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  1. Im just an old fart, who gets crabby at kids who trespass on my lawn. I come to the forums to blow off steam I cant take out one people in real life due to a horrible case of hemorrhoids, and a most painful bunion on my left foot. Now I cant even read these forums any more. Blast. (intended as a joke, take it personally if you want)
  2. They were afraid of opencachings simplicity, so they downgraded to keep up with competition.
  3. I like the idea of a peer review site especially if I can kill any cache if it goes against the "rules". Such as the impossible puzzle caches for violating the rule of "good taste". Someone else could kill all of the skirt lifters for violating the rule of "don't be lame" and so on. That way only the best of the best will remain. :laughing: thats the spirit
  4. I blame OC.com for all the trouble on GC.com today. Those rascals over there are ruining it for everyone.
  5. How many caches can you have on your watchlist before you can not watch any more? I like getting notifications when other people find caches I liked, but I have roughly 30 or so on my watchlist. Is there even a limit, am I getting close?
  6. I really dislike premium member caches. Geocaching should be free.
  7. I hide what I would want to find. larger caches, close to home, in places of personal interest. Abandon residences, very small wooded areas nobody would venture into because they are not on some hiking trail way out in the middle of nowhere. I like urban woods hides for those of us who can not venture out into a state park all the time, to go hiking forever. You still get to see the woods with one of my hides, but you can do it on your lunch break.
  8. The more geocachers on the planet, the less we have to worry about muggles. Also, with a site opening up that allows geocaches to be instantly published with no review process, I think the sport will see some really interesting things happen. I am excited to see what those things will be. Lots more confrontation with non-geocachers, but will it make for more geocachers, or less? This will be the start of an interesting year.
  9. Course you could just start your own cemetery, on land you already own, thereby protecting it from being urbanized in the future, making money in the time being, receiving fresh flowers on a regular basis, and place your geocache anywhere you'de like on the land. be it a fake headstone, or full sized Dracula coffin in a mausoleum. Now that I think about it, I think I will do that. All I would have to do is mow the lawn once in a while, and dig holes. Not bad for a days work.
  10. Blah Blah Blah. Anarchy. This is what makes the world go round. Here's a thought, Place a "geocache" somewhere on the planet where "muggles" CAN find it, and see if they steal it, or leave you a note, When you find it missing, make up a story about who took it, and what they are doing with it now. Try and make it a happy story. Or heres an even better idea. Place a treasure box on the grass at a local park in plain view, and sit at a nearby bench, and watch someone find it, and open it, and light up that they have just found treasure. Who here has ever "spied on" someone visiting your cache? Is'nt it fun seeing someone enjoy geocaching? Did you think, "I just made that persons day" or did you think "I wonder what they will write in their log online on geocaching.com?" point is, this game is nothing but a game, stop making it so political. You are acting like its your religion, and someone down the street just opened up a new church where you dont have to dress up for sunday service. In actuality, you are merely doing the above, placing a treasure box for other people to find, does it really matter on what site, or if on any site at all you do it? If you are so worried about your privacy, stop interacting with the public. If you become more upset over cache swag degradation, then the realization someone wanted a keepsake of the journey you took them on, then you have lost the love of the game. If you hate micros more than you enjoy placing non-micro caches, i mean, how can you be angry at anyone but yourself? Should I go on? P.S. Who cares if Jeremy logged on this discussion, and wrote a sentence. It really said nothing. P.S.S. Moderators. Strange isn't it how we impose rules and regulations to protect us from ourselves. P.S.S.S. I hate P.S's.
  11. Yes that would make more sense, if there were a different name for ones to be completed by car and ones to be completed by foot. The power WALKING trails seem like fun, but the power trails on a street for no reason seem pretty silly.
  12. A few of these power trail number runs have popped up in my local area in the past week. Something like 1 cache for each state on the same road, and a new numbers run came up today. What are they, and what is the point?
  13. I got a 3 month premium membership, for numerous reasons, but I would like to be able to get notifications of new caches. I thought that was a perk of having a PM, but I can't seem to figure out how to use the darn thing. Can I have notifications sent to an email account so I can get them on my phone? How do I do that?
  14. ok great thanks, I just realized I dont really like micros, and therefore dont want to hide them.
  15. I was wanting to change my (only) hide, from a micro to a small, is that possible once it has been published? are there rules against it, is it frowned upon?
  16. Factor in roads, buildings, and thousands of other inaccessible/disallowed locations and that number drops precipitously. then factor in the caches already in play, or disabled, and the 528ft radius around those, and it drops even more, and that quite a bit of that land is desert or barron ice wasteland, and how much of that land is in politically unreachable countries,
  17. Has anyone ever thought about figuring out approx. how many caches there could be total on the earth with the current proximity rule in effect? Then on top of that add to the mess the already existing caches, and take away the distance from the randomly scattered caches all over the earth. I bet some of you math wizards could figure it out in a short time frame.
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