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  1. My near miss after finding Triad 1 of 3 My log, dated 1/25/2009 I headed out to this one after finding Triad 3 of 3. I thought I found a good place to cross the creek, come to find out it wasn’t that good and I got a little water in my boots. I found the Cache after a brief search. Looks like critters have been chewing on this but it’s still in good shape. I signed the log and headed back to my vehicle. I encountered the creek at a different location. I spotted a tree that had fallen across the creek and the ice appeared to be thick and solid under it. I headed down, grabbing the branches of the fallen tree as I gingerly crossed the creek.. when.. all of the sudden, CRACK! - SPLASH! Yes, the ice broke and the branch that I was holding onto broke too. I was now in water up to my chest! I felt the current pushing me as if it wanted me to go under the ice and take me down the creek. I don’t think so! I used my tripod and smashed the ice that was in between me and the shoreline. I managed to shimmy up to the shore line and pull myself up out of this icy mess. I poured some of the water out of my boots and made the decision to go over to the Hwy 58 and seek assistance. A nice couple pulled over. I explained what happened and they took me back to my vehicle (I’m so glad I live in Iowa). They just wanted to know how I got over “that fence”? I said “I don’t know, I just knew I needed to”. I got back to my vehicle, got naked and dried off. I put on some dry socks and some of the spare clothes that I keep in the truck. Turned the heater on high and warmed up a little. Glad to report, no damage! I thought I’d at least suffer some frost-bite. I’m glad that I swallowed my pride a bit and asked for help rather than trying to make it back to my vehicle! Thank You Iowa Tom for the adventure and my new respect for what appears to be solid ice!
  2. To date, I have posted 4,017 pictures. I make it a point to take a picture of me for every Cache that I find. I have found that it is NOT the picture size that is important but the file size of the picture. Through the year I have discovered that a picture (file) size of 1.88 KB will not be auto-resized". A picture (file) size that is greater than 1.88 KB will be auto-resized and look smaller and distorted.
  3. I think my coldest day out Caching was on 15 January 2009. It was -35°F, with the wind it was about -50°F The Cache was "Spirit of the Woods" (GC1KP9P) located in Central City, IA A fun little two stage multi
  4. Thanks BlueDeuce!!! My "Talk to me" is a bit different. It appears to be a "Bird House" - NOT! The structure is made from 3/8" plexi-glass. The "Speach Recognition" portion of this is something very unique. All that is required is, you find the Cache (easy) and say "SuperGoober". The door on the front of the "Bird House" flops open to reveal the Cache! Here are a couple cool video's of people that have found this Cache: - - - The *special* part to this is this IS a LOW maintenance High-Tech Cache.
  5. I sent an E-mail to Groundspeak a while ago stating that I think it would be fun to incorporate a New Cache Type for Cache’s that required “sound”. I was told that I should post this request on the Forums. This would mean that you would have to hear (or) say something to gain access to the Cache. The example that I gave was my “Talk to me” Cache. (That utilizes speech recognition to gain access to the Cache) There are other GREAT Cache’s that require listening to or saying some kind of “sound”: Captain Crunch Morse Code Just thought this would be a fun (and unique) Cache Type. Please be gentle, this is my 1st post on the Groundspeak Forums
  6. Pocket Queries! I need them NOW My Account is valid. Is there somone I can call to get this fixed???
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    I've wondered about this too. Do you know where I can purchase a "USA Geo-Coin"? Is this something like the "Jeep" TB's? Regards, - Supergoober
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