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  1. Dont forget the worst team year to year in the NHL. With the longest streak of not winning the Stanley Cup! I give you ..the one the only: Chicago Blackhawks
  2. In some of the caches I have visited I come across laminated calling cards left by previous cachers. And I think these are a cool idea. I plan on making my own very soon. So the question begs. Are they left for the cache owner or are they meant to be collected along the way. My thinking is that they are meant go to the cache owner as a "thanks for the cache" kind of reward... Your thoughts please.
  3. OMG. Maybe I'll walk off a cliff on my next Cache hunt. Thank you !!
  4. Well then what am I missing...Mine are set to run today and tomorrow on the second screen. They have been set since 06:00am (PST) and they still say "NEVER" No Email ...nothing !! Somebody fill me in here PLEASE Hailmars
  5. Same deal here. I set up my first PQ, and ran it. I get a preview page, but when I view my PQ's they just show "Never" in the last run collum. No Email ..nothing. How long does one usually need to wait for them ot run the first time? TFTH Hailmars
  6. "Hailmars" comes from a TV show on HBO about a decade ago. The show was a Sci Fi / Horror series that featured a different story each week. The phrase "Hailmars" was a greeting given by Martians that were an advance scout for the "Invasion" on Halloween ..you know the story. They would give a roman style salute along with this greeting. The nickname got stuck to me because the week after this episode aired a group of friends and I went to Columbus Ohio to hear General Robin Olds speak about his WW2 and Vietnam War exploits at the US Air Force Museum. Well as we roved around the displays (it is a very LARGE building) we would greet each other in this manor. Well by the time the General was set to speak we observed his Honor guard of no less than four USAF blue beret Air Commandos greeting each other with the same salute. Needless to say that made quite an impression on everyone in the area having known just where this activity had started in the first place !! FWIW Hailmars !!!
  7. Does being a Charter Member give you the right to complain about "another lame micro " ? Just asking.
  8. Thanks for the info !! LOVE the coins BTW. They look great !
  9. Recieved mine today and activated it . Is this coin supposed to have a special Icon ??
  10. Got my two today, simply stunning. Cant say enough, Even the wife who just rolls her eyes thought they were outstanding.
  11. 1 Thorny Gold 1 Thorny Silver 1 CITO The pictures of the Thorny coin in no way do this coin justice. Simply stunning !!
  12. Where do I get the activation code for this coin???
  13. 1 English Egg 2 Phone A friend 1 Nicolo Love coin
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