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  1. My husband was coast guard yes it is a branch of the military, he is now a disabilied vet. I dont feel hes anymore smarter, hes really not to sharp lol, or any better then anyone else. I do feel he deserves the government not to screw him as they are refusing VA benefits when he cant work. Although all people deserve not to have the government screw them. So basically I support our troops they do alot for a little pay, but they are Americans like all the rest of us, other then that thanks i show them for there jobs, outside of work we are all the same. In my husbands case hes not smarter lol I am, but he was willing to do something i wasnt, yet he is the laziest person you will ever meet. I feel the difference is he wanted a job there just like i wanted to go to school.
  2. I dont know why anyone would pay for an ammo box, i go pull them out of dumpsters by the rang on base for free, my house is filled with them. Been trying to come with new ways to use them I have so many, they are now photo and trinket boxes under my bed. Didnt realize you guys buy them then put them out, i would never pay for something then put it out with the chance of it never being scene again. Could be the city girl still in me though i live in the country now.
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