of the flawed coins had to be redone.
  23. Compass Catcher Geocoins are in stock. 1.75" 3mm thick Zinc Based (this is the only metal that can be used for suncatcher type coins) Sales will open Saturday 8/4/07 at 8:00am EDT. Price is $8.99 plus shipping. Only 150 of each version were initially minted. CH Quality Coins reserves the right to mint additional coins. The feature a translucent see through band. They are trackable at Geocaching.com and will have a unique icon. Order Gold Plated Red versions HERE Order Chromium Plated Purple/Blue versions HERE Note: Links will not go Live until 8:00am EDT 8/4/07.
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