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  1. Finally I found a good way, I created a function to take random decision for activating my zones, I included a safety that call back the function if the zone is already activated plus a counter that stops the function when I reach the proper number of zone activated. works good!
  2. Is there an easy way.... within URWIGO to say have multiples zones and get a system to select 3 at random and activate only these 3? I am sure I can use random decision 3 times, but I may end up with 3 times the same zone activated! Any other way... I am not a programmer so I am not going to be able to do LUA! thanks, Yanick
  3. Andouille, Are you trying to have one overall storage, or one different one in each zone? If it's the same storage, make it a character that will take items and move from zone to zone when the player enters each zone. If it is one per zone, just create a bin character for each zone and store it there. You could get complicated and write a function that stores an array of what is where, but it might not play on all players. George Hi, I wanted one storage for each zone, what I finally did is I created an item called storage1, 2, 3... and using actions in the zones, I was exchanging stuff from the player to/from the player as per the player request in the actions! Thank you for your help, Andouille
  4. Do you mean something like that ? YES! Thank you very much! I will correct my work around this issue and put it just like that! It will not make a huge difference for the user, but I like better coding!
  5. What would be the urwigo version? I tried doing a compare between the playeritems and the specific items, but it did not work, I guess it might be because there is other items on the player items list. What would be the best way to do it? (For now I made my way around it by completing a task when the item is moved to the player and then check that the task is complete). Andouille
  6. Actually, I do have a question, Based on your build (I imported you LUA in URWIGO to see exactly how it was build, I am doing the following: I have one zone becoming active on start, the player has a backpack with zero meal at the start. In my active zone I have an item called a cantine From that item there is 2 command Add one meal to your pack Store one meal to the cantine If you look at the add a meal to your pack it goes like this: Now when I run this in the internal simulator: if I open my cantine I see that I have 2 actions possible, I go to actions, I select take a meal (prendre un repas)I end up with this screen: I just can't figure out why and how I can remove it. it appears on both commands and whatever if there is something wrong in the quantities, the message will be shown only after I click the (Cantine du campement de base" button which is in fact my item! Any idea??? Thank you, Andouille EDIT: I FOUND!!! I had targeted my zone in my itemm's task instead of leaving the at NONE! thanks!
  7. THANK YOU!!!!!! You saved my life... or at least you saved my Wherigo I was under the impression items could have quantity, looking at your demo made me realize I need to make the player believe it is the case when in fact it is a variable hidden under the item! thank you thank you thank you!!! Andouille
  8. Hi everyone, I would like to create in each of my zone, a "storage" where the player can take/leave objects, what is the best way to do it? create the storage in each zone as a "character" and have the player interact with that "character"? Any other ideas? Thank you abd keep those Wherigo coming I like it a lot! Andouille
  9. Ok I just found out... I had not actually paid attention to the player menu!!! Wow this thing is getting more fun! I'll probably mess something up down the road, but I'm having fun! Thanks a lot for your help! Andouille
  10. Me again! I have been able to create an input to fullfill a variable playername and then using the concatenat I have been able to usie it in a text with success! What I have NOT been able to do, is to use the Player.Name Variable I can't drag it if I do not set it, but if I create it then it take whatever setting I gave it! If there is no way its fine I'll just always use the player's input, but I was curious! Andouille P.S: Expect more question from me, I finished a nice easy cache yesterday, but my next project is going to be much more complex!
  11. I will try that tonight, I might have more question about it, but let me test it first! Thank you for your help! Andouille
  12. HI, I am building a first Wherigo, currently using Urwigo and although I have been able to manage to find a way to do everything I wanted to do up to now, well I would like to know how to implement the variable in my text using that builder... do I need to use usercode? I don't mind using just Player.Name for now if its easier, I just think it makes the game more personalized that way! Thanks! Andouille
  13. if you mean cache logs, try this: blah blah blah [red]this text will be red[/red] blah blah blah Yes thats exactly what I wanted! thank you!!!
  14. Hi, I know we can use bbcode for links and stuff for our logs, but how do we change the text color???
  15. 1- Participating- yeppers! 2- received name- still trying to get a particular coin if I dont have it by the enfd of the week then I go to plan B! 3- mission complete....not yet 4- package received- YES and it was an awesome package!!! Thank you very much!!!
  16. 1. Participating= YES 2. Received Name: RECEIVED 3. Mission Complete: Will be shipped shortly hopefully! 4. Package Received!
  17. I,ll send you an email a bit later thanks!
  18. ah cool if it use ubb I,ll be fine! just have to re-write my 18 logs tomorrow morning! now I'm off to bed! Hope to meet you again soon by the way, I'll have to hit the other side of the border at least once before the end of the summer! thanks again! Andouille
  19. Hi, I just want to know how to put a link from one of my logs to a cache page, I tried basic HTML but it just get erased is there another system like bb code or am i missing something? thanks, Andouille
  20. Invoice received and paid... In fact I received 2 invoice, one was cheaper by 0.50$ so I paid the highest! Now for the wait!
  21. The first contest that I might not be too late to be part of!!! hope to be lucky!
  22. I dont even have an entry and I find the waiting pretty awfull!! Now I'm just thinking about all the people that will have the warning saying someone posted in this thread and will be stressed out thinking that the winner has been announced! Congrats to all that sent an entry there are some really really nice pictures
  23. No problems - I totally understand. It's just funny for anyone to know they are in a group labelled "foreign". Ok. Ok. How about non-USA addresses Sorry, I didn't mean to label anyone and I hope I didn't offend anyone. I was thinking in terms of postage -- domestic and foreign I rather be on a foreign list then not be on the list lol!!! no offending me here! You do as yu think works the best!
  24. If its just that i can wait... at least a bit!
  25. Still no invoice here! just want to make sure its normal!
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