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  1. im looking for trails in the Southern California area that are loaded with caches that are easy for kids and a stroller any ideas are appreciated. Thanx in advance
  2. im looking for trails in the Southern California area that are loaded with caches that are easy for kids and a stroller any ideas are appreciated. Thanx in advance
  3. Awwww that is an awesome idea! No one would know what it means but somehow you would have to let people know its trackable...but then how could this be bad? can people mess up your registration or anything...there has to be a downside cuz everything kewl has one.
  4. GW6 was great fun! there was a ton of people and the stuff to buy ws amazing...the food was excellent, and the caching was plentiful...my only problem is that the previous 5 GW were held back east and in the central states....so Cali gets one...ONLY ONE! AND THEY GO NEXT YEAR TO FREAKIN TENNESSEE! OMG, WHO THE HECK PLANS THESE THINGS...okay sorrry for yelling, but come on...at least give the best coast one more to go to...it was so much fun and no way i can travel to Tennessee! Thats my beef!
  5. been to the event...nothing special...no big banners...some people weren't to friendly...like i know most cachers to be...i felt unwanted rather then brought in and felt welcome...its okay cuz i feel at home with iecachers.org....
  6. well a while ago someone was selling on ebay what was supposed to be the "original can of beans" from the first geocache ever...it was being sold for 7500.00, no joke...i don't know if anyone ever bought it...but i have a can in my pantry that i could lie about too...lol yes people will buy and sell ANYTHING on ebay...jay leno even has a segment about it.
  7. i made one for my caching partner BrianK124 that resemble El Diablo's...i talked to him many times and got the directions from his site, bought the stick for 12 bux and my dad had the wood carving tools, i printed out the font for his name and penciled it in on the wood since it was soft enough it traced right through, afterwards i stained the wood and painted it and gave it to him for christmas...he has never used it ( i like to think its because its to purty to use) but it is big and heavier than a metal stick, but it looked kewl, wish he would take the picture already. it took about 7 hrs to do it, and it was fun learning how to use the tools
  8. i carry a blue pocket knife and a blue med. size mag light when i remember it....even though i do mostly night caching i manage to forget it and have to rely on my friends light that usually runs out of batterys
  9. i logged into my account and all of a sudden my maps aren't neat and cool anymore there the old cruddy ones...and i wanted to plan out some caches and now i can't do it...well not with any convience...can someone please tell me why sometimes i have the new neat maps and other times i have the old ones from mapquest thanx amy tomahawk chop shop
  10. Thanx GoLeft! i really like the middle one...ill post a pick when i get my tat....its perfect!
  11. so no one wants to take a chance with my signal tat...?!?...you all do such a good job with all the avatars, i figured who else to come to...please help..i need signal holding a baseball, maybe in his arm outstretched mode...please help?!? thanx tomahawk chop shop
  12. some of our local cachers are 86 and 84...Shirconn and Garagedude! look like there about 60 and act like there 40...the nicest younguns ive met... at my cachemas event...i was by far the youngest there by at least 12 years....besides the guy who brought his kids who only cache with him when they feel like it...it was amazing the age of the people that cache...i figured it would be a younger sport but i was wrong...these elders are whippin us youngins butts keep up the good work! tomahawk chop shop amy
  13. omg...i would die if i ever saw rikki at a cache...my fav 80s glam band is poison..i saw them at blockbuster pavilion...omg hes still f'in fine...mmmmmmmmmm
  14. i went to high school with will wheaton..hes hardly a star...hasn't been in anything major since star trek
  15. okay since all of you are so awesome..and i love my avatar i was wondering if you could do me another favor...its not for an avatar but more for a possible tattoo! i would like signal with baseball in his hand...now this is possibly going on my ankle so make it kewl! im up for anything...maybe even the the braves A on his belly...im up for ideas...thanx for the attempts... amy tomahawk chop shop
  16. yeah i would hope so. found a few on the bottom side of them...but i like the bolt idea.!
  17. just think people...as geocaching keeps growing...more and more questions are going to be asked because as these questions get moved to page 2 and 3 and so on...not many go past page one...so just take the chill pill and not reply...not everyone wants to be ridiculed for asking a question....as a teacher...we always say there are no stupid questions...just stupid people who don't ask them! however i have encountered stupid questions and i just don't reply...so if your gonna get pissy...just keep it to your self..seems fair to everyone and to people that are trying to learn...be it they have 100 hides or 7000 hides...im sure the Ventura Kids have some questions....lol
  18. i to am a multitasker...while my hubby to be is watching everything on the DVR i am scoping out caches for this weekend and buzzing around the forum...during his FF thru commercials i get told im "geeking out"....i spend more time on the computer than the tv...thats good right..im rotting my brain in a different way....he goes with me on some caches when me and my friend go...but if he had a real choice he would rather tinker with his car! so now i let him do that while i cache...only thing is caching doesn't cost me anything...yet his tinkering cost a fortune!
  19. On the homepage of Geocaching.com right under where you can put in your area code there is a box that says NEW TO GEOCACHING...LETS GO! will give you all your info
  20. there were two caches that me and my cache group tried to find more than 20 times and spent more than enough man hours looking for caches that were right in front of us....i logged a DNF the first time...the 4th time and then posted some notes...read the other cachers posts to try and find the cache, and when we finally found it i posted a very proud yet i felt dumb since it took so many tries to log that FIND! A a cache hider i appreciate the people that log the DNF's...otherwise we would never know if the cache was missing. so log the DNF and when you find it...if you find it...log the FIND
  21. for regular size caches just by the mead pads at walmart, savon, target and use the small ones...the micro cache ones can be made simply from the original ones found on the create a cache page...they open in word and you can resize them to fit.
  22. you might want to calibrate the compass...i don't know where exactly it might be on the legend...but you might wanna try that
  23. vinegar seems to take the smell out of containers also...my friend just took a ricotta cheese container and soaked it in vinegar over night and the cheese smell was totally gone the next day...i also do it with my coffee cup if i don't pour the coffee out for a day or two
  24. well i usually go caching with BrianK124 and he has XM satellite. we usually listen to the highway country 16...along with the beeping of the gpsr telling us where to turn and park
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