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  1. BINGO! I think we all probably knew this in the back of our minds though. The only good thing here is that the Montana STILL appears to be the flagship "On the Trail" device, so HOPEFULLY that means they will spin their chairs around, sometime soon, and resume working on Montana firmware. I had convinced myself that a new flagship device was about to appear but now it appear not to be the case (which surprises me).
  2. ?? It's only been a few days. How frequently do you want updates? I worded that pretty poorly. The discussion for previous versions was pretty good here, and on other forums but when 4.10 came out it looks like there was little discussion. I suppose that's mainly because this update means very little to beta testers since it just rolls all the beta stuff into an official release. I'm hoping the Garmin guys are still able to add new features. I think there are a few useful things on various wish lists floating around. I'm just worried those wish list items might be held off for the next best thing from Garmin and the Montana (which is so darn close to perfect) might be seeing just fixes for larger bugs from here on. Then again, they ARE running a business.
  3. kb6ooc

    Montana updates

    Yep, you can go direct to 4.1. No problem!
  4. Gee, I wonder if that's the end of updates now. It sure got quiet after that official 4.10 release. Sooner or later a Montana successor will come along and get all the love.
  5. Found a new way to crash my 600. I have several stored track logs that I've downloaded from the Internet. These are for mountain hikes on trails I have been on or plan to be on. So... 1. Go to the track manager 2. Pick a track log from the list 3. Select "View Map" 4. Click someplace on the map (I've only done this test clicking on an area with nothing specific there) 5. The red pin shows up and a banner at the top of the screen - click on that banner 6. Click the flag at the left to create a waypoint where the red pin is 7. Click OK 8. Click the pencil at the left to edit the waypoint 9. Click the waypoint name to rename it POOF! Crash and power down. I also tried this by going to the ROUTE planner and bringing up a map of a ROUTE, instead of a track. Then I followed all the remaining steps. No crash when I was doing it that way. Very strange. I just sent an email off to montanabeta@garmin.com
  6. Anyone else having longer boot times with this version? My boot time is now about 1 minute, 15 seconds. I wish I had recorded it with a prior version (I suppose I could downgrade and double-check). I don't recall it taking this long to boot before (even if its a warm boot - meaning I was just up and running and then shutdown to boot again). Oh - no WAAS "D"s for me either (and I had to turn WAAS on because I don't normally have it on) but everything else is working too good to want to do a hard reset. I'm not sure WAAS adds much anyway. 10 to 20 feet of estimated error is more than enough accuracy for me. If WAAS told me what lump of grass the geocache was under, then I might think about a hard reset.
  7. Weird. I posted the original link and even USED it to get the 4.03 beta. Wanted to be darn sure it was a good link before posting it. It worked when I posted it and it still works now. Garmin must be shuffling links around during the night for some reason. Oh well, at least we have options!
  8. Download Beta 4.03 Changes made from version 4.02 to 4.03: Improved map draw speed Fixed setup of Main Menu and Drawer Fixed North Arrow touchable accuracy when using nüvi dashboard Problems with this beta software may be reported to MontanaBeta@garmin.com
  9. Well, so much for thinking there was any significance to "4.0".
  10. I don't recall having this problem in the past. I just check my automobile profile and it has my "City Select" map enabled and nothing else. I went to my hiking profile and it has my 24K topo map enabled, but nothing else. SEEMS okay for me. On a related note, I've seen some people talk about routing avoidances. Some new routing activities were added with 3.98. The routing avoidances have been updated too. Depending on the routing activity selected, certain avoidances are shown or not shown. The problem is whatever you select/deselect does not seem to "stick". Go back a page and go forward again to the list of avoidances and they are unchanged. This has been reported to montanabeta. Perhaps there's some relation to what you are seeing with the maps (although I don't seem to be having that problem). EDIT: Found a fix for the avoidances thing from another forum (http://advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?p=18523577). Here's what they said: I found a workaround. Go to Setup >> Routing >> Avoidance Setup, uncheck the selection, then select it again (checkmark is visible). Do this for each avoidance. Go back to Routing menu, and when you return to Avoidance Setup, you’re preference is correct!
  11. Yes indeed, "Added" is a great thing! Those are all useful features too. While the Montana has an off course alarm for a straight line in marine mode, I am hoping to see Garmin add an off course alarm for a non-straight route (such as a hiking trail) so I know when I've made a bad turn at a junction. That aside, I am still not able to assign a function to the double-click of the power button. I wanted to assign LOCK/UN-LOCK (the screen) to that double-click. I reported it to Garmin and provided them a video. A fix didn't make it into 3.98 or 3.97 so they must be still thinking about it. I'd like to hear Garmin's thoughts on the new routing modes and the philosophy behind them. I guess its probably as simple as they calculate the trip time more accurately for the mode you're in. I'm curious about mountaineering versus hiking though. Maybe I have to be going vertical for mountaineering mode - climbing El Capitan in Yosemite perhaps. Anyway, I'm glad Garmin is still willing to add features. I've owned 4 Garmin's now (GPS45, III+, 60CS, and now Montana). The old ones are sitting in a drawer. I loved my 60CS but always wanted a larger one (with similar features) that I could use in my Tahoe. The Nuvi's were cool but dumbed down so much I hated the thought of buying one. Garmin ABSOLUTELY NAILED IT with the Montana. All the coolness of the 60CS (and its successors) and the Nuvi for basic street driving, and then some more after that! No company has ever read my mind like this. I'd marry the Montana in a split second (just need one or two things fixed, and that off course thing above and I'll be looking for a chapel in Vegas).
  12. I upgraded to the Montana 600 from a 60CS (not 60CSx) and really enjoy the bump up. I spent several months using Mapsource (didn't have Basecamp installed) before I realized that Mapsource didn't fully support the Montana line. I was mainly using it to load maps into the Montana but down the road I found out that I could not pull waypoints out of the Montana. So, I had to install Basecamp. I must say I am not a big fan of it. Some things were much easier in Mapsource. That aside, I don't have a micro SD card in mine, so all my maps are loaded into the main memory. I learned, the hard way, that I need to upload a map to the unit and them immediately rename it from the default name (gpsmapupp.img I believe) to something else. So when I uploaded a whole slew of maps from my old City Select v6, I renamed the file to CitySelectv6.img. Then I went back to Basecamp (or Mapsource) and selected a bunch of Topo 24k maps and uploaded those. I renamed that one to Topo24K.img. Anyway, I have several maps uploaded and all renamed from their default name to something else. On the Montana map setup page, I can select which map I want active. Since the Montana has profiles, I set the profile to Automotive and THEN set the map to City Select v6. Next I went to the Recreational profile (which I use for hiking) and set the map to the Topo 24k map. So when I switch profiles for the different activities I am doing, the proper map is activated. That's as much as I can answer of your questions. I totally love this thing. The larger display is great in my truck in the automotive mount and I love that it TALKS to me when I am driving to an address/waypoint/whatever. The large display is also great when hiking. Its nice to be able to see a lot more of the trails. I also load up some aerial images of the areas I am hiking so I can use those too, if needed (although scrolling around on an aerial image map is rather slow). There are still some bugs that Garmin needs to work out, but they have been pretty steady about putting out updates (although its been a few weeks since the last one - they seem to slow down the updates when the chatter in this group also slows down). Good luck with your decision!
  13. This is a pretty obscure bug that's probably going to be hard to describe. The end result is an unexpected power off of the device when you click on a menu option. 1 - Select Track Manage 2 - Select Archived Tracks 3 - Pick an archived track that has something useful in it (not one that just dithers around in one spot) 4 - Click "View Map" to verify that the track selected in step 3 has something worthwhile in it 5 - Hit the back arrow 6 - Select "Elevation Plot" 7 - I scrolled to a peak just to see where that peak was - you probably can scroll around to anyplace you like 8 - Hit the menu button (the three horizontal bars) 9 - Select "View Map" 10- Drag the map around until the red pin is on top of a point-of-interest or a waypoint 11- For the selected POI/waypoint, did a menu button show up to the right of the POI/waypoint box on-screen? If not, go back to step 10 12- Hit the menu button on screen (not on the side of the side of the screen) 13- Usually two options show up at this point - tap on either one and the device powers off I powered up again, went to the map, and dragged the map over to the same POI/waypoint and did steps 11-13 and it did NOT power off that way. I've copied pasted the above into a bug report to montanabeta@garmin.com
  14. I was driving around town and brought up the 3D map and noticed that it seems to always be in North Up no matter what direction I am driving. I need to investigate this further though. Just made the observation yesterday and haven't had time to mess around with it more.
  15. The beta team got back to me too, about my OFF COURSE alarm for a track versus a straight line in marine mode. For now, it only works for a straight line but they may consider it for the future. They must be catching up on the Montana discussions here today.
  16. I had a problem with my map being blank in automotive mode. Actually, when I started my unit, the map was fine while I was in a driving mode but it was a 2D map rather than the tilted 3D map. I checked my settings and it was set to NORTH UP so I changed it to AUTOMOTIVE MODE and when I went back to the map there was a blank map (all the borders were there and it did know what street I was driving on) but the map was blank. I fiddled around turning maps off and on and did something else and it eventually came back. I'll have to try and reproduce it before I send an email on it. I don't see anything in the release notes about them fixing a problem I had - and they haven't fixed it. I wanted to set the power button "double click" to lock/unlock the display. When I go do that, and get down a few menu levels in trying to do that, the screen hangs. Guess they are still scratching their head on that one. Anyone know if the marine mode OFF COURSE alarm should work when you are hiking a TRACK and get off on the wrong trail? I was hoping that would alarm me but it doesn't. montanabeta@garmin.com didn't want to answer that question when I included it with a bug report.
  17. I reported this one, and had to send them a video since they couldn't reproduce it on their own. They sent me an email saying 3.96 fixed this (nice to get an email about it). Unfortunately, no dice. Still no workie. I emailed them again.
  18. I also saw the elevation plot crash today when I was hiking on a route and pulled up the barometric pressure plot and tried to change it to the elevation plot. I had one of those "fade out" type of shutdowns. I found another one. I wanted to change how the power key worked with a double-tap. I wanted to have it lock/unlock the display. So, I went to SETUP > SYSTEM > CONFIGURE POWER KEY > DOUBLE TAP > MENU ITEM > SETUP and at this point the SETUP bar turned orange and nothing happened. The display was hung. I had to hold the power key down for several seconds to shutdown and then restart it to get back to normal again. Saw some other strange stuff when at a mountain trail junction (using the 24K topo maps). I picked a point near my car and told it to GO there. It routed me along the squirly trail (fine so far) but the distance to the destination was only a mile or so and I know I was in for a 3.5 to 4 mile hike. Maybe it was giving me the direct distance. I'll have to play with this more to be sure.
  19. 3.94 may have just bricked mine. What were your symptoms? Mine won't complete the boot process now, and it won't let me hard reset it either. I CAN get to the USB drive area so maybe that will help, but even if I put an old GUPDATE.GCD it won't even try and install the older firmware. I had my name/phone in the STARTUP.TXT file and even after deleting that file the unit is STILL showing my name/phone just a fraction of a second before it crashes and turns off.
  20. Well, my Montana is hosed now. Installed the 3.94 beta and restarted the device. It shuts off during the bootup. I've seen this sort of problem in the past. Tried to hard reset it by holding my thumb in the upper left corner (in a portrait orientation) and turn it on but it still shuts down and won't let me hard reset. Guess I'll be on the phone tomorrow. EDIT: Blew the whole evening trying to figure this out. This page saved my bacon: http://garminoregon.wikispaces.com/Miscellaneous It describes a recovery process for the Oregon. I tried "Recovery #2" on my Montana 600 and was able to reload 3.90 and then upgrade to 3.94. Back in business. I was pretty sure that a call to Garmin was going to end up with UPS getting involved. The recovery stuff for the Oregon was awesome (and this is NOT Garmin stuff).
  21. kb6ooc

    Montana SW V3.90

    I see another thread where a new beta (3.93) is out with one of the changes being: Fixed issue with track distance data field when track logging is off Maybe this is fixed now. I'd like it to work the way you want it to also! The link to the beta seems to be hosed up (looping) - a problem on Garmin's side. When its fixed, I'm anxious to see if the track log problem is fixed.
  22. kb6ooc

    Montana SW V3.80

    Have you done any troubleshooting to see if you can make the problem go away? Perhaps connect the Montana to your computer, look for any .IMG files at the top level directory and temporarily rename them to something else (or move them to a "New Folder" temporarily). Now load up some map data for your area (to keep it small and quick to load onto the Montana) and see if your "GO" button problem goes away. That might be a good start.
  23. I believe the elevation shown on the SAT page is a purely GPS-calculated elevation. Elsewhere, the elevation is produced using some Garmin proprietary method that combines GPS elevation with the pressure sensor data to come up with an elevation. I live at about 450FT elevation and both are within a few feet of each other - at least at this moment in time. When I was in a plane, the sat page showed some 31,000FT where the other pages showed about 8000FT.
  24. I see numerous files in garmin\gpx with a date in the filename of the gpx file. All those files have filenames that start with "Waypoints_" but each of them seem to have been created on a date when I added new waypoints to the Montana (in the field). They are all 2k files. None of them have the full set of waypoints that show up in the Montana Waypoint Manager.
  25. You're right about MapSource being stalled, but I had been using it quite successfully with my Montana 600. All the maps I have in the Montana were loaded from MapSource. I suspect its a local problem of my own but wanted to see if anyone else was having similar trouble. I searched the Montana but don't see a userdata.gpx on mine. Hmmmmmm........
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