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  1. Nice price. Does anyone know how maps will get updated with this unit? Will it only be via SD cards or can you load from the Mapsource DVD?
  2. I'm a 60csx owner for quite a while now, but still haven't figured out how to get around these problems: 1. During autorouting to a location, say you want to look up another destination or waypoint. So you start typing in the name and then Interrupt/Beep - a message saying to turn in 1 mile. So this basically wipes away the screen you were working on (typing in the name) and so you have to start typing in again from the beginning. Pain in the rear. Anyway to get around this? 2. When trying to find a waypoint name, is there any way to recall the last one typed in? I'm not talking about a recent find. I mean when you go to type in the name with the Rocker key, can it be set up to start with the previous name you typed in instead of reverting to a blank? Thanks. And any other tips related to these topics would be greatly appreciated.
  3. It wasn't coming out his head. It was the other end, so to speak. Details below if interested... http://today.reuters.com/news/articlenews....=rss&rpc=22
  4. I also can recommend the cut-your-own PDA screen protectors. They're fairly cheap (multi-pack for about $12 at Best Buy). Downside is you have to cut them out neatly for it to look good; with a little patience, it's pretty simple. Also, you can use the extra ones on Digital camera screens, hand-held video camera screens, game boys, etc.....
  5. Sounds like I can tuck it in my coat and it should be fine. As advised, be careful when wiping out! By the way, nice pics Hermit.
  6. I'm planning to take my GPS (60csx) next time I go snow skiing. Any advice on where to carry the unit? Will it maintain a lock inside a backpack? How about tucked in the pocket of a heavy winter coat? Or does the unit need to be strapped on the outside or a backpack? Any recommendations or experience would be great. Thanks! Also, please share your experience on where you keep you GPS for other outdoor activities, e.g., kayaking, biking, etc.
  7. That's probably true. Enlarge the screen, add the better SIRF III chipset, and that would be a real nice receiver.
  8. So you want 60 series internal features and maybe some enhancements, in a smaller nuvi style case? I suspect the nuvi units are limited in battery life and not as rugged, compared to the 60 & other "outdoorsman" type units. Long lasting field replacable battery and extra impact resistance built into the case are what many outdoorsmen want - but both of those wants work against downsizing. Not to say it couldn't be done - but if you've got a case design that works, why mess with it? Wow - seems like lots of folks are still happy with the 60 case design. I don't mind it (I own one), but would think that it should be moving towards something a bit more compact. My ideal GPS receiver would be a ruggedized unit about the size of a pack of cards. It would be mostly screen (non-touch) with some room for buttons.
  9. Why would you want it smaller? Go for a smaller model (Venture/Legend)... Having held a 76, a 60 and a Venture in my hands, I prefer the 60 a lot more. I would really hate Garmin if they would stop producing the 60 case format, which is easy to handle and buttons are big enough to be manipulated. Well, the 60 is quite "thick" - about 1.5 inches. Doesn't fit a pocket that well. It might be nice if it were a bit thinner - closer to 1/2 inch. Also, newer monitors/screens (e.g., HDTV) are more in a "landscape" mode. I would be nice to have that as a display option. Also, can't they be creative - how about a flip screen option? Think about cell phones and how they continue to evolve.
  10. I'm surprised there isn't more buzz. The design of the GPSMAP60 series case (i.e., form-factor) is several years old now. It seems like they would be able to shrink it, but they appear to be extending its lifecycle for quite a time now. Their newer products, such as the Nuvi, have a much smaller form-factor with equal-to or greater-than capabilities than the 60 series. Clearly the technology is there to put out a much smaller, more portable hand-held to replace the 60 series, but maybe they are investing their resources in new product development elsewhere (like the ever-expanding automarket).
  11. The Cooliris extension is great too. Very useful for forum browsing. Allows you to see a web link without clicking on it.
  12. Interesting GPS receiver - looks enticing. However, their web page indicates that they would include 400 sq miles of free aerial imagery, a $100 value. That's a little concerning. Are they saying that a 20mi x 20mi area is $100 to get the aerial imagery? That seems incredibly expensive if you wanted to purchase aerial maps for large areas or vacation / trip locations. Am I missing something here?
  13. In order to avoid recalibrating after swapping batteries, another option is to have the unit powered up through the USB cable when swapping the batteries out. I haven't tried this yet. Does anyone know if this avoids having to recalibrate the compass?
  14. Also, would tracks show up as exactly on the road too (i.e., if looking at your tracks later in MapSource or equivalent)? Or are the tracking data points recorded exactly as calculated, whether or not they happen to line up on a road? I assume the latter.
  15. Nice write-up! Though slightly off topic, it might be nice to show an example or refer to another writeup that would explain how to put the Hint in the Notes section.
  16. I have noticed this too and find it annoying. It appears to revert back to a view where both your current position and the final destination are all on one map. They you have to click "In" a bunch of times to zoom back to the scale you previously had. Annoying - hoping there is an answer....
  17. What's the best way to manage waypoints if you have tons of them. Just split them up into various groupings within MapSource and then just load the grouping you want at that time?
  18. Why is a PDA needed if you have a 60CSX. Can't you just load in the geocaches with hints using the custom POI loader and then not need a PDA?
  19. What exactly does transparent mean? Are they superimposed on top of each other? Can someone post a screenshot? Thanks.
  20. How about sharing tracks with a non-GPS user? Any recommended ways?
  21. This is a great thread, but it's getting massive. Would someone be willing to provide the step-by-step instructions to simply get geocache POIs (with hints) into the GPSr? There seem to be bits and pieces everywhere, but nothing complete. Thanks in advance!
  22. You can start with this (huge) thread: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...2497&hl=POI I haven't done this yet, but would like to in the future. If you are able to make this work, suggest to give us all a short summary of how you did it.
  23. Exact same issue here. Might have to spring for another unit too! -HokieBird
  24. Regarding hooking up a 60csx to a laptop with nRoute: What if you are using some other audio application, such watching/listening to a DVD? Will nRoute interrupt the other applications to give the audio prompt or does it not do anything?
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