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  1. I have done that in the past and will continue when I can obtain film containers but they are getting harder to find as people switch to digital. southeast Pa.
  2. How about 2 cachers sitting in the dark with caption,"I thought you waypointed the car".
  3. Nobody mentioned the magnets in a microwave oven. Those babies are really powerful. I use them to hold some fairly big caches.
  4. is there a record for most time before a cache was found?
  5. No string but check out "my/house/is/locked" (gcqw5r) it has been a lot of fun.
  6. congrats, find three and you're hooked.
  7. My favorite is my 2006 cam (cache across Maryland) because to get it I had to find 10 caches in Maryland and had to travel 1800 miles, finding 2 in the dark, not to mention the great picnic at the end.
  8. I agree with the e-mail. I recently had a bug that was in a race and the owner e-mailed me with a request to put it in a more frequently visited cache. I took it to an event and found a cacher that could move it to where it needed to go next. The owner was most pleased.
  9. Saw one near the Pinnicle sunning but that was before I geocached so I'm not sure how close to cache it was.
  10. I enjoy my hides as much as the finds and wish more cachers would seek them as I try to make them challenging and interesting, I try to avoid micros and stick with small or standard sizes. I do enjoy reading the logs which are also interesting.
  11. 35mm film canisters with plastic cito bags inside, super balls, batteries. ping pong balls. hot wheel cars, and use your imageination. One cache theme was take a joke/leave a joke and log the joke.
  13. I sometimes will retrurn to a cache if I think I can help move a bug in the direction the owner has specified. I have also gone to a cache I have found to get a jeep but I will trade for another jeep so one remaines in a cache.
  14. why did you take picture showing the jeep's #?
  15. I had a member only cache and a peer e-mailed me that he had taken some new cachers with him and they were disapointed that they could not log a find. I changed it, they logged and are now very much into caching and became premium members eventially.
  16. it may be planter facyitus which can be relieved by standing about three ft from a wall and placing hands on wall put sore foot back and place weight on toes of foot which stretches tendons and provides relief. Usually pf is worse in am after sleeping because tendons tighten at night while you sleep.
  17. if you pull up google maps they place flags beside caches you have found or own
  18. to me each cache has fond memories and has it's own significace. let's just keep caching. I know cc has a significant # of hides, so does she win?
  19. I post dnf's so that the owner will know whether it is missing, or needs follow up, which was the case recently on a 5 stage that had the 1st stage muggeled.
  20. the loops are great and the hotel you picked is right in the center of Philly and close to the loops. You are also close to train terminals and could do suburb loops including one in Lansdowne which has my caches. ontact me on monday or friday and if i'm free maybe we could get togeter. I have not seen any that are in risky neighborhoods. Also contact sepag they love to help.
  21. 68 yesterday and trying to get grandkids into it.14,12,3 and 1.
  22. here is a winner, wt. jeep "pablo mac" tbk7va,115,235. don't often see that.
  23. you're going to put the Captain's shoes where?
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