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  1. I'm afraid you are out of luck with the Garmin Communicator plugin. I believe Garmin mentions somewhere that it does not work with usb to serial converters. Actually, thats wrong. The USB to serial converter & the Garmin Comm plugin used to play nicely on my winxp pc, now vista on the other hand just hates my converter. And I have/had access to a Garmin V & a Legend (B&W). Sorry I can not help on the mac issue.
  2. There are tactful people & tactless people. As a cache owner I will delete logs that are down right rude or nasty, I also have deleted logs that are degoratory because a "experienced" cacher couldnt find one of my devious hides but yet 2 "new" cachers did. The newbies have been using GPSr's & lorans & such similar equipment for probably longer than that experienced cacher has been alive. Just because someone chooses to be downright ignorant in their logs doesnt mean the cache owner has to let that log stay. When I deleted the logs I PM'ed the logger asking them to repost without the negativity, if they couldnt do so then they could please put me on their ignore list as any & all nasty logs would be deleted, until the sky falls if they insist on repeatedly posting nasty logs. As the owner you do have that right, the finder does not have the right to publically humilate anyone for any reason. After all, the point of this game is to have fun & not be panfired. And yup, I've put out or helped put out LPC's as I dont enjoy sticking my hands & face into poison ivy (very allegic) which grows rampantly around here at points. In the heat & humidity or if I'm travelling finding a quick & easy LPC is sometimes all I need to keep the geocaching spirit alive in me so I dont take another yr off from caching.
  3. Yup, I use them really small stickers, dam happy to too. My partners in caching do also since I talked them into it. What we dont do is use them in nano caches, especially since I started the trend for them down here & know what a PITA they are. I've had to run to 1 specific cache with 5 days due to people scrawlin a long drawn out name just to fill up my replacement sheets which arent as long as the ones you typically get with the nanosfrom a certain geo-store. We also dont do long drawn out responses in reg size logbks as usually we are trying to be discreet about where the cache is. And yes, we have hidden reg sized caches too. I'll admit I am rethinking some match container caches we placed recently but its fun watching the logs of people who cant find them & get all fussy that a couple of "novices" did find them when an "experienced" cacher couldnt. Considering they really hadnt seen how devious I can be when I do hides, I specialized in camo when I was in the military, so I can be really really good (& playing paintball has honed my skills even more since massive player PB games are what I usually play in, 500 to 1000 or more big games). So.. in nanos we dont use stickers & we abbriviate names as much as possible & also allow abbriviated names. In larger caches we use stickers & save our expansive reports for online logs where people can skim or skip them. Just be happy people want to find your hides.
  4. Its just someone marking where the jeep is named after, its not a goal. The ones some of my friends got we marked with the state abbrivation just so we know where they were named for, roughly. But the sharpie will be rubbed off before dropping them, alcohol wipes are good for several reasons & one of us always has some acetone if needed. Since us geocachers are not the owners of the jeep marked tags we cant decide the goal for the jeeps, nor can we add stuff to them or paint them or change the names. (Generic) you want to do that then make your own travelbug, like many of us have, I've just not released mine yet. And go crazy with it. Like it, hate it, doesnt matter, just lump it, IMPO.
  5. Okay, stupid question time.. for me at least, heheh.... How do you get the county maps from NOAA? I'm also a premie member here & I thought it would be faster to just DL the locs local to the area I'm looking for. Or does the maps list BMs that GC doesnt have? I also use GSAK, about the only thing my very old Prism Visor can support.
  6. Browsing over another geocaching place I found a link to yet another site, where on their boards they are posting the tracking info on the 2007 red jeeps. I realize they arent under Groundspeaks control, but can they still be locked? I'm bookmarking the page but just in case they get wind of this & pull the page I'm saving it to my hdd just in case. Buncha idjuits. Sharing them at gatherings is one thing, heck even making up a spreadsheet & sharing it with people... but posting it on a BB? And then posting that they hope GS/GC doesnt get wind of it? Ballsy, very very ballsy.
  7. I'd defintely buy 2 swedish geocoins if they arent too expensive. I did buy the Norwegian geocoin & love it but as my dads family is swedish & I doubt theres enough interest to do an Aland Islands coin soo.. Yes, his family considers themselves swedish but are from the islands, which are sort of under Finnish rule, sort of. Oh well. Swedish, Finnish, Aland Islands, heck even Danish coins would be cool, love my scandianvian roots.
  8. I guess it doesnt matter who reopened this thread... I guess I'm gonna have to ask for it to be locked (if possible) so it cant be reopened. The local issue was pretty much resolved, a new 'fun' time occurred with a new target that was then taken care of. Life in my local area seems to never be dull.
  9. And as the thread goes off on a different tangent.... The OP asked about a cache owner posting finds on their own caches. Me, I dont care either way, my family & I actually have a lil thing going which is killing me as I've hidden 3 finds to none for most of the others. (shrug) But then again its only family. I already know by word of mouth (putting it politely) that there are people who geocache that pad their numbers by various means but are 'still worshipped for being such _great geocachers_' I just snort to myself & remind myself they are fools & jerks. Then again I dont care to be around certain groups of people for various reasons, doesnt matter if its number padding, not logging or removing DNFs, being FTF hounds, being number hounds. We do this as we can, if that means we go several weeks without a cache lookie then so be it, sorry but this is truely a hobby for us, a fun repose, & something that can be done when we feel like it & have the time. I'm actually thinking about going back to my (currently) placed 3 caches & logging finds on them just so our stats all match up online. Since I'm the premie member & run the stats counter I think it might make more sense. But then again I dont think I'm going to place 100 or more caches either, or even 50, 25 maybe but even thats a stretch for a area with a lot of the great views already taken & just plain old woodland to look at. (shrugs) I wouldnt worry about what others do, think or even say as it doesnt really matter in the end what they think as their opinions are mostly irrevelent, its up to you how you want to do a game/hobby within the little bit of rules GS has set out at this time.
  10. Some of us vets are big girls too, not just big boys I served in the zone during the first gulf event, aka Desert Shield/Storm. That image while close is different enough that the Military & related groups would have a hell of a time trying to sue over it, they wont win, all they could possibly hope for is enough pressure & threats to get it changed. As a webdesigner I've already been involved with someone who claimed that I ripped off her design of a "Order's" shield in a Online MP-RPG. I spoke to a trademark lawyer & the difference was subtle, not enough to see at first glance but prominent enough upon comparision to shut her up. Hehehe. As a vet I could care less if a geocaching purple heart is given, most will know its a joke or a play upon the real deal so some people need to lighten up & enjoy this hobby we play.
  11. do realize that both INATN & Cachestats require premie membership. Are there any sites that can do roughly the same without needing a premie membership? Or do they need the PQ that only premies can generate?
  12. I'm curious.. did anyone else look closely at the 2 buffalos? Is one face supposed to represent someone or is my imagination? Or did the original buffalo coins look like that? (I'm only 40 so a bit young to remember those coins, heh)
  13. Mines going overseas, eventually. I've been delayed in getting my packages together but it should go out before the new yr.
  14. My dad may be swedish, but he doesnt speak it & his mother who would have understood the norwegian passed a few yrs ago. So I just did what he said too & directly paypal'ed it to him. Got a english letter back that my coin would be going out yesterday (monday) so I figure he got it okay & understood my english, as bad as it is some days (too much net speak some days for me) So now I wait to see a cool looking coin, I just might gift this one to my dad.
  15. I'm awed by the HK coin, thats for sure. I havent had the pleasure of handling a double dragon coin but thats okay. You seem to know what you want & how you want the coin so I'm gonna trust in you to do what you need to so you get a coin your happy with as it is your design after all. I just thought I had gone mind freeze in not ordering 1 or 2 of the 3 dragon So no rush on the coin, I can just mark my list that I did put a order in & it will get here when it gets here. I have a thing for dragons, hehe
  16. Sorry but I have to disagree Rubicon, it shows the person proposing the idea how much interest there will be in having the coin made. As in.. I propose having a cool coin made but dont have the ohh $1000 USD to have it made with a custom icon & track number. Well, dont have the 1000 free to have it done. So I come here, post my design idea, see theres a lot of interest so I do presales, when I get enough I have the maker start making them. Or I see there is lil or no interest in my coin so I go back tothe drawing board. Least this is what I'm thinking several of the more recent coin makers have done. People show a interest in the design so they get more details from the maker & go from there with prices & such. (shrugs) I'm still interested in them anyways, heck I just paid almost $17 USD for a out of country coin just because its part of my scandinavian heritage. I just wish the Swedish & Finnish geocachers would come up with a coin now
  17. cool idea, I'd be in for 1 or 2 depending on price & whatnot, definitely keep us posted on its status.
  18. If its a personal milage coin then it shouldnt affect anyone else. I have a personal mileage coin or two myself & I think I only let 1 person log it as discovered. Look back at the logs & see if there are any discovereds, if there are leave them alone, if they are all 'coin drops' then delete them, its your coin now. Giving a item to someone then demanding they only do certain things with them is a lil silly, unless its family. You gave that coin away, its no longer your to control. And deleting anything but discovers will erase the milage but not the icons, its just a long tedious process. I've done it but only had like 13 or so spots on it. 1 a personal coin drop & 1 a hid of mine.
  19. Good Gods I hope he labels that stuff very very well. The silver container in the upper left with the red cap would appear to a non cacher as a bomb with a plunger, promise it would get the police & bomb squad there very fast, even in the woods. Times have changed & sadly not for the good in some ways
  20. As a former postal carrier (both rural & city) I'd recommend staying away from attaching anything to a USPS box of any sort. If its a mailbox you buy & put up on your property, well, thats your property. They still havent solved the anthrax mailings of what, 5 yrs ago. There have been scares since then. Do you want to go to federal jail for putting something on a usps mail box & someone thinks you are tampering with it? Fed raps are not easy to shake & dont look good to employers or prespective employers.
  21. I thought I was going crazy, I sort of remembered ordering the HongKong coins, got them & they are nice. Now I search out this thread & see I was not crazy... I cant see if I put in my reservation on this Ozymandiasism, or what the status is... so any ideas when we might see the Dragon 3 version? And if I have a reservation in? I dont want to try & reserve again & mess ya up. Thanks Diane S
  22. Ya mean there are actually 'Understanding' women out there? OMG they must be rarer than hens teeth, or 3-eyed kittens. Ya a lucky person then, make sure you keep her happy then
  23. Could always post 'I found the area where the cache should be, couldnt find it but am logging the find anyways' Could also toss a filmcan out ya window when ya cant find the cache & say ya found it. And before anyone gets upset, I actually thought about that idea long before I came onto these forums & heard about someone who may or may not have done something like that. Course I thought about it for a moment then shook my head & decided not too as the smileys dont really mean that much to me, I just like the areas here it takes me too. I found a couple SP's I didnt know existed & like just going to them then sitting there people watching & enjoying the scenery. My cache in a local SP was awesome today in the fog, the way it rolled in & out. I wanted to go play paintball but no one was around to do so.
  24. Hey Team CDCB, thanks for the explaination of the different icon meanings. I never had figured out what they meant, I usually just scanned the cache pages because I'm on them anyways. Now I can use that knowledge to really weed out stuff. Thanks
  25. If you had enough time to find 110 caches while on yuour honeymoon that says 1 of 2 things... 1- you knew her long enough before the wedding to not worry about ahh celebrating the marriage 2- you took a extremely long honeymoon, like a month or so
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