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  1. as for mine.. mine has been my internet nickname since i first got started on the net in '95, before that was an old character name i used during my D&D years, I figure if i keep using the same name never know who one may re-aquaint themselves with as time goes on....
  2. I'm not entirely sure myself, but o ne thought would be what would happen if you degaussed (sp?) the needle itself since its picked up an additional charge.. I would think that the charge on the south needle would have to be removed before it could function? Just throwing a dart at the broadside of a barn here
  3. This lamp..and this remote control... and thats all i need But like many above said.. it all depends on location.. I take a heavy kit with me since a lot of mine are out in the woods hikes and I travel solo most days.. so if the worst case would happen.. slip, fall, twist an ankle break a limb.. I have supplies to survive overnight, and keep me entertained till help arrives.. If its an urban one, gps , pen and a couple items stuffed in the pocket are fine...but the rest of the kit is handy in the car
  4. I've noticed on my 500T I left the UBS plugged into the computer last night was at a half charge but when I woke up it has a full charge although i noticed if i went into options there was a battery menu where you can select normal or rechargable batteries, i've only had it for a week though so still learning a lot about it
  5. Well I'll add mine to this list USMC 1990-1996 MCAS New River, NC 2nd MAW Mag 29 Mals 29 Served Doing ECM work on Rotary Wing Aircraft... LOL i still don't call em Helos It's definatly Nice seeing so many vets out there
  6. As maps go (mind you I'm a noobie myself) But I also download and print maps from USGS Map service Topo maps are definatly the most useful since most state maps go no where near close to the detail level of usefullness. Might wanna toss a sharpie in there too as a JIC A compass can be real useful as a back up item.. definatly better than a trail of breadcrumbs
  7. Myself i am carring an assult pack... has a 3 liter water bladder in it and 2 decent sized pockts also has a lot of webbing to attach items to it.. I ziptie the case from my binoculars there and a couple old cell phone cases for easy access items. I cary a maglight AA sized a half dozen pens LOL A notebook Small journal sort A few empty ziplocks JIC compass...Learned to navigate with one so an ace in the hole that doesnt take batteries hunting knife againas a jic Spare batteries for the gps Various levels of swag so I can be prepared to trade equal or up for anything i find a baggie full of cereal (human dog food IMO) a baggie of beaf jerky A couple pairs of laytex gloves an insect sting kit basic first aid supplies...band aids etc and a pair of mechanics gloves Clipped inside I have a photo id card in case they find my half eaten body someplace All in all my pack runs about 12-15 pounds so its a good fitness aid. Cell phone is on my hip and a backup knife tucked for easy access since most of the caches around my area are in the woods or on game lands
  8. been going kinda half and half I enjoy the solitude of it, especially now that the summer season is over and not many go out to the parks and woods much, on the other hand I also enjoy taking a friends son along passing on some practical skills to a younger generation, and keeping a kid off the xbox and computer for a day is good too LOL
  9. Beenn curious about the ( hmm is is consitered a sport or a hobby, but i digress LOL) Tried it for the last time last weekend had a absolute balst with a couple friends (odd somehow after finding one close to home to try it out i was all of a sudden the experienced one) My droid worked fine albiet pathetic battery life so Just got a garmin in the mail today and hopefully willbe able to gifve it a go over the weekend One thing i did notice.. I found out how much i missed the outdoors once i started it, was like reconnecting with an old friend indeed.
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