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  1. Some unintended changes slipped out with a fix we pushed out this morning, breaking the Send to GPS dialog. This has now been fixed. Our apologies! Wow, quick answer!! Just checked and yep its now working perfectly again, thank you so much from cold and wet Wiltshire!!!!
  2. Hi, I am a relatively new geocacher (loving it ) and since the update am now having problems with "send to GPS" button. I use a Dakota 10, has been fine previously, but now I get the "500 error" message when I do "send to GPS". Just been having a panic as needed to download caches for tomorrow, but after some head scratching (YES I am new to this lol) realised that I could click on GPX file, save it to desktop then copy it over to the Dakota. However it would be lovely to have the Send to GPS button working again tomorrow.....can you help please? ( I am in the UK - on GMT if that is necessary to know) oh, and I did read through all the pages on this thread, though did not understand quite a lot of it....sorry if the answer is already here Many many thanks SqueakyBeans
  3. I got a code from Go Outdoors after the nice young lad demonstrated the Dakota 20 for me!
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