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  1. Sorry...not watching those. BOGA...I hope you didn't take that the wrong way. I just thought I'd be helpful and point out the obvious. Sorry. Nascar Fam...2 weeks without a cache?! No way! You know what, I think I am the same way but that is solved tomorrow when we leave for D*land. You need to start caching buddy! Get back to the dark side! SB Junky even got a FTF near your territory. I knew something was up with you!
  2. CONGRATS! BOGA...if you spent the time you do in the forums on actual geocaching you will notice your finds will go up.
  3. WOW!... we are so far down the forum list that I'm doing this to bump us up. After all we are CVC!
  4. A beautiful day spent with beautiful cachers! We had so much fun today. What a great day! You're right Nascar Fam. Thanks for the link FerventKids!
  5. I agree with Nascar Fam...I like to remember them as well. I can literally take you to all the caches I have ever found. I am intrigued by the Turkey Day run. Oh...Hmmm...Oh...Hummm...not too sure. A bit far for a short weekend.
  6. WOW...Turkey Day Mega Run. That would be a blast! Oh, I am tempted. Nascar Fam...I hadn't noticed. You actually found it?
  7. LOL...no kidding Nascar Fam! However, think about it...we were just 4 people in one car and if only we stayed in that area we could've grabbed a bunch more. I can now see how 155 caches is feasible. He was just by himself. No one to worry about or hurry up, etc... I think I can see that. Nascar Fam...look for another location so we can go do another run. Green Achers...I will have The Hubby email that file to you.
  8. Not yet...still working on it. Didn't log any last night and won't log any tonight. Will try to finish it up tomorrow or at least by the weekend. Nascar Fam...I agree, no problem showing them. If they are being nice why not. No harm no foul. Thanks again for such a wonderful and fun time caching! I hope I didn't annoy you too much with my cheerleading & dancing. I was just trying to keep the momentum going.
  9. I'm all for civil rights as well. What is the point for being difficult? We had nothing to hide so let them search. To carry a Glok you need a permit and not one of us have that. If only the cops responded to calls around here like in Visalia! The cops here don't give a hoot about anything. The Visalia local cachers need to educate their law enforcement on geocaching. I've been stopped before and I told them I was geocaching and they would say "Ah...ok be careful and have fun". Not these cops man they surrounded the vehicle with flashlights in hand and spot lights shining brightly in our vehicle. It was an experience.
  10. Yes, that was definitely an experience. Never before have I been in a vehicle literally surrounded by cops. On the plus side; we had fun, no one got grumpy, and we weren't rushed. We just did our thing and had fun at it. BIG THANKS to whomever initially put that route together. They planned out a very good route. BIG THANKS to Team Pilot for forwarding that GPX file to us so that we could go out on our adventure. BIG THANKS to Nascar Fam, The Hubby, and Super Grrl for sharing the adventure with me and making it fun! Let's go again! Did I say that?
  11. WOW...Team Judd is back on the forums! Nice to see you back in here! Some do need to actually take the coords, test them and keep redoing them until they get to about 3'. That is what I do. However, some times it is NOT always the cache owner. It can be the cache finder's GPS. I know for a fact that when I marked Balboa for Super Grrl I got down to 1'. There was something up with your GPS's that day. Not to mention all the power lines in the area. I'm sorry you were in pain. I hope it all gets better soon. I wish I was available to go see what they have to say. Ok, no I don't. I will be caching with my buddy Blindbutnowisee.
  12. WOW...no one online to bump us up. I will. I hope all had a great weekend.
  13. Touche` SB touche`! Now your talking...a bike involved! We did do pretty good on our bikes that day! You want to ride, I'll take you on a route, no caching, that will work you. BTW...nice to see you in the forum!
  14. Wouldn't it be the other way around? It is the GAME, hobby, or activity (geocaching) that leads you the the SPORT (hiking to find a cache, racing to be FTF, etc.)? I can't speak for the others but no offense taken here!
  15. CONGRATS to Sanruft for passing 1100! Could it be...Sanruft back in the game? YES...I do believe it so! FINALLY! It's nice to see them back! BOGA...give in to the dark side You know you want to! Stop playing in the forums and use that time to find a cache.
  16. As I was telling Greg earlier...Geocaching is NOT a sport. It is a game. If it was a sport, the pounds would be melting off of me. It's a game much like croquet, shuffleboard, etc... No heart rate increase, no actual exercise no sport. Now if you actually hiked up in God's country to find caches then it could be a sport. Driving, getting out to walk a bit to find a container, getting back in your car and driving to the next one is not a sport.
  17. Thank you Ted! As I was reading the posts to catch up I noticed "pole" as it was meant to be "poll". LOL...too funny. Who said that about CVC gang and tag remaining active for a few more years? Was that from Jeramy or from Photom? Everyone deserves a second chance. Greg, you have my vote. I fulfill all requirements; address and posts. When Sky comes back she will post so she too can qualify. Oh by the way Greg...that pole dancer cache, that was not the name and that is my cache not The Hubby's. Yes I will forgive you and still sign the petition! Baker Red - you can contact "frivlas" via geocaching.com and ask her about Wherigo. She actually served as a Beta Tester for it. She knows all about it. I'm sure she would be happy to answer your questions.
  18. Ok...now I am going to chime in on CVC Tag. I am in 100% agreement with Sanruft and Nascar Fam: 1) CVC Tag should NOT be archived. It was grandfathered in and it shall stay. If I need to I will step in to take care of it. There are not too many left let alone in California. Archiving it is a crime in itself! 2) The boundaries should be Merced to Tracy to Oakdale to Stockton. No further no less. All of which is very accessible to just about any CVC Tag hounds. Anything past any of those cities is way too far! 3) Tar and feathering remains as punishment for the crime of removal beyond boudaries. 4) She should continue to morph into other forms providing perhaps a challenge to find. 5) Group finds shall NOT be allowed! No more TA finds at events. Oops...did I say that?! 6) The rule regarding finds shall stay as well. Person shall not find again until 2 other cachers have made the find. Am I missing anything?
  19. CONGRATS Bug's Mom on hitting double digits! It's about darn time!! J/K Ahh...Blindbutnowisee you are too kind. The CVC girls were great! They are welcome any time. No wine yet, we will.
  20. Hey Sanruft...it's nice to see you back on. Haven't heard from you in awhile. Back to the MEGA-RUN...when are you free?
  21. And I happen to know that TWO of their Mommies are camped out in Merced, nice and comfy (and quiet) in a brand new motel. They had to camp out after a hard day of caching and another planned for tomorrow. And the way I heard it, you VOLUNTEERED for this duty (most likely sucking up to your wife, I expect.) But, how are you going to stay ahead of NascarFam when you are now a professional "sitter"? Huh?? Actually he doesn't have to suck up to me (his wife). He was sucking up to his daughter who some day will be in charge of his health care. At the time of your post, those ladies were still out caching. They showed up extremely tired today. No worries he's married to Wolf Grrl he'll stay ahead!
  22. Oh Nascar Fam...you are such a trouble maker! Congrats to SB Junky for passing 500! It's about time!!!!
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