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  1. Liane - looks like the South East forums are down too They seem to be working now...
  2. Sorry for being a bit off topic but am I the only one that gets problems when paging through bookmark lists? Click 'Next' and the first page appears again, despite the page number indicator moving on. Cheers, Trevor
  3. I made a quick search of the comments on decrypting the hints but I did not see anything about encrypted logs. Previously having encrypted text in the middle of the log worked OK - using [ ] to mark unencrypted text before and after the relevant text. Now it seems that plain text in [ ] AFTER the encrypted passage is also encrypted. Further investigation seems to indicate that the [ ] around the emoticons are confusing the decrypt code?
  4. Dave, I tried your link, but it wouldn't work for me and before you ask, yes I'm logged in to GAGB forums...... I think that might have been a temporary hiccup - the link's working for me. I cannot get to the page either - it says I don't have the necessary privileges. I would guess that ONLY you can see it ! Edit to add that if I copy the link location then log on to GAGB and paste the link it all works - but I cannot just click the link here...
  5. All seems to be working now Though it did take a while to come in at first. I went direct to the OS Get-a-map page and that all seems present and correct as well.
  6. This may give some indication as to the problems: Servers down
  7. At one point we were nearby, so took a look at this cache that requires swimming. As my note says, I got too close
  8. I thought I saw your sig in a few Lewes caches - it was fine enough down here in the afternoon at least. That be true,but not enough sigs for my liking.And I missed out on those new Bonfire FTF's too. I think Lewes has it's own weather pattern as it seems to be sunny more often than not. A great town to relax,cache and enjoy a pint of Harvey's best too. Yes, sorry about those FTFs Have you witnessed the Dwyle Flunking yet? Last Sunday afternoon in Harvey's brewery yard - free beer (for musicians ), hot sun and idiots playing silly buggers
  9. I thought I saw your sig in a few Lewes caches - it was fine enough down here in the afternoon at least.
  10. Thanks for the reply. As I said, I can do it other ways it was just a useful way to grab the co-ords for a new cache in one hit rather than wait for my PQ to arrive. . Directing the GPX into GSAK then downloading from there does it for me...
  11. Thanks for the suggestion but mine is the original yellow Etrex with a serial cable. I am not sure where those drivers came from if they weren't part of the Communicator download...
  12. Hi, Thanks for the suggestions. I normally use GSAK to download to my Etrex to get the smart names but the plugin used to work fine. I had a new cache published nearby and I just wanted to grab the data. The plugin seemed the way to grab the data in one hit but it did not work even after re-installing it as prompted. I ended up downloading the GPX file direct into GSAK then sending it from there. It is no big deal, I am just curious as to what is wrong with my settings. Cheers, Trevor
  13. Is anyone else out there having problems with the Garmin Communicator plugin with Firefox? If I click on the "Send to GPS" tab a small window opens as usual but it reports that the plugin is not detected - even if I have just re-installed it and the test page indicates it is all working. It seems to work in IE Tab but not the normal Firefox window. I have tried turning off Greasemonkey but that made no difference. Any suggestions please?
  14. Did anyone see this weeks Click program on the BBC? The webspace article featured something that sounds remarkably like Wherigo - Mediascapes Comments anyone?
  15. Well, if no one else is going to respond, I thought this was good - but not the YouTube one though
  16. I consider myself totally unfit and probably wouldn't walk more than a mile for a single cache. Having said that, a team around here have started setting micro trails of about 8 miles and I have done all those except this year's - that's just waiting for better weather . The best ones have a pub (shh!) about halfway around for refreshment.
  17. I think you are mumbling or something similar ...could be, could be It depends what guise I am in at the time...
  18. "In comes I, Saint George - that man of courage bold and if his blood runs hot, I'll soon fetch it cold!" Anyone know what I'm talking about?
  19. Now at home it all works - hooray Many thanks Edgemaster!
  20. I can understand your frustration - but at least you know your coin is there and it does have a chance of moving on with every cacher that visits. Our one and only bug has been stuck in an unpublished cache in the US for ages. I have been in touch with the owner a couple of times and he seems nice enough - I am assured the bug is safe - he just is in no hurry .
  21. That one works - many thanks Now to go and play with the new script... Work? What's that?? Whoops, spoke too soon The script installed OK but now I get the url error within the map window. Maybe my IT dept are playing silly bu**ers... I will try it at home this evening.
  22. That one works - many thanks Now to go and play with the new script... Work? What's that??
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