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  1. I know how you feel. Back in 2006, right before we left, every one knew we were going to leave the area a lot of my caches started disappearing. That also happened after I denied a cacher a hiding spot that I had and they wanted. Eventually I gave up and moved on. It does stink because that was time, work and money no matter how simplistic the cache or hide was. People suck!
  2. Hi there from California, Well we wouldn't be giving away anything since we don't know what caches you are actually out to find. However we can give you what could be out there. Lamp post hides are common in urban areas. There are "skirts" at the base and some times they lift up. Some cachers put caches in them or even a flat magnet up on the inside. Nano's are really small. Some cachers will place them under a bench, in a bracket on a cyclone fence, on street sign posts, etc... Once you find one your geosense should turn on and the next one won't be a problem. If you need help you can always look me up via my gc profile; wolf grrl. Good luck! Happy Caching, Wolf Grrl
  3. Thanks! I had fun passing 1400 with tmkbk and Blindbutnowisee!! You Merced cachers never fail to let us down. To think I've cached there 3 times now and I don't think I am even close to clearing out Merced!!! If only I can reach 2000 before the end of the year! BIG CONGRAT'S to Blindbutnowisee for her 1000th cache find!!! Keep going!!
  4. Hey everyone! I just wanted to thank every one who came to Super Grrl's eventt. It meant so much to her. She was actually pleasantly surprised. She had such a good time. She appreciated the fact people took time out of their day to come to her event. She would tell you herself but she is out on Lake Berryessa right now skiing for the week. She will enjoy reading all the logs and forum when she returns. Thanks again! So where are we at again on this Mega run? When? Who's all going? I'm up for less light too. I know The Hubby is as well. Heat just is BLAH! CONGRATS to Nascar Fam for passing 400 yesterday!!!!
  5. Greg, impressive work on the mat and the picture! Very good. It had me laughing. Tim, NO WAY are we doing the Mega Run without you!!! However it should be done in August sometime but not the first weekend.
  6. That is too funny! You are they? Such perverts! J/K So far that date works...Tim?
  7. Greg since I can't live down that toilet seat picture, maybe this one will stick with you. That was his 300th find. Isn't that such a cute picture? (notice he's holding hands with the frog?)!!
  8. Here's a few pics for ya! Blindbutnowisee kissing an Aspen. Two Crazy Gals just completed their 3rd FTF in one day! Just one of the many views we had while caching!
  9. Another note on SUPER GRRL'S Ice Cream Social: We are going to do our best to keep every one cool. We may even have a little pool for the 4-legged caching friends to wade in. We're trying to find a portable mister so that can keep people cool. If we absolutely have to it can be moved into our home (yes dogs can too). I'd rather have that than have people suffer from heat stroke/exhaustion, etc...
  10. Hey Greg, the 26th won't work. That is Skyler's Birthday Party (a slumber spa party)...LUCKY US! I have to be there to oversee all girlie girl activities. You, Tim, and Judd can go without me if you'd like. FYI - we would have to get an earlier start than 7:00 a.m. We should just throw some dates out and decide from that and make sure we can leave at an ungodly hour (3:00 a.m.). Then make sure it is a date where we have nothing planned the next day including work so we can sleep in. We have to do this right. Departure time, cache find time, breakfast, lunch, munchies, drinks, and dinner all in a cooler, coffee for those that drink it and soda with caffeine for those of us who don't drink coffee, lots of waters to stay hydrated, preprinted labels, mapped out, cache dense area, no left turns, etc... It is going to take some serious planning. Breakfast: rolls (or if someone knows how to make a really good breakfast burrito) Lunch: sandwiches Dinner: Cold fried chicken, potato salad Munchies: chips, pretzels, whatever else Ok, I planned the menu (the easy part). What area? In August: 9th/10th or 16th/17th or 23rd/24th? Not the 30th that will be Labor Day weekend and traffic would be a nightmare! In September: 20th/21st possibly. In October: pretty much any time except for the 11th. I'm thinking that is when Judd should have his Boo Bash. Or even the 18th or 25th...check with Judd. So heads up CVC/MAC Boo Bash event some Saturday in October. That event will be the best yet! Poker run, letterbox for kids, bobbing for apples for the kids, kids trick-or-treat amongst the geocachers so yes have them wear their costumes, etc... We are hoping to reserve the large gazebo area at Jacob Myers Park. It will be SPOOKTACULAR!
  11. LMBO! I agree Tim...our weekends are filling up fast as well! So we need to jump on this fast! How about tonight? J/K. I'm so amped up I want to cache but safety first, no fun. I can't go at night by myself. So I'm stuck cruisin the forums watching the boob tube. Good point, where is Mr. Doug? Hello...Doug are you there?
  12. Ok, ok...a girl has a little fun and ya'll just won't let her live it down. Good thing my caching buddies are not my drinking buddies. Hey Team Pilot, you may all have grabbed 134 caches but Blindbutnowisee and myself grabbed 3 FTF's in Alpine County above 8,000 elevation! You also didn't have the scenery we did today! Oh yeah, I even grabbed a BOGA cache...BONUS! Extra special BONUS...deer, cattle drive, hawk, chipmunk, countless lizards playing, and a beaver! We earned every FTF and every cache we found today. I am waiting for that big MEGA cache run!!
  13. Greg, I am always up for a challenge. You put it together, or we can all meet up for a meal to plan our day Photom style and head out the next day. That would be so much fun!!! Ok ok...I wanna go NOW! Darn you, get me all reved up and who knows when it will happen!!! Bill, good for you! I'm glad you got out and were able to grab a few. Now if only we can get you out to do a major caching run with us Hey Mrs. BOGA...can Bill come out and play with us?! Please, pretty please!! Sanruft, it is so nice to see you in the forums again. About darn time!!!
  14. WOW! CONGRATS Team Pilot! That is most impressive. I say that because we all know you actually did find all those together! We all know you wouldn't split up then join together at the end of the day to claim finds you weren't present for. Very impressive organization and finds! You smoked any number of finds I've found on any one day!!! Finds like that would have to be carefully planned out and executed. GO TEAM PILOT!!!
  15. UPDATE to Super Grrl's Ice Cream Social: Since a few might be bringing their dogs (which of course is perfectly acceptable!) there will be an ice cream treat dog specific just for our 4-legged caching buddies. We will also provide unlimited amounts of water to keep them hydrated. Just keep them on a leash so no one gets in trouble by the animal police.
  16. CONGRATS is in order for blindbutnowisee. They just passed 900 cache finds over the holiday weekend! Good job gang! Any other milestones accomplished?
  17. CONGRAT'S to THE HUBBY for passing 400! It's about darn time! CONGRAT'S to SANRUFT for getting back out there! It's nice to see you all in it again. Tom, I'm in agreement with Tim. It would be nice to see Bill get back into it. We move out here and he quits. I'd like to go caching with him some time. Tim, good luck tonight at the club meeting. I've seen your pics, you'll do fine. Geocaching is about as far as I go with my "outgoingness" or I'd join just to "get a clue". Greg, no worries you'll probably pass him again soon enough. I can't believe all the seminars going on at Happy's 50th event. I'm sorry we won't be there. We wanted to make it. I'm just glad we were able to attend one MAC event this year. Radikel, that was nicely done and thank you again for putting it on!
  18. Hey now ya'll! I don't do links! I never claimed to be "all that" on the computer. I can type extremely fast and accurate but the technical stuff...no thank you! I have no clue about that image. I found it on a web page background image gallery site and it shows up on our computer at home. Then I use The Hubby's laptop and it says image stolen. Who knows. All I know it's really cute ice cream background. I would love to attend Happy's event. Unfortunately it is The Hubby's company picnic and he should make an appearance.
  19. Super Grrl's event is now posted! She hopes to see you all there! GC1CQWV
  20. Oh BOGA BOGA BOGA...what size shoe do you wear? That is the size you will be putting in your mouth by the time you are done reading this. There once was a cacher named Kaesky. She found that cache when it was a rock between two boulders in front of Howler's store...the cache owner. He is a really nice guy that had a close eye on his cache and would make a point of making friends with you when you found his cache. Wolf Grrl formerly known as Kaesky returned to that cache with Fenie and Foolfen in tow. Howler came out again and informed us it has moved and the container changed. Howler then explained to us that we can log the find again since coords and container changed. Needless to say we found it and logged it. BOGA...please turn your attention to that particular cache page. Howler even states that if you found that particular cache prior to a specific date you may log it twice. Hey BOGA...are you choking on your foot yet? BIG THANKS to 2fortheroad for sticking up for me!!! When I changed my name I changed it just in the nick of time literally. Very shortly after Groundspeak put an end to allowing cachers change their names to where their stats followed. Therefore I was able to keep all my previous finds as Kaesky. Phew! Oh Greg...when did you forget you were no longer 20? Remember I said that so next year when I'm 40 you can say the same thing to me once I hike Half Dome! The important thing is you were with your family having fun and making memories. Super Grrl submitted her event. I am now off to celebrate my 12 years with The Hubby! See ya! Have a happy weekend!
  21. I had such a great time at the event Radikel put on today! The muffins were delicious. The event was just nice and relaxing no caching activities to rush out and do just hang out and catch up. PERFECT! BOGA...too bad you missed it. Oh yeah...by the way I passed 1300 (not by much). Every 100 cache find is a milestone! So yeah me!!! CONGRATS to Super Grrl she passed 400! NASCAR FAM...not sure how will ever catch up to SB Junky either. I hope all is having a great weekend! P.S. Super Grrl will be posting her event cache tonight. It will be July 12th. I hope to see you all there. Especially you BOGA!
  22. Hey Greg...Super Grrl is ahead of you! CONGRATS Geokitebuggy on your retirement! I will be hitting 1300 Saturday. In fact, I am trying to make the event 1300!
  23. Very well done Tom!!! That is absolutely hilarious!
  24. Woah Greg! I can be impartial and I think I proved that when I provided a few lifelines this weekend for you. I am to remain as a juror. BOGA and Tim out caching?! You don't say! I wanna go, I wanna go! Even if it is just to witness the miraculous event. The ghosts of caching past being resurrected to caching present, cool! I say ABOUT TIME! All kidding aside, it would be nice to see you back in it! I am a bad caching friend. I meant to post the following: HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO ALL OUR CVC/MAC DAD's! I hope you all had a great Father's Day. Sorry for the late wishes.
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