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  1. Hieveryone,


    Here's an annoying development in the geocaching app that wasn't there before- when I find a geocache and try to log it on my iPhone by going to the website, I need to log into the website every single time, then go to the map, then go to my current location, and only then do I access the geocache from the website. I used to go directly to the website-based geocache page from the app, no new log in required. I prefer using the website to log my geocaches because then I can select all to visit my trackables (I have 22 now), rather than log them one-by-one through the app. Does anyone know how to set the app up so you don't have to log into the website if you go to the website from the app? I'm doing this because of my trackables, and because I can add more than one picture in my log. Thanks!

  2. Hi everyone, I'm hoping you can help me with my first ever mystery cache...I had posted the (arbitrary) virtual location (question mark) above the waypoints area, and then the parking spot and actual physical geocache in the waypoints area. After the cache was reviewed and published, I found my mystery cache question mark to be directly above the final location of the physical cache! No matter how I flip the coordinates and spots, that question mark won't budge to the arbitrary virtual location, and keeps sticking to my actual final. Can anyone help me with this issue? Thanks in advance.

  3. 1 minute ago, niraD said:

    Is the cache actually within the right of way for the highway? Or is it on property that is adjacent to the right of way for the highway?

    It was placed on the "fence" of the bridge there, right by the ped crosswalk sign. I was a bridge cache. So, I think this would be the highway/road bridge. 

  4. I've tried to publish a cache in my small town here, on a 25 mph road (actually Broadway, or the main street of the town) that has regular pedestrians, crosswalks, a sidewalk, law requirements for absolutely stopped traffic when a pedestrian crosses the road....the problem is that the DOT has classified this road as a highway and my publication request has been rejected as a result. I have submitted photos of this "highway" and shown how people are walking here regularly, on the side sidewalk, via crossing lights (two), and crossing areas for peds, etc., and how there are parking spots adjoining the walking area...to no avail. However, I previously published a similar such cache, also in my town, on the same "highway!" Obviously, it was through a different reviewer. 

    Can anyone assist or advise me on how I can get this cache published? Can I petition the DOT? 

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  5. On 6/30/2022 at 4:41 PM, Goldenwattle said:

    I have a TB hotel and it's popular, because it's locked and locals know it's a safe place to leave TBs. Also it's not a plain, boring, same as any other cache, except it has TB mentioned. It's locked and furnished as a hotel, with wallpaper, carpet, artworks on the wall, a working clock (old watch) and is furnished. It really is a hotel. What is yours like?

    During Covid, when people couldn't travel, my TB hotel was full to overflowing as people knew it was a safe place to put the TBs while people couldn't travel. Now people* are travelling again it has emptied out, which is correct, as TBs are meant to travel, not stay locked up. In fact I am travelling now and I took the last ones there with me. After they have travelled to the other side of the country I will leave them in another cache, likely not a TB hotel, as unless it's remote or locked, having TB hotel in the name is too much of a target for thieves.


    * Local cachers from my city often tend to travel and turn up in all sorts of places. I'm a couple of a thousand kms from home, but who should turn up at a cache at the same time as me, but another cacher from my town. In a few days I am attending a met and greet in a remote town over 2,000 kms from home. Two other Canberra caches have marked their intention to attend. So I go travelling to meet locals :laughing:. That's why the TBS have all been removed now from my TB hotel. They are travelling as they should be.

    I love your TB Hotel! Sadly, mine is just a boring old ammo box- but still an upgrade compared to the plastic jar it was originally. I have considered making it into a dedicated TB only hotel....but that also means, like you noted, keeping it forever stocked with TBs. I don't think I collect and own enough to commit to that sort of goal. Also, more worrisome for me is the fact that several TBs have gone missing from this hotel. Ugh! It is not remote, nor locked (it is a premium cache though)- and a lock code can still be accessed by non-premium members who get a trial subscription to premium access for 7 days.

  6. Hi everyone!

    I recently created a TB Hotel (GC9JX4T) from one of my more popular caches. I think I initially stocked it with 6 TBs which, due to its smaller size, was actually quite a lot. It didn't take long for the TBs to dwindle, as they were taken and not traded. One TB has already gone missing. I've mentioned trading the TBs on my cache page, to no avail. I can keep stocking the TBs here for a while, but at some point I'll just stop. Any advice on how I can ensure a stocked buggy hotel? Other hotels seem to keep a decent roster of TBs in them.

    Thank you all for your thoughts!

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