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  1. Pappasky - thanks for the update - it's quite sad because GN is a dadgum good piece of software and still recommended but people are really purchasing a kipper if the field notes dont work - pretty useless. I'm the same as you - relied on it totally and while CacheSense is good, it's not as good as Geocache Navigator for simplicity. I tend to use Navigator and CacheSense together unless I've got my GPS with me. Take care! Leigh.
  2. Is Geocache Navigator still not uploading Field Notes? Can someone confirm either way as I'm ready to go out caching soon and don't want to spend all day caching to get home and find nothing uploaded. Hardly seems worth using if that's the case now.....will probably use CacheSense as an alternative. Leigh....
  3. Thanks - I have emailed them twice but with no reply coming back. Think a phonecall may be the order of the day.
  4. WANTED: replacement parts for a Garmin Legend HCX! Basically my Menu button has failed and works intermittently which is a bit useless. I'm looking for either a donor Garmin I can take the buttons from or, by sheer chance, anyone who has some spare buttons maybe from doing a similar repair. Can pay any postage costs, etc, via paypal. All offers of help via main site message or here please. Thanks Leigh, Hanleycachers
  5. WANTED: replacement parts for a Garmin Legend HCX! Basically my Menu button has failed and works intermittently which is a bit useless. I'm looking for either a donor Garmin I can take the buttons from or, by sheer chance, anyone who has some spare buttons maybe from doing a similar repair. All offers of help via main site message or here please. Thanks Leigh, Hanleycachers.
  6. Hi everyone - we plan to walk some of the Monsal trail and will be camping nearby during the first weekend of the school summer holidays. Has anyone walked and 'cached it at the same time? Any recommendations of 'caches to find? Some parts better than others? I've read the website about it but, as a keen geocacher and often rely on the advice of others, I'm throwing it open to you guys for advice of which parts to concentrate, where to start, etc? (One website being http://www.peakdistrictinformation.com/visits/monsaltrail.php) There will be three of the 'hanleycachers' crew walking - me, wife Dawn and daughter Lucy. Thanks in advance. Leigh....
  7. We contributed to a local website a year or so back: http://socialstoke.wordpress.com/2010/08/26/a-new-way-of-exploring-stoke-on-trent/ - hope it helps! Leigh....
  8. For 'in-town' caching, I carry GPS or phone and pen. But...... Recently changed my bag (rucksack) to a Hi Gear Solace 25 Daypack (from Go Outdoors) - a really good 2 section sack that has a large compartment for things you'll not need all of the time and a smaller zip-down front compartment for things you're going to take out frequently for both geocaching and walking (the two go together don't you think!) I found I carry (in no order of importance): LED torch. Smaller LED torch. Biro Pens. Thin Marker Pens (CD pens from Poundland!) Small Multitool Knife. Tweezers. First Aid Kit. Pocket Tissues. Wipes. Spare Bootlaces. Swappable items/Coins/Bugs. Replacement Geocaches (film can, tube, magnetic nano, etc). Matches. Hat. Thin teatowel. Thick socks (useable as mittens!) Serviettes (looks better than a bogroll!) Various zip lock bags. Nappy bag. (Do human-bears .... in the woods?) Nibbles. Small roll black insulation tape. Pencils. Thin snap-off Stanley Knife. GPS (Garmin HCx Legend) Paper/Notepad. 500Ml water. Foldable cup. KFS set. Small Flask of coffee. Lunch. Poncho. 2 x luminous snap-strap things are fastened on, along with pieces of cord, lace, ribbon, etc. My phone (BlackBerry 9900) also has Geocache Navigator and Cachesense on it. Sometimes I carry: Small cookpan. Gas Stove with metal cowl. Tin of soup or similar 'canned meal'. More waterproofs. The wife's purse and mobile. Everything has been selected for weight and I'm forever adding/removing stuff - I find the Poundshops are great for oddments and I find if I don't use something, it comes out after a while. The stuff I take may seem excessive but, as I wrote above, the rucksack doubles up as my walking/outdoor bag as I work in education and often find, because I'm considered an "outdoorsy person as people know I 'cache and walk", I'm chosen to go out so having everything to hand is useful as I can be asked to go at the last minute. Leigh.....
  9. We are of a similar train of thought - we try and keep track of what appears locally and do the 'caches as soon as we can. Same goes for placing them - we pretty much have covered our nearby city centre (Hanley in Stoke on Trent) with enough to keep your average 'cacher busy for a few hours including one in muggle-central in the centre of town that causes amusement. Just enjoy caching, finding and placing. Leigh, Hanleycacher.
  10. Hi Everyone. The lowest left hand button (Menu?) on my HCx has stopped working. I've seen instructions on how to get inside my HCx and I'm competent enough to repair it - just wonder if anyone else has had to do this? Any tips/hints - not sure if the button (internally) has failed or just needs cleaning - I know this is a much used button but I've not given my GPS much use before the failure. All advice, etc, appreciated. Leigh Hanleycachers.
  11. One main question, never mind it being marked 'Inappropriate' is - do the Police actually know what Geocaching is? You have to ask yourself - their job is to observe and investigate anything suspicious and probably view geocaching as a nuisance, hence some requests by forces and councils not to place caches in certain areas of the country. What do you think an officer sees when we are out geocaching - someone with either a mobile phone or handheld GPS, looking and putting their hands into places seeking a cache, looking inside bushes, in trees, inside holes in walls etc - all very odd looking compared to what ordinary members of the public do. But - the next question is - how do we spread the word of 'geocaching is just harmless fun' to all forces throughout the UK - because this could also stir up a hornets next of "do we want this happening in our area?" and then more and more problems. I've spoken to my Community Officer at a Residents Forum and he knows what it is and just says "we turn a blind eye to it as long as it doesn't cause a problem", especially as he knows I've got loads of caches spread throughout the area he patrols. Does anyone else have any info or comments from their local force about geocaching - I'd be interested to hear them and have them shared for others. Leigh. Stoke on Trent.
  12. I went out and completed my caching at Keele University, finding all but one of the 'traditionals'. Absolutely loved 4 hours of peace on a very quiet University campus and spoke to just one person who I knew from when I used to work there who was just as suprised to see me as it was a pleasure to see him. Found 15 caches in total. Leigh.
  13. Thanks for all the info - plenty to consider if we ever upgrade though what we use now seems more than effective as well as popular choices for paperless. Leigh
  14. Hiya people. Just gone over the 100 find milestone (small I know compared to some but good for us!) and wondering what UK cachers actually use to find their caches in the way of hardware and software? We have settled on the following: My Blackberry Bold - using Geocache Navigator which is handy for 'caching anywhere' as long as I get network coverage. I also use CacheSense which I use along our Garmin which is great as it holds all cache info where I fail to get network coverage. GPS - read a few reviews and settled for the Garmin eTrex Legend HCx GPS, complete with TalkyToaster's fantastic maps onboard. We usually give the GPS to our daughter Lucy and wait for the beep to tell us we are near GZ - the GPS is actually called "Beep the GPS"! Software: I didn't get on with GSAK - but found EasyGPS is ok as it talks to the Garmin despite having no map built in. I have a file of local caches conjured up on the site each Sunday and update as and when required. Also do the same for holiday destinations so I can put them into the Garmin while away. Overall, this all works for us - I guess people do things their own ways - and we are as good as paperless - even trail lists go into the memopad on my BlackBerry now. The only other hardware we have is our 'geo-bag' which is always packed and ready for the off. What that contains could have it's own post on here I guess. Anyone using anything different or have any suggestions to try? Take care. Leigh, Hanleycachers.
  15. I'm another one of the Stoke on Trent caching clan - seems plenty of us and people looking after each others caches which I think is the polite thing to do if you find one trashed or damaged but rescueable (i.e. container broken, contents on the floor, etc). Maybe catch you out and about sometime.... Take care. Leigh....
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