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  1. I dont understand the site as to how premium caches that do not show on the play map take precedence over those of us that are non paying members when placing a new cache apparently there are premium caches which dont show to non subscribers which are hidden in some same areas and they take priority? why dont these at least show on the map but keep the info and exact cords hidden or a red circle like when I was submitting another cache that told me there was a prem cache already in the area Ive attached a map in my request to mainepublisher & what it shows me, it shows no caches in the area whatsoever this is totally unfair to those of us that cant not afford to pay to play I am disabled and I am sadly one of those members that has been here for over a decade Ill move my cache(s) again in an attempt to find another location where I see no caches listed only to hope there are not any premium caches already there I totally oppose this in protest of unjust disqualification because geocaching.com wont show premium caches please correct this issue or find a reasonable resolution thank you for your time & understanding, hopefully things can be changed so we dont run into these issues as I surely must not be alone in this AA1PR
  2. Each time I list a cache I let the gps sit at the location in order to get the most accurate reading however there are a few locals that like to go in & never let their gps settle down & get a true reading & would rather bad mouth me & send me nasty messages through the system here than find the cache even though others have no problem find my caches these select few do that is why I have lost interest here
  3. well i've had my vista machines since march 2007 and still no fix yet ,same thing with a palm device no fix so i had to buy a windows mobile pda in order for everything to work . should of could of but didnt stay with xp pro.....
  4. Hello I am AA1PR, Mike and my wife is KB1NSJ. Me and the harmonics have placed and listed one geocache "GET BOOTED" and hope to place others in the future. I am founding and current club president of R.A.R.E.- Rutland Amateur Radio Experimenters. The club has operating at present 2 repeaters open to all licensed operators. KB1BXH 444.875+offset pl103.5 KB1IOZ 449.275-offset pl103.5 So if any of you fellow hams are in the area visiting please throw out your call, hope to work you soon on the bands. 73 and happy geocaching
  5. so if I use wsg84 this will be close by a meter or to. I know i'm new to this but have been using my gps since i got it for hiking purposes and hunting. I know of the tick marks on the maps and that is how i have lightly drawn the grids on my usgs maps. I just dont want to be off by say a half mile or so. Maybe this is the perfect excuse for the wife to buy me a new gps for my birthday. I orginally started off with the gps 315 but found i didnt like the built in map for accuracy and since i carry a map it was easier to look at the gps and take the reading and look at the map and go from there. I thank all of you for the help. 73(best regards) AA1PR,Mike
  6. I know that up here in vermont while hiking the long trail and even while at home or on the road i will listen to 146.520 every half hour on the hour just in case someone needs help as i believe this is the standard protocol. let me know if not such. 73 de AA1PR,Mike
  7. i haven't done 10m Fm in a couple of years but it carries very well daytime into the evening . probably the best atenna wil be a 1/4 wave vertical while mobile. the 10m fm simplex freq is i think 29.500. 73 de Mike,AA1PR>>>>>
  8. AA1PR, in Vermont if anyone makes it up here look me up on the clubs(R.A.R.E-Rutland Amateur Radio Experimenters) UHF repeater 444.875 with 103.5 Pl Not a cordinated repeater yet. Located in Rutland,Vt at about 600 ft in elevation. 73 de AA1PR,Mike
  9. if all the usgs maps use NAD27 why does geocaching.com use NAD83 for UTM cordinates?? I know my magellan GPS310 is a few years old but never have had the need for nad 83 as all of the USGS maps i use for reference use NAD27. Also my gps doesnt have this nad83.Who or what maps have the nad83 printed on them for the cordinates?? Is this a newer system if so please explain as i'm not old but must be out of touch or something in the last few years?? Any help will be of important value to me and I thank you in advance.
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