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  1. I love your TB Hotel! Sadly, mine is just a boring old ammo box- but still an upgrade compared to the plastic jar it was originally. I have considered making it into a dedicated TB only hotel....but that also means, like you noted, keeping it forever stocked with TBs. I don't think I collect and own enough to commit to that sort of goal. Also, more worrisome for me is the fact that several TBs have gone missing from this hotel. Ugh! It is not remote, nor locked (it is a premium cache though)- and a lock code can still be accessed by non-premium members who get a trial subscription to premium access for 7 days.
  2. Hi everyone! I recently created a TB Hotel (GC9JX4T) from one of my more popular caches. I think I initially stocked it with 6 TBs which, due to its smaller size, was actually quite a lot. It didn't take long for the TBs to dwindle, as they were taken and not traded. One TB has already gone missing. I've mentioned trading the TBs on my cache page, to no avail. I can keep stocking the TBs here for a while, but at some point I'll just stop. Any advice on how I can ensure a stocked buggy hotel? Other hotels seem to keep a decent roster of TBs in them. Thank you all for your thoughts!
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