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  1. So how do you delete a mass of caches from the "Favorites" area without doing them individually?
  2. Growing up on a farm/ranch in eastern Colorado in the late 60s and early 70s, my father and I would occasionally find a sonde/balloon. Sometimes on our fields/pastures, some on neighbors. We'd be driving down a country road and see something odd in the distance, stop and walk out to it and collect what we could. They were easy to see since that part of the country is bare of trees and the land is relatively flat. Dad would send the sonde in and I had a parachute attached to a wooden hoop to play with. We probably found one or two a year. I don't recall all the details but I'm pretty certain the ones we found were launched from Denver. With the proliferation of GPSr availability, if the data was posted somewhere, there's definitely an upside for savings some goverment revenue (i.e. taxes)
  3. Found and got working "geocaching.wlx" Now where can I find the wlx for viewing satellite photos (via google).
  4. Using Mapsource 6.14.1 Earlir versions of Garmin Mapsource used to have a feature that once you selected a point, with a right mouse click a menu would appear that would allow functions, noticeably a link to gorundspeak displaying nearby caches. I just noticed that 6.14.1 does not have that ability. Is this feature disabled or gone for good?
  5. Heading to the Tracy Ridge system in the Allegheny Forest in PA next week. Does anybody have or know of someone with GPX files of the trails in the area? I found a file for the North Country Trail from where it crosses Rt 59, west of Warren, to the Handsome Lake Campground area. I'm looking for files of the other trails in the area. My intent is to overlay the trails on top maps of the area to print them for fellow backpackers.
  6. Never mind, The "Show GPS Map Detail" in the View Pulldown menu was turned off.
  7. Last week Mapsource was working fine. For three days now, Mapsource will only display the base maps. Selecting the detail via the "Select a Map detail Any thoughts on what might have happened and a cure.
  8. How does one go about removing/deleting cache pages that you've started but for one reason or another have chosen not to submit. These are shown under "My caches waiting for review" on the account detail page. Thanks in advance
  9. So this means that TeamAlamo gets home field advantage during the playoffs? dave TeamAlamo gets the last draft choice.
  10. GPS:Tracks:Display opens a dialog box where you can pick the .CSV file your interested in. Thanks Shills! I would never have thought to look under GPS! You're welcome. USAPhotomaps is one of the best and easiest to use programs available with lots of features.
  11. GPS:Tracks:Display opens a dialog box where you can pick the .CSV file your interested in.
  12. Check this guys website out Pushpins by Craig Givens. Written for geocaching but overall is a good description of importing. This procedure uses a small executable (can be downloaded from his website) that controls the import and pushpin selection. Read thoroughly before using.
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