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  1. scratch that, no SINGLE women in the sport of geocaching.
  2. I was attracted to geocaching by this woman..... Then I found out she was only acting, so Ive been told, there are no women in the nerd sport of geocaching, another Hollywood myth.
  3. My sig other asked me the other night "what could there possibly still be to talk about geocaching? Havnt you exhausted all there is to say about this stupid nerd sport?" She doesnt get it.
  4. I remember being inspired by a series of caches called something like "into the darkness" series in california, they were hidden in very large drainage pipes underground you should look them up there were quite a few.
  5. Hmm.... so you are saying peers can actually review caches, and that peer review actually works even here at the lilly pad, even when the REAL reviewers fail (in the sense they miss something)
  6. the review team in my state is very fast, a few times turning over my cache if I have left desriptive and informative reviewers notes in a few hours, once I even got a cache published within an hour of listing it. On ocassion it takes a few days, especially if there is a problem, but I generally at least hear from one of them within 2 days, even though Groundspeak says it takes at least 3 days.
  7. again, the photoshop skills of any amateur can easily place ones gps or ones self in a picture of a virtual to log it found.
  8. if you took this obviously a joke post seriously you should probably take some time off the forums to pursue a career in something more serious like being a divorce lawyer, or ice cream truck driver.
  9. Have you heard the news in the last 8 years about the TSA? Its a micro, that looks suspicious, it can be made when you get to your destination for what? less than a few bucks if you try with very little effort, why would you risk being prosecuted, or even questioned, and or restrained for a micro? Post a picture of it, im curious, it sounds like it looks like a small bomb. Black tape, magnet, the metal will set off the metal detector, the tape will set off the suspicions, its not a good idea in my opinion, especially if its in your carry on baggage.
  10. seems to me Groundspeak is looking for anything to give a reason to archive caches they no longer support such as virtuals, whats the big deal? Its their site, we play by their rules, if it means individual cachers have to suffer to steer the company twards its goals of no more virtuals, then so be it. Thats precisely why I spent money for a premium membership, I support groundspeaks decisions, and agree geocaches should only have some sort of physical cache at the end of the gps rainbow, virtuals do nothing but force cachers to take horrible pictures of themselves and show the geocaching community what a bunch of nerds we all really are, no matter how tough we may seem in the forums. This is precisely why virtuals are bad, and need to be outlawed, (or at least made into waymarks)
  11. how could armchair logging possibly contribute to the archival of a virtual cache? Since there is no physical log to sign, virtually anyone can find your virtual, from virtually anywhere. Since most virtuals can be logged with a photoshopped picture, or a few google answers, why does it matter if someone went there or not, besides, arnt virtuals pretty much the same thing as Waymarking anyway, which has its own site?
  12. I agree we are listening more to our gps units cell phone jingles, and computer 1's and 0's these days, and it can be disgusting when you stop to think about it, and how it affects people when their units break, and they realise they have no real world skills without such devices, but the sad truth is, there is generally someone around them who has another one that can get the job done in an emergency. Those people who blindly go out into the wild without a basic foundation in first aide, and navigation without a gps, are aksing for trouble, but how often does that happen? Most people play this game within the comforts of a Mc Donalds or CVS, the ones who DO get out in the woods to go hiking, would have probably done it before geocaching, and would know how to conduct themselves in an emergency. (i.e. are generally prepared) Your kids may not know how to read a map because they merely watch their gps tell them how to get from point a to point b, and your kids may not know how to survive in a warzone outside of their computer, then again, maybe they know more than you think. no point was made here, just rambling.
  13. I dont understand the reason for twitter, but I dont bash people who do it, so long as I am not receiving tweets from them.
  14. If you are in the Orlando area, dont hessitate to give me a buzz, as for good orlando caches if you get in this area, isnt there a list of caches someplace that are favorites?
  15. liquid nails eh? I have a large ammo can that needs something like the above, one of these days I will be able to afford it.
  16. Who is loading the Geomate Jr, before you buy it, and how do they know where you live? On top of that, is Groundspeak getting a portion of the money from the sales of these units since they are basically used for geocaching?
  17. Fact: Nerds do not belong in the woods. Fact: I always see boyscouts in the woods, but where are the girlscouts? Oh yeah, selling cookies they didnt make to strangers. Fact: When I was addicted to geocaching, and boosting my finds count, the environment didnt matter, all that mattered was the next smiley, I barely even hunt caches anymore, and I only plant caches in places I want cachers to visit to notice their impact on nature. Sometimes they do, sometimes they dont, but I feel like it's my community service for all the trashing I did in such a small period of time. Fact: Killer whales have killed more people than sharks.
  18. I just wanted to post in this topic, nothing to say really, just needed to get to 1 more post so I could get a badge.
  19. Since you already left the location, unless you want to go back and argue with the neighbor again, steer clear, post in your log the neighbor was not happy with the placement of the cache, and he may hassle future cachers looking for this cache. If this situation happens to you again, heres what I would do. Explain to the neighbor the game of geocaching as a nerdy treasure hunt which uses gps coordinantes to find treasure boxes which are hidden by other nerds who want to get out in the woods, but dont venture far off the beaten path for fear of snake bites, and yellow feaver, besides they have to get back to their jobs at the post office, and the bank soon anyway. Show the neighbor the cache, its contents, and tell him if he still is not interested in having the cache where it is, you will show him the email (log) you are writing stating he is not interested in. Tell him if he removes the cache, it does not guarentee people will not come looking for it for a while longer, and if the cache is missing some people will actually look harder for it. (this will hopefully deter him from stealing it, but show him what it is people are sneaking around looking for) After all that it is no longer your problem to move the cache or anything else. You did all you could, it is now up to the CO to do something, which should be to move the cache, in honor of the neighbor, no cache is worth confrontation, in my opinion.
  20. Well..... we all know the site was built for a sort of market investment idea for garmain, who thought about it for a little while at least as in to offer what geocaching.com couldnt, on a large scale which was an open free for all forum, and web hosting service for caches without reviewers, the folks at garmain knew from reading even a little bit from these forums, and others thats what people wanted. whether or not the site sticks around makes no difference. we all know Groundspeak will outlast thie garmain site, but the fact that garmain could ruffle so many feathers in such a short timeframe, is pretty astounding, and very exciting for some. you cant deny that. Its interesting to see so many people finally voice an opinion of all of this just because garmain sort of threatened geocaching as we know it with the opeining of one silly little site.
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