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  1. Yes, but I need help. i come here often, but Im not close enough for fast actions. And what's the urgency to having to place a cache there and now? Im leaving on monday....
  2. Yes, but I need help. i come here often, but Im not close enough for fast actions.
  3. I will place a cache in cape May, NJ in a couple of days. We live in North Jersey so we cant be there all the time. Can anyone who lives in cape May or nearby maintain it for us??? Please... this is urgent!!!
  4. I collect the trinkets I find in caches, and I was wondering what other geocachers found in their caches!
  5. I'm sorry... I didn't know it was against geocaching rules to post this stuff on forums and whatnot... thanks for replying... but I really shouldn't have dunnit... oops
  6. How can I do this as only one person.... does anyone wanna help for this monthly newsletter... or even want to subscribe??
  7. I really want to review caches but how can you become a cache reviewer... Anyone wanna help???
  8. I am getting a trackable that will be attached to a piece of clothing that I would wear out caching. How would Other geocachers be able to log that they had sen it????
  9. I want to hide a cache but to do it... I need to find the coordinates... but how can i do it on my magellan Explorist GC???
  10. WE (Mclaughlin@Maplewood) have been trying to locate "Welcome to St. John" a cache near the entry port of St. John, in the U.S.V.I. We have already been there twice and haven't found it. Are there any extra clues anyone can give us before we leave the island?
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