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  1. Hiya I found this and although it has Geocaching.com and is unactivated it has Name or date. Anyone know what its details are? TY
  2. Thanks SEWdaught! At least I know the mintage but am at last realising that the mintage isnt necessarily related to value. Just what its worth to a new owner. I was surprised that a few of his few minted coins he still says are not sold out from years ago.
  3. Thanks for clearing that up. It doesent seem different from its sisters in the series and in fact the 'Limited Edition' wasn't on the coin it was printed in the standard Gregson Vaux card with it. Another random had 'Artists Edition' but again looked unremarkable. I thought I could just go to his website and look up any of the large amount of his stuff I have and get info on a piece... Wrong! It lists a handfull of coins and nothing I have sadly.
  4. I ha ve 1 coin so far with 'Limited edition' in addition to the uual info on a G Vaux card. Is it anything special? Doesent say how Limited!
  5. I was verifying the no activations on a few Gregson Vaux pieces and have done a lot but came across one with the prefix DM instead of GV and the code was not found. It has name,year, www.geocache.com then the unusual activation. Part of the 'Luna' collection. I tried variations like replace DM with GV. Is that unusual and just dump it?
  6. Actually thta right. I forgot to check the edge for geochache.com its missing. Just fooled me as it is otherwise identical to the others in the set!
  7. Yes to all the above except keeping them. I have 4, Mona, Scream, Starry, Cafe. Just need a reasonable sale.
  8. This is in the 'Job 28 God of Science' collection I have but instead of a tracking number on the side it just has a 3 digit number. I cant see it on the german site. Cheers
  9. Were from Scotland and yes we got a bit of a shock with postage. We get a lot of intrest from the US but am terrified of postage as we only ever posted coins (Currency) in the UK so was easy. I have to send to the 1.5Kg to the US and didnt know about Customs forms and eyewatering postage.
  10. Hi I attached this picture of two art works and am told they are collectible. And offered £10 for each. Both Unactivated with the Code on the back with a set of GPS coords and an artists name. Are they collectible and is that a reasonable price? I got £50 for three coin job lot that were unremarkable!. Just wondering..
  11. @kini_ont Thankyou very much! My wife's just joined the FB! As an aside, It was a huge amount to go through and I eventually got Geoblind looking at the Track codes but one thing was for sure - almost every coin was from the US. It must have cost him an arm and a leg in postage! The bag of them weighed 7.5Kg my wife thinks she counted approx 250 coins!
  12. Hi I got left a big bag of lovely coin like objects from my late dad. I just found out they were Geocache coins which I had never heard of before so looked it up and ended here and learned how to use the Tracking code and patience to check that they were all Unactivated which makes sense as my dad was a coin collector and very elderly so would have no reason to activate them. It looks like great fun but I dont drive so had planned to sell them but have a problem. A lot were in boxes with the Activation card, some in plastic wallets and bags without cards and a big pile of cards were loose presumably fell out at the bottom of the bag. The excellent activation recovery tool recovered the Activation codes for the Orphans with no cards but but then realised he had 13 off 'Time Lord' same year all different variants. Is there a photo database or something similar somewhere to match the colours to the variants? And to get information on them? Many Thanks
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