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  1. If you set android system language to english the app turn into english also. So its automatic. We need a option within the app to select language!
  2. Yes please give us a option to select language! I stopped using the app after it turned danish. Example: "Submit as Field Note" is translated to "Send en besked" = "Send a message". But I dont even want a perfect translated app. I know the english words and dont want a translation.
  3. You must be caching in a bad area, I need all I can get.
  4. I wrote to Groundspeak and got reply: --- Thank you for getting back to us. We were able to confirm that this is in fact a bug within the favorite points system and have forwarded this to our developers. --- I can also confirm that if you write a FTF note and delete it before you log the "found it" the count will be ok.
  5. Since then, I started to post a FTF note, then a "found it" and deleted the note when the "found it" was logged. To my surprise deleting the note also "reset" the "logs until next favorite point" by one. I then just tried to post a "found it" and edit that. But to notify CO and people who had the cache on watch I posted a 2nd "found it" and deleted the 2nd again. This also reset the count. Conclution: Do not delete notes or "found it" logs at all. Else you will loss the favorite count. I think Groundspeak should fix this. When a user post a "found it", just check if a "found it" by the same user allready exists for the cache. If so show an error message or automatic change the log type to a note. Why allow dual "found it" logs anyway? If a user delete a "found it" subtract one from the FP count. If a new "found it" are logged add one to the FP count. Even if they want to allow more "found it" on one cache by one user it can be solved. If the user post a "found it" check if another "found it" by the same user allready exists for the cache. If so do not add one to FP count. If a "found it" are deleted, check if another "found it" by the same user allready exists for the cache. If so do not subtract one from the FP count. Else do.
  6. Why try to solve a D4 or 5 cache if you feel solving it is a waste of time? D4-5 are supposed to take long time to solve. (Else you are lucky or the cache are rated wrong). There are so many other easy out there you can get. I love hard puzzles and even the caches you claim "nasty and payback" I love. Yes the solution are a bit silly but you did put some greate idears into the puzzles and I had a good time trying to solve the puzzles, and learned some new tricks. People (and geocachers) are different some like hard puzzles, some climbing trees. Im sure geocaching have room for all of us if we just show respect for what other like also.
  7. I love a hard puzzle! It is so much more rewarding than solving a easy puzzle. I think geocaching would be less fun without. But one year ago I could not solve hard puzzles. I asked CO for help and some was very helpfull and I learned a lot. And have now solved more than 300. 29% of my finds are type unknown. Now one year later I get FTF om many hard D4-5 puzzels. OZ2CPU asked me about the GC1DG73 some days ago and I in less than 5 minute, I solved it. (or I think so as im on the other side of the earth unable to check my solution...). Some puzzle I work on for many hours. Some even without results. Then I might ask CO for a hint. I have also made many hard puzzles and the might seems impossible, but all can be solved with the information on the cache page. (and people do solve them with out help). This said I also belive that a cache impossible to solve without more information from CO are stupid. I would ignore such cache.
  8. Yes now that im aware of the problem I will write as note or edit the found it.
  9. This is the reason your Favorites count is off. The system does not award a point toward Favorites accrual if it sees another find log from you on that cache, whether or not that log is archived. This is to prevent people from cheating by constantly logging and deleting finds to build up points. You can write to contact@geocaching.com to ask that your missing Favorite points be manually added to your account. Thanks. I allready send a mail trough: http://support.Groundspeak.com/index.php?pg=request
  10. Because in my area it is considered polite to log first find with a "found it" as it is then removed from "unfound" lists. About events: - it seems to count: http://support.Groundspeak.com/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=287 My Favorite Points total doesn't seem to match my find count. Why? Only the first "Found it!" log (or the equivalent "smiley" log for Webcam and Event Caches) posted to the cache page counts toward your total Favorite Points; duplicate finds are not calculated. Finds on caches that you own are also not included. The result is that your Favorite Points count may be slightly less than 10% of your total geocache finds.
  11. Have you ever deleted a "Found it" log for any reason, then later logged it again? It was mentioned in a recent topic that this could lead to your favourites being "out of step". Yes I do this often. I hunt for FTF and when found I log it with a short message. When I write the full log I post it as a new "found it" to notify CO and who ever that have watch the cache. I then delete the first log. (To avoid the "This entry was edited by..." line in the log). I have also found and logged caches that was archived but still in place that I have found coincidencial. Is it possible to recalculate the points somehow?
  12. Hi My favorites section says: Logs Until Next Favorite Point: 6 Total Favorite Points: 92 But I have 1041 finds and no cache have been logged "Fount it" more than once and I do not log my own caches. It this and error or what does not count? My finds: 644 Traditional Cache 51 Multi-cache 1 Virtual Cache 7 Letterbox Hybrid 8 Event Cache 313 Unknown Cache 1 Webcam Cache 12 Earthcache 4 Wherigo Cache
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