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  1. I think most owners don't check if the maintenance request is true or not, nor do they register the maintenance visit to remove this attribute from their cache.
  2. I think something important is missing here: Adventure Lab Caches They don't need maintenance, they don't go through the revision process, and they don't have saturation issues either. In very busy places and with many possible visits, they are the ideal solution to show a place worthy of a cache. So, why should I put a physical cache when I can put an Adventure Lab cache?
  3. Same problem all arround the world. Geocaching is not only numbers. Please remove the "found counter" from public profile ...
  4. Yes, i agree. Something like this: - Share/not share my logs with Auth. Dev. App's - Share/not share my souvenirs with Auth. Dev. App's - Share/not share my #founds (including LAB Caches) with Auth. Dev. App's
  5. Hello I'm very happy with my "no virtual cahche" ... yes, in Portugal i am the third owner and have no virtual award ... never ... why? I don't know ... maybe for having too many caches ... or because my name is not a "lucky name" or bacause my name is in a "black list of owners" ... I have no problems because i don't have a Virtual Reward ... (and yes, this post is "off topic" but is what i feel about Virtual Rewards ... be happy and don't forget "geocaching is about friends and having funny, not just numbers or yellow smiles".
  6. Viva. GPS para caches urbanas: smartphone - permite aceder a mapas detalhados que apresentam as ruas, mobiliário urbano, nºs de polícia, etc. Esta informação adicional no mapa ajuda muito nas caches urbanas, porque mais importante que uma coordenada é uma localização no espaço urbano, e isso o GPS tradicional não consegue fazer, porque os mapas (pelo menos os que eu conheço) são muito limitados na informação que apresentam. Para caches no "meio do mato", uso um GPS Garmin, porque nestes casos o smartphone acaba por ter um erro enorme de coordenadas. Recordo que parte da precisão do GPS do smartphone provém da rede móvel/dados, coisa que no "meio do mato" geralmente não existe. Espero ter ajudado.
  7. ... and about the API ... how can i hide my statistics on other sites, like project-gc or cacherstats? Can i "deny" someone to download, via API, my logs and process the data, showing that in a statistics site?
  8. When i try to edit an old cache the site show me an error message: "The date must be within the last year"" I get this error in my caches (all old caches) Anyone have the same problem?
  9. In Portugal there are about 43000 caches. Some of that (>7900) have the atribute "needs maintenance". Some of these caches have the atribute "needs maintenance" since long time ago (one year, some years, many years). Some cache owners don't care about it or are absent from geocaching. Therefore maintenance requests have no practical effect on their caches, keeping the attribute "needs maintenance" eternally. To minimize this problem, there could be an automatic process that would disable caches after, for example, 60 days (since "needs maintenance" request). What do you think about this? It is acceptable to have caches with "forever needs maintenance"? These caches must be deactivated and archived?
  10. Very useful feature. We miss "add to calendar". We need "add to calendar" link
  11. It seems to be a DNS problem ...
  12. Same trouble here. No link in Chrome and Firefox. That was a great feature ...
  13. This upgrade is a realy big downgrade ... is someone happy with that? No. Please turn it back.
  14. Congratulations on the excellent initiative to publicize geocaching in the Toledo region. It is undoubtedly a great effort to create and maintain a geoart with more then 1000 caches.
  15. Bom dia Pode detalhar o erro encontrado? É um erro de instalação ou na execução da app? Obrigado
  16. Hello. I', from Lisbon, Portugal and available to make a team for this nice project.
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