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  1. I can't get to the order page listed in this forum but I would like to order at least 1 Silver and 1 Bronze Mount McKinley 2005 Geocoin. I've sent cnielsen@yahoo.com a message with this request and paid for both via paypal. I hope this post can be considered an order since the order page is down. Thanks, Krew Fish on!
  2. Krew

    Oifga Coin

    Address sent via email. Thanks Cav Scout, Krew Fish on!
  3. If you have a waiting list I'd like to be added to it for 2 coins please. Thanks, Krew Fish on!
  4. Krew emailed azgeocoin@gmail.com requesting 2 Arizona Geocoins if you make them. Thanks, Krew
  5. Please add Krew to the list for one regular and one silver Nevada Geocoin if you have them made. Thanks, Krew Fish on!
  6. Krew

    Bc Geocoin

    I would buy 2 BC Geocoins if you make them. Thanks, Krew Fish on!
  7. Does anyone have 2005 Oregon or Washington Geocoins available for sale? I am interested in purchasing one or more of each. I'm fairly new to Geocaching and do not yet have my own signature items or geocoins for trade. Thanks, Krew Fish on!
  8. Krew

    Wyoming Geocoin

    Please add me to the list for 2 silver and 2 bronze Geocoins. Thanks, Fish on!
  9. Krew just sent an email to "needscoins" requesting to be added to the waiting list for one UK Geocoin if any are available. Thanks, Fish on!
  10. Krew just paid for 2 CA Geocoins. Thanks, Fish on!
  11. Krew

    Oifga Coin

    The blue field with stars must always be leading the flag's direction of travel as if it is being moved while attached to a flagpole. When a soldier is wearing a flag patch on the right shoulder of their uniform the orientation of the flag must be reversed so that the stars are in front while the soldier is moving forward. I wore the reversed flag patch in Bosnia and never did care for the orientation. I would have prefered to wear the patch on my left shoulder so that it would be oriented properly but in the Army soldiers wear patches that designate their unit on the left shoulder and combat patches on the right shoulder. Even though the flag is not a combat patch, just a patch identifying soldiers as belonging to the U.S. Army when deployed with soldiers from other countries.
  12. Krew

    Oifga Coin

    Please consider adding me to your waiting/standby/backup/any/all list for any type of OIF Geocoin that you feel is appropriate. I agree that actual combat veterans should receive a special limited edition design that signifies the special nature of the sacrifices that they and their families are making. I am prior service U.S. Army from 1992-1998. I deployed to Bosnia in 1995-1996 but have no combat experience. I met you a couple of months ago when you joined TracerBullet and I hunting a FTF for NBA Power Forward in Tacoma, Washington. You schooled us big time and I've been following your finds ever since. I've seen pictures of your Cav Scout Signature Coin and had been watching for one before you deployed. You are an awesome cacher and I'd like to request being placed on any list for any Geocoin you are involved with, now or in the future. I thank you, your fellow soldiers and your families for the sacrifices you are making. You are all true heroes and I am honored to have the opportunity to personally thank you for your service. Fish on!
  13. I like your idea. How about a neat die cut version to place in the caches you like the best or as FTF prizes in new caches you place?
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