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  1. I hoped this was going to be a thread about the best pen for caching, instead of so many replies of "for writing". Uniball Vision is the best I've found. 0.5mm ball so you can sign nano logs, liquid ink that absorbs quickly into even wet paper, and once dry is hard enough to remove they call it 'check guard ink'. How did the squirrel steal a pen?
  2. I like the 50 cal skirt lifter! That's awesome!!! I had a lame ammo can once. It was a weird flat one, if I remember right, it once held some kind of rocket shells. anyway it was a PUZZLE can. Even the CO admitted that the stupid lid didn't fit right going back on, once you got it lined up perfectly it took about 200 lbs of force to close. ...but the log was DRY! Or did you mean "lame" as in sucky not damaged?
  3. There's probably a time when we hit the event horizon, and it goes mainstream. Will it matter? yeah Will it REALLY matter? No. Will there be bad caches? Yes. Will there be great caches? Yes. Will there be one-cache-wonders? Yes. Will there be terrorist caching? Uh, what? Will there be more Bomb-squad caches? Yep. Will people die horribly in accidents or fights while trying to get a FTF? Yeah. Will there be sub-nano caches which will require a micro-dot viewer and new pencil sharpening techniques to be developed just to sign the stupid log? I don't wanna answer anymore! We might have Hula-Hoop, Pet-Rock, CB, POG, or Tomagachi level fad, but it won't last more than a year or two. Then a couple years tapering down as the hordes abandoned caches are archived and CITO-ed. A big hint to me about the mainstream is the Geomate Jr is available in Target stores. "Geocaching GPS, i herd about that" All the stupid phone programs are another hint. As long as the large data-mining companies (like goggle, macrosaft, apfle..) don't get involved, it's not going to really cause major long-term problems. If they do, it's over. Geocaching WILL be in the cemetery! When it gets really big, it'll just give us something else to whine about. Geocaching was better in 200x (year you started) T-shirts: "I geocached before it was cool" "I geocached without selective availability" "Geocached without WAAS" "I remember Ammo Cans"
  4. Poison Ivy here... And lots of it! When you realize you touched it, or feel that your skin is starting to feel weird... Dig into you pack or first aid kit, Alcohol wipes (Isopropyl) Clean the area you know it touched, get another wipe, go outside that area and work back into the first pad area. If you hit it soon enough, and with enough alcohol, you're probably good to go; though you'll want to break out the benadryl anyway. Poison plants have bad oil, the alcohol cuts it and gets most of it off your skin. Baby wipes or Hand sanitizer might have a chance of doing something, but I doubt it. You carry alcohol pads right?
  5. Like most who stop through this part of the board, I carry trashbags, gloves, and hand sanitizer in my cache bag. If I see more than a couple things, along a trail I'll dig out the garbage bags and start loading up. I freely admit that picking up trash sucks, I hate trying to juggle the bag, gps, and picking up trash; but it helps make it look better, and it's a little more positive PR to have someone wearing "Geocache" shirt or patch cleaning vs yet another bomb-squad taking up geocaching. Have you ever noticed when you're doing some trail cleaning, that you end up shaming others into helping clean up a bit too? Especially if you've got the big trashbag and are off the trail under stuff trying to get to something ugly, they're a lot more likely to stop and pick up a little bit of the light stuff closer to them. Also people are a lot more likely to stop and want to talk to you because of it.
  6. That's amazing! Sounds like I'm local to you. Which indy parks were involved with this? When and Where is the event? Also, what about CITO from one park, and donate their trash to the one that doesn't want cleaned? (yes, that's a joke) They have judges ORDER some people go pick up trash for (x number) hours, but if you and friends WANT to go do it on your own they want background checks
  7. Um, I just made something... It's all your fault. Thanks a lot. http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.as...11-1c172092ca99 OMG!!! YOU GOTTA SEE THIS!!!! IT'S A CAPS LOCK TRAVELBUG!!! IT'LL CAP YOU FOOL!!! Well it wasn't doing me any good sitting here, and I had some tags sitting around, maybe it can raise awareness. TURN YO CAPSLOCK OFF SUCKA!!!!
  8. Gotta type BIG to make up for it being a Micro cache. Duh. Allzo gatta speel aall rong soo ur enjlis teacker wiil bee spining n there graave. (that hurt to type) Most people don't know the capslock problem is easily fixed with a small screwdriver or piece of metal like a Travel Bug tag. Set CAPSLOCK to OFF, pry off CapsLock key cap. Live happy with that stupid thing never turning on again by accident! May have to make one of my old Capslocks into a travelbug. Death to capslock!!!!111!!!!one!!!
  9. What if you made it a Multi-cache instead? Stage 1 at some kind of landing or ramp over 0.1 mile from theirs as some kind of placard with coords to your stage 2 underwater shipwreck cache? Might be able to work around rules for a Puzzle or Earthcache? Or if the reviewer still doesn't like it, it could become a bonus cache to the existing one.
  10. Speaking as an Old Noob, I'd atleast say: "TFTC. Great place for a CITO" You don't have to get too honest about how badly it sucked, and it warns others who will be similarly unimpressed. If I were completely well and truely unimpressed, I'd go on in great detail about the wonderful trail, scenic overlooks, natural wildlife, breathtaking views...
  11. Off topic, can we suggest a cemetery to become an ISQ? http://www.topozone.com/map.asp?lon=-87.5067&lat=39.6181 In november had to lay someone to rest there, and think that it's got an interesting history, and it's in a total cache vaccum since there was a strip-mine, and everyone basically forgot that area exists.
  12. My best one was for a micro in a tree on a 5 foot high ridge by a large hardware store. But I let my Premium lapse, so I can't read it to copy over here... Let's see what I remember about it: Started off talking about pulling off the road and up onto the trailhead (parkinglot), seeing all the huge lifted trucks and the doubt setting in that my little RWD sports car could make it to the cache and back. Looking at the other vehicles that made it farther, I wondered if we needed 33's and a lift-kit to run this trail. With some trepidation, I eased onto the trail, wishing I could lock the hubs and wondering if I could make it without a transfer case. Then, wishing I had rock-sliders as I got as far as I could in the car, before I had to start the hike on foot. Then something about setting up base camp by the foothills before making at attack on the summit. I think I also broke out the rapelling gear to get up the tree... It was a good cache, but 2 of our Sherpa guides were lost due to the extreme conditions, their families were devastated, but consoled by the fact we got a smiley so their death was not in vain. Park and Grab - it's all in the way you tell the story!
  13. Rupert2, I've just got to ask what the thought was behind making a Gomco into a TB, "Making the Cut!". Were you trying to raise awareness, show off an interesting tool that does horrible things, or just get something that awful out of the house? Either way, you've given me an idea for a new travel bug. Something that never would have come into existance without things like that tool. By the way, how would that tool fall into the "No Weapons in geocaches" thing?
  14. I had one of my friends start to get weird with me for having a GPS with me one day when we were going to go hang out, and he was just positive that "they" could "track us". I must destroy this ignorance like sandblasting a saltine cracker. I started off explaining that GPS signal works off of reccieving time signals from satalites, and that a GPSr has no ability to transmit information. After a very short crash course in that, he still didn't believe me. So I asked if he had his phone on him that day. I started to explain about the FCCs' Enhanced 911 act, in 2002 the government mandated that all cellphones be able to have the ability to give the 911 system your location data within 150 feet. (Either true GPS or just Triangulation off cell towers). I mentioned that even though you can turn off the position reporting in general, that it will always report to 911. I also pointed out that even if his phone had absolutely no location awareness, that someone with access to whichever cell network he was on could easily take his Cell ID and triangulate position fairly easily. erm, that's uh, with a court order ofcourse All the sudden he didn't want to talk about this anymore and didn't hassle me about the GPSr again.
  15. If I get stumped on a cache that has ONE MORE encrypted "You don't need a hint" as hint...
  16. Yes everything is lawful unless it's unlawful, but if we abuse this too much we might just start seeing the "No Geocaching" signs getting placed. Once those start to appear, it'll be too late and we will have gone too far. A lot of people use the unofficial frisbee rule (if you can play Frisbee there without having to ask, it should be ok to place a cache), you should definately always try and pursue full expressed permission though. I think the first person I'd talk to about getting a Geocache placed at Walmart would be someone in the sporting goods dept, go ask them if they know any places more interesting to visit than a Walmart parking lot. Anyway, you need to talk to the Property Owner, which is not usually anyone involved with the company who has the store on it. If there are any unused store fronts, they'll usually have a phone number to call about leasing; that should get you started on a goose-chase with finding the people you need to ask.
  17. I kinda like the looks of it as the TB, but I'm not really feeling the Jeep Commander. I was REALLY hoping this years TB would be the 4-door Wrangler Unlimited. Just because you request one, does NOT mean you'll get it. They're going to try and spread all 8,000 Jeeps out as evenly as possible over the eligible 48 states. People in states/countries that DO NOT get to play, please start bothering the Jeep branch of the DaimlerChrysler Corporation. Whining about it on a message board doesn't help, enough people whining to them will. If you let them know there is enough worldwide interest, you just might be able to get your country involved! ALSO, please can we keep the game pieces in the game area until the 2007 game is over? A "Jeep" actually is a mythical creature (search "Eugene the Jeep") able to walk through walls and ceilings, climb trees, fly, and just about go anywhere it wanted. <Oh and um, also some silly little car able to be modified to go just about anywhere except the flying thing.>
  18. To all the overseas (non-continental USA) posters, calm down! I've been Geocaching since the year of the WJTB, I still have *NOT* found a single one of them, nor the YJTB, nor even the GJTB. I live roughly in the middle of the area the contest was going on, and I have still found NO jeeps, ever. I was within about 2 hours of spotting one last year, but somebody beat me to it. Yes, I completely agree with you that it would infact be really incredibly cool to find one even now that the contest is over. If there were 5,500 jeeps released for this year, and 48 states are eligible, that's about 114 per state (assuming each state got equal). Pretending that all jeeps were actually released, and none of the jeeps got stolen through the entire contest run, the chances of finding one still suck! If the jeeps can be held for about two weeks without anyone getting upset, and photo contests were a month in duration, each jeep would only have gotten about TWO chances per month to give someone a chance for a photo-op... But this is the real world, people just don't seem to follow rules. They get muggled, they get taken by users and never logged, they get taken by users and only carried to events where they are taken out for others to view just long enough to make a 'discovered' log, and they get randomly mailed. I hate to say it, but those of you wanting jeeps mailed to you will probably end up seeing one long before I find one in a cache. If you really MUST have a Jeep, why not make your very own 'FEEP'? If your area is really that low on Travel Bugs, why not start some of your own? Why not start a campaign against Diamler-Christler to get them to include your country in the Jeeping this year? Anyway, I guess what I'm trying to say is: In light of this entire thread, can there be a few additions to the GC.com / Groundspeak part of Jeep Contest verbage? Make it painfully obvious what has been established so that next year there won't be quite as much angst?
  19. I'd been thinking of trying to make one out of like 4" or 6" PVC, but that is so much better. "It's just another film can micro, wonder why it has so many DNFs??? What does the hint mean: think big"
  20. These are great! Keep 'em coming! So far, this has been the most funny found it I've done. It was a parking lot park & grab micro in a tree, it was at a Lowes building supply store. -- On the way in, we saw enough Trucks and SUVs to wonder if we could make the trail without having 4WD. Well, despite only having 2wd, the Pontiac Fiero made it in without incident. We set up base camp over by the minibarns, loaded down our sherpas with all the gear, and began to stage the attack on the summit. On the way to the cache, we saw some 'Red Carted Shoppers' but strangely they didn't seem frightened of humans at all. Within 30 feet of the cache, we also saw a couple of nests of the Lead-Footed Teamsters, but strangely we didn't see any of them. My Garmin GPS-V had been pointing to a **** since we left basecamp, and it took us straight up to it. The cache was found after an unbearably long search, 3 sherpas died while we were looking, they will be sorely missed. (Um, ok I found the cache while I was still about 8' away from the ****.) We staked our flag, and surveyed the area we had covered. Yes, it was a long hard trip, but we had secured our smiley. With that, we began our long trek back to basecamp...
  21. Attempted to go GEOCACHING in INDIANA on saturday. My g/f and I took Carrie (dog I found while geocaching a few months ago). I've got a lot of respect for people who can take dogs geocaching. Anyway, first DNF was due to a muggle, second one we had sketchy satallite lock and lots of terrain where it *could* have been. After that dog was tired. Will post up some Pics in need of captions as soon as I can get #$*&!! sprint to give me access to them. Found 8 ticks though! Only one had latched on and needed to be removed.
  22. I'd been wanting a GPS since I heard they had consumer versions available. I heard about Geocaching in a youth oriented magazine sometime around when it was starting. I didn't get my first GPSr until early 2005. --- I figured this question would be more of a Chicken or Egg thing. Which came first: Leaving some type of 'caches' or GPS?
  23. When hunting that cache, watch out for any white rabbits. ...And Saint Attila raised the hand grenade up on high, saying, "O Lord, bless this Thy hand grenade that with it Thou mayest blow Thine enemies to tiny bits, in Thy mercy." And the Lord did grin and the people did feast upon the lambs and sloths and carp and anchovies and orangutans and breakfast cereals, and fruit bats and large chu... "Um, skip a bit, brother" ... And the Lord spake, saying, "First shalt thou take out the Holy Pin, then shalt thou count to three, no more, no less. Three shall be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be three. Four shalt thou not count, neither count thou two, excepting that thou then proceed to three. Five is right out. Once the number three, being the third number, be reached, then lobbest thou thy Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch towards thy foe, who being naughty in my sight, shall snuff it." Amen.
  24. What is that made out of? Looks like maybe a 55 gal drum? Whatever it's made of, I wanna make one! And props to whomever did the photochop picture.
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