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  1. BTW - just noticed that ALDI are doing a 11.6" netbook, running WinXP for £339.99 from Sunday.
  2. You are fairly correct. GSAK will only run under Windows but can run in a virtual machine (VirtualBox) under Linux (you will still need a licensed version of Windows). There is a Windows emulator (Wine) and there is a rumour that GSAK can be made to run (just) but this would not be an easy task and would probably not have all the features. Pesonally, I have recently made the switch to Linux (Ubuntu) and run GSAK using VirtualBox. I get my Pocket Queries from GMail, import them into GSAK then when all is done, export the GPX file to my Oregon; all in the WinXP environment. If you go down this route, make sure to use the correct version of VirtualBox ( NOT the Open Source Version ) so that you have access to the USB ports.
  3. Hi all, Team Balders is off to Arran for Easter and would really like to complete the ARRAN INDUSTRIES series and finally nail that elusive QUARRY (GC10VH5)(still not found after over two years.) ANY pointers to the other arran Industries caches would be greatly appreciated as some of the clues are a little ambiguous. Thanks in advance, Kev Team Balders
  4. Let's hope 2009 will be better than 2008 - Happy New Year everyone
  5. In a similar vein, The plastic boxes containing caches can also be used for transporting sandwiches. The smaller ones are just the right size for holding 35mm films!
  6. A windows Mobile PDA with Bluetooth GPS or built-in can run Memory Map (OS maps on the unit) and cachemate. The main downside is that the unit needs protecting against the elements. A Garmin Oregon / Colorado has maps (expensive and not as good as OS but they are coming soon) and cache details including the hint and past logs. I used the PDA (iPAQ) with Pocket Navigator (the PDA part of Memory Map) with Cachemate. I bought a waterproof bag which protected the PDA from the rain. This worked very well. My good lady wife, bought me an Oregon 200 on our anniversary and after a few teething problems wouldn't be without it. I can log the caches as I find them and, back home, upload my field notes to GC.com making the logging a lot easier. The maps (TOPO Great Britain) are not as good as Ordnance Survey but the unit does do routing so that I can follow driving instructions until close to the cache, then switch to Geocaching mode for closing in.
  7. I returned to hostelling a couple of years ago and found that it had changed quite a bit (for the better). No more chores No more sheet sleeping bags No more 10 O'clock curfew Licenced Bars in many Personally, I joined the Scottish YHA - all the same as the YHA but a lot cheaper
  8. I should think that this is due to the fact that your own caches will have ALL the waypoints visible to you (as on the cache page) so when the GPX is transfered, so will ALL the waypoints.
  9. When can Birmingham be made a national park, then my caching area will be included on Garmin's maps?
  10. Could someone be my buddy to help bump up my numbers?
  11. Change your name to "TEAM Stuey", recruit the old man who can then sign the log
  12. You get the full description, hint AND logs. AND you can log the caches as found (or otherwise) and upload them to GC.com for quick and easy logging.
  13. Just tried the wife's laptop and that doesn't see it either. I've sent an e-mail to Garmin and am awaiting a reply.
  14. That thought crossed my mind, but it doesn't make any difference. I'm going to try a different PC.
  15. I'm trying to download some cartridges to try on my new Oregon 200. Some will download to the PC without any problems but some (GC1B9MZ) and (GC161DA) result in a page telling me... Error During Upload System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException: System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException: Server was unable to process request. ---> System.ApplicationException: Exception of type 'System.ApplicationException' was thrown. at Groundspeak.Wherigo.ZonesEngine.ZonesEngineDll.LuaDoFile(String filename) at Groundspeak.Wherigo.ZonesLinker.ZonesLinker.CreateZonesFile(String luaFilename, String binaryFilename, String cartridgeId, String playerName, Int64 playerId, String completionCode, DeviceType targetDevice, EngineVersion engineVersion, Boolean bObfuscate) at Groundspeak......... I'm using WinXP Pro, Firefox 3.0.1 Any ideas?
  16. Running software version 2.5 Occurs if on battery first or connecting "cold". Happens about 80% of attempts.
  17. When I plug my Oregon 200 into my PC (WinXP Pro, USB2.0, supplied Garmin USB lead), the unit powers up, goes through the "saving waypoints..." screen then switches to the Oregon and PC graphic. So far so good! However, the PC does not see the Oregon and if I unplug the Oregon, I find that it has frozen. I need to remove and replace a battery to reset the unit. Has anyone else experienced this or, better still, know how to stop it happening?
  18. I've spoken to Mrs. Balders about this and I want a bench with a plaque. The inscription would have to include all the digits 0 - 9 so that the bench could be used as a stage of a multi-cache!
  19. I hope that I'm in the correct forum? I used to have Greasemonkey and Locus Prime's LOG FIND COUNTER which I found to be very useful. With the latest Geocaching.com reincarnation it no longer works. Does anyone know of a fix for this or a contact for Locus Prime?
  20. BAD My avatar look SH*T I can't see what my friends have been up to (no totals) My Greasemonkey script (Total Logs Found) no longer works GOOD I like the Geocaching (Google) Maps
  21. The Strangler and I ( in consultation with others) have made an executive decision to hold the inaugural Brummie Meet event at The Old Joint Stock, Temple Row, Birmingham from 7pm on Wednesday 6th August. It will be very informal - just a beer and a natter. There will be no new caches, no guided walks, CITO or the like. It is hoped to hold a similar event in the first week of every third month (August, November, February and May) with different cachers hosting the event each time. We have decided to make it a proper event so that some people can bump up their numbers (not that I go in for that sort of thing ) GC1EEB7
  22. I agree with Andy about Thursdays. My "X" goes for The Welly on a Tuesday or Wednesday.
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