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  1. Thanks for the help. Have downloaded filebrowser and am playing with trying to connect through a card reader hub. Not working so far.
  2. We use a Magellan explorist GC and have tried to download PQs directly from the ipad but it just does not work. Can any one help?
  3. One of our TBs went missing in 2007. I placed it in "unknown location". I have a replacement for the original. How do I take the TB out of unknown location and rectivate it using the copy tag? Any ideas?
  4. Lovejoy Many thanks for your help and your time. We have definitely got the maps back and hopefiully we can drop the TBs off. Really appreciate the help, did not want to exist only on internet explorer instead of firefox! Many many thanks WMPs
  5. Hi Thanks for the info. Yes I am using Mozilla and am not good at computer tweeking. I would welcome more info. Wont be back on line for 36 hours ( Thursday pm) Hi, Don't know which browser you are using but I'll take odds on the fact it's a browser problem and not a website problem. Try deleting your browser cache and then delete all your gc.com cookies (except for your username and password cookies). The shut down and restart your browser. If you are using firefox and need to know more about how to do this get back to me and I will talk you through it. Any other browser and you might need someone else to help as I am only familiar with Firefox these days. Hope that helps a bit Cheers Lovejoy
  6. Can anyone help? For the last week I have been unable to pull up geocaching.com maps and now I cannot drop TBs off. Any ideas?
  7. Of our 8 trackables, one went to USA and died, one did not survive a newby visiting the original cache that it was placed in, four have gone missing and 2 are still moving around. The four which have gone missing can all be tracked back to people who have only visited a few caches. I dont think newbies know what to do with trackables that is why it is so important to attach instructions to them. We are reluctant to send any more out to their doom.
  8. We have had our CSx for 18 months and it has been great until last week when we were geocaching with our son. The CSx was as much as 100 metres out at every cache. We are not electronically minded and would be glad if anyone out there has any suggestions. Also we cannot access the NEW LOCATION when you enter the MENU from the satellite page. Help Please!!
  9. We found a geocoin which appears not to be activated. Tried everything we can to identify the owner, but to no avail. Can we claim the coin and activate it. We do not have an acttivation code. Is there a way to get round this?
  10. No you are not....... I have a Megellan SporTrak Pro We have a Magellan Blazer 2. At least 10 years old. Looks and feels like a brick. Does not like satellites and we cant wait to upgrade. Having said all that, we have managed to geocache with it for over a year but we rely heavily on the map and compass.
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