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  1. Yes, ammo cans are quite destructive IED's. They are banned in most Parks just like PVC pipe hides. Please read the giudelines. Oh, oops. Thank for the correction.
  2. How does one go about changing the name of the cache they own?
  3. JMO, wouldnt an ammo can make a terrible bomb? Its pretty sealed shut, but what do I know about bombs. Except those things are made to hold ammo, which contains gun powder, explosives in large quantities, they are made to restrict the damage to the ammo. This leads me to believe they are relitivley resistant to things that would ignite, they are water tight, it just seems silly to think an ammo can could possibly be a bomb out in the middle of the woods, if it were really going to terrorise someone, wouldnt it do more damage mentally and psychologically in the middle of a downtown area?
  4. Is there a way to sort a PQ by number of favorites caches in my area (or state) have? Since I have little desire to go out and hunt every cache in my area to see if its going to be exciting or lame, but there are plenty of people who do have that desire, and post their favorites using the new feature, can I sort those listings somehow to find the highest favorited caches?
  5. Hahahahaha I blame Opencaching. Seriously, this might become more of a common occurrence, with the explosion of the game, and people leaving, and retrieving "caches" all over the place in large numbers more and more people are becoming aware of the "treasure boxes" being left all over the place, which resemble trash, and are a nuisance to communities which would rather not have children, and adults alike "snooping around in the bushes at all hours of the day and night". Course it could be just powertrails that are irking people. If you stop to think about this "problem" a little, from the veiwpoint of the muggle it can be very peculiar, heck even some of your sig others have problems with the game, due in part by your addictions to it, and in part by how ridiculous finding a box of used golf balls, and gum wrappers in the parking lot of wally world with a billion dollar satellite system really is. Therefore can you really blame small town usa for wanting to get rid of such an activity?
  6. Well...... The point was points are moot. Especially in an online forum.
  7. The reviewer team at Groundspeak has been outsourced to India. You didnt know this? Groundspeak is trying to save money in the area of reviewing. Indians work for roughly 1/3 less than what the American reviewers worked for. They take less smoke breaks, and have the least experience in American idiosyncrasies, making them prime real estate for an agendaless geocaching community.
  8. The point was...........X *** NOT posted from an IPHONE4 but rather an Apple Macbook Pro ***
  9. SLTNLF TFTC!!! *** Posted with my AT&T IPHONE4 You should get one, ya nerds!!! ***
  10. This is the other really annoying thing. Give me a break people, so what I have only X many finds, does that mean im an inbred ignoramus that cant count to ten without my fingers? This is by far the most frustrating thing for a "n00b" in the forums. Besides the stereotypical saying.... "if you dont like a rule, (which is actually just a guideline) play a different game. Thanks for "politely" telling me you dont want me here, you are not interested in how I play YOUR game, and you couldnt care less to help a n00b out.
  11. I really hated some of the rules when hiding caches, I like hiding much more than finding, but some of the rules I just didnt understand, however reading the forums, and hearing the whys really helped. Still get frustrated, but I understand now why they are the way they are.
  12. There was someone here a while back that wanted to place a multi-state multi cache, and when people told her it wouldn't get very many finders she kindof flipped out, got all upset. The relevence here is, your cache is a little too complex. I wouldn;t know where to start. I would get defeated, and want to just go out and look for a regular instead. I am not saying if it gets published people wouldn't come, but I am saying, not that many people would come. Especially once they find out they have to GO INSIDE a store to find one of the caches. Wait, I just read it will be a series, forget what I said.
  13. Must have been a divorce over an addiction to something other than their sig other. But that sort of stuff doesn't happen here ..... right?
  14. I dont let cache degradation become a problem for my caches, I just stock them with things NOBODY will want to take, like old pretzel pogs, worn out slap bracelets, or dead batteries, greasy pennies are a nice touch, so is broken glass from beer bottles I found along the way. I dont even bother trading, I just leave my treasure so that the next cacher can enjoy it.
  15. Its not lame, ITS EXTREME!!!! Warning, not suitable for small children.
  16. They do not typically work in the tunnels, most of these types of caches will lead you to the entrance, and give separate instructions to find the cache once inside.
  17. If you list the caches in question here I am sure you will get plenty of help in removing them.
  18. The above are very nice people, and heavily involved in geocaching, well worth the trip, and cocoa beach isnt too bad either.
  19. Can't you WATCH a cache if its yours even if it is not published yet, that way you get any notifications a reviewer might leave as logs on your cache, or does just being a cache owner do the same thing automatically? Point is, the cache owner should not have to log in to the cache page to see a reviewer note, they should be getting them in their inbox, (unless they unchecked the default checked button which sends them log updates from their cache pages)
  20. One person claims it to be russian, another a bomb, the third, "thats awesome! I want one! I want a doughnut. I wonder if the reviewer /CO conversation will get posted in the begining geocacher topic any time soon for this being a possible terrorist device.
  21. Ive been told by my excellent reviewer that a cache I placed was too close to a telephone pole, and therefore had to be moved so in that anyone who would be looking for my cache in question would not look suspicious "or be considered a terrorist" snooping around or near (within 50ft) of a telephone pole. I thought this was harsh, and had I not stopped to think about what the reviewer was telling me, nor had I known he was a good guy from previous cache hides and dealings with him, i could have easily taken it the wrong way. I moved the cache to an abandon mailbox to the trailer park where my hide was trying to be placed, and he informed me it was an even bigger threat to not only the game but to myself by placing such a thing on FEDERAl property, and that getting explicit permission from the post office was near impossible. He told me however if I couldget permission for the mailbox hide I could leave it there. Reasonable, but I took his advice, and decided to move the hide. I could have gotten all upset and posted on the forums about how he was irrational, and out of line by saying I was a terrorist or something like that, but I realised he was right, these were bad places to send unsuspecting cachers looking for a smiley that might be their last. I complied, and we came to a compromise. the hide is now attached to a small piece of the old sign they had out front, and people have been logging it with no incidents as of yet, It is not exactly 50ft from the nearest telephone poles, but far enough in the middle of the string no one would be snooping around them, no harm, and I still hold my reviewer BoJaB in very high reguards. He is in my opinion the first and final frontier in keeping caches and cachers safe in my area, on his free time, and for no money, it takes a certain kind of person to deal with the mess of caches and cachers out there, and he is top of the line. I am sure the OP's volunteer reviewer is as great a person, and the wording of the terrorist thing was similar to that of BoJaB's in my review, this person just read it the wrong way, something unfortunately very common via txt.
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