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  1. Great replies here, and it shows my "old timer" methodology. When PQ's were first started it was one per day. Apparently it's now 10/day, but I hadn't clued into that. I was just running a max of one per day. Now I'll have to look for this search tool MartyBarfast (do you sign MBF?)is talking about. Hopefully I can ilter by cache size as well as D/T rating.
  2. Me too. Just got my D5 and about to try the earthcache, but I hope it's not a waste of time. I was pretty sure today (Sep 2) was the last day. I'm bummed I also found both a D5 and T5 and was not awarded the souvenir, yet I attended an event today and when I logged it I got that souvenir Try editing your find and change the date back a few days. This seems to "unfreeze" the D5/T5 glitch. Once you get your suvie, re-edit the log to the proper date (2 Sep 15). That worked for me.
  3. I'd have to agree with the OP. I would like some extra filters added to the Map page. How hard can that be? There are already filters by type, but I would like to filter out all micros. Yes, I do know I can individually "ignore them", and I frequently do, but it is time intensive. And yes I do know I can run a PQ with the filter set and bring up the map. I would like the feature because of the following: a. I travel around a fair bit; and b. I often sit down and look at multiple areas in one sitting. I do so by moving the map and seeing what caches are in that area. Having those I dont want to see filtered it would be very nice, as I can only do one PQ per day. What would be really nice is pre-set filters in my profile. That way it would always be set no matter what I’m doing; be it the App, the Map, or PQ’s, my preferences would be set.
  4. 60 KM over 4 days is my longest hike for 1 cache. GCY5Q7 http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=430e1347-0731-4e7b-bf0a-f43cf974725d If it wasn't for this cache being placed there, I wouldn't have even thought of tackling something like this. Seeing that someone else could place it meant that I could find it. Best caching experience to date for me.
  5. Isn't that a contradiction? On one hand you seem to be suggesting that cachers imposing their will upon others is bad. On the other hand you seem to be expressing disappointment that Groundspeak took steps which prevented cachers from imposing their will upon others. Maybe I need a nap. I think what's implied is that the ban by GS is a Global ban. Now no one will be able to look for an ALR, even if they wanted to. On the other hand, if you didn't want to do an ALR, the vast majority (99%?) of other caches weren't ALRs, so there were lots of other options. Ban by GS = No option at all for anyone to undertake this type of fun...and yes, I know, other types of fun exist. ALR = Give it a pass if you want. Some of my favourite caches were ALR's. All of the worst caches I've done are the ones that, from what I'm reading, seem to be the favoured cache types (the ones not being recommended as "banned"). I think you can see by the follow on posts indicating a desire to ban Multi's, Earth caches etc. that, in fact, pretty much everything other than a basic 1.5/1.5 goto annoys a very vocal bunch of cachers. Are these the majority? I don't know. Anyway, enough from me. I've a life to get on with. I'm back to being a occasional lurker and an infrequent poster. (or is than "im"poster )
  6. One can only hope. May I ask why? There's lots around me that I haven't done, and may never do. No big deal. I rarely post in the forum's but this one is annoying, especially the whining by those who want to force everyone else to do things their way. I'm disappointed about the ALR decision. Just one more disappointment in life. So, now that I have to archive my cache (I only have one out of 22 caches that's an ALR), I'm thinking I should delete all the finds on it, then archive the cache. This way we can pretend evil ALR's never existed. As well, all those who couldn't do my ALR cache due to the ALR requirement (all you had to do was state in your "found it" log who your favorite character on Gilligan's island was) will no longer be disadvantaged in the numbers race. After that, it looks like I'll need to trade in my ammo cans for 35 mm film canisters. Looking at all these posts, it seems the greater number of cachers are urban cachers looking for easy drive bys. I guess I can accommodate that easily enough. Pretty boring, but if that's what floats your boat....
  7. Long Point.....First, some background. About 1980, my father, brother, and I attempted a sail to long point in out Snipe (16ft boat). We were dismasted and were towed back to the boat ramp at Turkey Point (I think that's where it was). My father, in subsequent years, attempted to walk to the end of the point but never made it. It was one of those obsessions with him. In the summer of 2007 he launched the sailboat he had been building for 23 years! I was going to head out that summer and sail the boat with him to Long Point but postponed it until summer 2008. That was one of my biggest regrets, as he passed away suddenly in May 2008. This summer in August, once I'm finished sailing to the Queen Charlotte's, I'll be flying back to Ontario and sailing his boat to Long Point to scatter his ashes. I'll probably spend some time cruising around the area, so if you haven't completed it by then, I'll PM you with a plan. I, too, will do this cache while there.
  8. This looks like fun. I'll pencil it in, but I'll need to convince my wife since I'll already be away for the previous 3 weekends and the following 2. It'll be tight, since I'll be returning from a week offshore on the 15th! Maybe we can get a convoy from the island to head over.
  9. There is a "pro" offshoot" of Geocaching (actually, the sponsors of the game indicate the contests are pre-geocaching) but after expenses, we usually end up in the red. The prizes do help cover costs. Here's the link to the current series being worked on. http://vigps.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=924 These contests are not associated with geocaching and therefore step outside the guidlines (things like buried bars on beaches, etc.).
  10. As with most guys, the horse part is my wife's passion that I ride along with (pardon the pun). I've placed some caches while out on horse back, but haven't yet found any. While out caching I usually discover new equi-friendly trails, to which we often return with the horses. You can check my "Giddy Up!" cache GC15VCM if you want to see pics of our horses while out at the cache site.
  11. ickster

    Visiting BC

    I've publicly bookmarked a few of what I consider the best caches on the South part of Vancouver Island. I think you may view it through accessing my profile. There are only about 5 on there, as I was pretty selective.
  12. As LS said. What is a "must do" for you? Every one is different. Are multi's off the list? Are you a hiker, or do you prefer a numbers run? How about hills (we have some big ones here)? Some people have knee's that "speak" going uphill for long periods. Are history related caches your "thing"? , etc. So many variables, which is what makes this hobby appealing! PS: Make sure you bring wet weather gear! It's amazing how wet you get here, even when it's not raining.
  13. Most terrain recently I would rate as 3.5 (I hope the TEAM isn't reading this, or they may make our life more difficult in the future ). Difficulty is definitely up there - "find a point along a line where, 10.4 km away you can see a house and as further reference, you can see a white rock 3.1km away and 120m lower" being one of my favourites. The other tough part of the contests is the shear magnitude of most of them. For the tougher terrain contests, you have to go back a couple of years. They had some contests with stages requiring scuba gear. The most difficult thing recently has been finding "moonbombs" buried (remember, this is not a GS endorsed activity!) well below the high tide line in sandy beaches. Great fun
  14. "The TEAM", as TEAM KFWB GPS is now known as, is still active in BC and some states (Utah, Oregon, etc). They still put out contests with great prizes. http://vigps.com/phpBB2/viewforum.php?f=3&...b5a4ec8c91a0435 is where you can find past and current contests. The photo's at the VIGPS.com site are also great! We truly are lucky to have THE TEAM in our part of the world. We don't get "smilies" for TEAM caches anymore, but that's totally irrelevant Note: edit for spelling
  15. The route you are referring to is very passable by campers. The unpaved portion of the road is actually in better shape than much of the paved sections! The Vancouver Island Forums at VIGPS.com would be the best place to field questions about the Island.
  16. Here's one from BC. The logs from Oct 04 record the romantic event that unfolded. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...=y&decrypt=
  17. It's both sport and hobby. I call it a "Spobby"
  18. This link has some good pictures. It also has some info on a tick "puller" that is purported to be available. http://www.vigps.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?...=ticks&start=20 Ignore the title of the original post, as the discussion quickly evolved into a "tick - talk"
  19. Has someone lost an eye yet? Only then is it a sport.
  20. As the Guinness Beer Irish guys would say: "Brilliant" I would be interested in this.
  21. The new chip is what is attracting me. I've been waiting for the "next generation" and it appears to be here. In BC, I am always in moisture laden air under dense tree cover From what your saying PhntmArcher, there are a few issues similiar to both new 60 and 76 "x" series: alarm clock, low tonal for alerts, alert time, and storing WP's on the memory card. Are any of the more serious issues apparent? Namely: a. Power downs with lithium batteries; b. Unexplained power downs; and c. Significant "wandering" even when at rest. As you can imagine, moving up from ol'yeller will be a step in the right direction, but I would like to have the least amount of problems when I take the plunge.
  22. I'm on the cusp of upgrading from my year 2000 Yellow Etrex and have been lurking and watching the 60 CX ans 60 CSX observations forums. It seems that there are some significant issues surrounding these units and I am wondering if these problems are also inherent in the 76 CX and 76 CSX. The lack of comments on the 76x series looks promising, but it may be that there are just fewer users. Can anyone provide some feedback on 76CS/CSX issues?
  23. I am seriously considering upgrading my year 2000 yellow etrex. The local museum has asked that I donate it. As a result, I am in the final throes of deciding between the 60 CX or 76CX. Reading these posts, I ask: Does the 76CX have the same issues listed above? If the answer is "no", I think my mind will be made up!
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