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  1. I agree with the e-mail. I recently had a bug that was in a race and the owner e-mailed me with a request to put it in a more frequently visited cache. I took it to an event and found a cacher that could move it to where it needed to go next. The owner was most pleased.

  2. Here is my Jeep Travel bug climbing Mt Rushmore. This is the ULTIMATE PIC! I rode my motorcycle 1,800 miles to get this picture!!! VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!! I discovered Courtney Hansen at Mt Rushmore shooting her new TV show "Destination Wild" so I got her to pose with my travel bug. You got to see these two pics !!!! Her entire film crew was driving new Jeeps!


    Courtney Hansen



    Jeep climbing Mt Rushmore



    I so need a real GPS! Please VOTE FOR MY PICTURES!!!!!


    Thank you for your support.

    why did you take picture showing the jeep's #?
  3. I had a member only cache and a peer e-mailed me that he had taken some new cachers with him and they were disapointed that they could not log a find. I changed it, they logged and are now very much into caching and became premium members eventially.

  4. the loops are great and the hotel you picked is right in the center of Philly and close to the loops. You are also close to train terminals and could do suburb loops including one in Lansdowne which has my caches. ontact me on monday or friday and if i'm free maybe we could get togeter. I have not seen any that are in risky neighborhoods. Also contact sepag they love to help.

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