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  1. thank you for your replies. I thought of more or less up-to-date models, like HTC Desire or HD2, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Garmin 60/62, Dakota, Oregon, ..... extreme smartphone accuracy isn't really a concern for most phone manufacturers that's exactly the reason why I ask for experience with these devices Now, can someone tell me about the comparison of A-GPS and WAAS ?
  2. Hello everyone. I'm pretty new to geocaching and plan to buy myself a GPS device. I've already read dozens of info pages both on forums and company webpages. At the moment (!) for me it breaks down to a "simple" question: smartphone or handheld GPS device. I already read threads in this forum about that but most of the times it was pro and contra about battery life, when you're all alone in the outback, paperless caching and things like these. What I'm interested in is opinions (and if available experiences) on accuracy and reception of these devices. Accuracy: On the one hand (good) GPS handhelds can receive WAAS and therefore increase in accuracy. On the other hand mobile phones could additionally use radio cell information (if available). Which of these are better in terms of more exact? And are there mobile phones which can receive WAAS, too? GPS reception: I could think of that GPS handhelds might have better antennas for receiving satellite signals than cell phones have. But actually I have borrowed an old etrex and I really struggle with the GPS fix. Even in urban sparse little woods the GPS fix breaks down easily. Which in turn might favor the radio cell version (if there are any). Do you have experiences on that? So if you could help me with these questions and tell me which are better in the field you would really help me coming to a decision. Thanks to all in advance.
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