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  1. BTW, I found it legitimately. I hope all of those that might think I was serious understand that :-) Eat your heart out Jeff :-)
  2. That right there is Ireland. I have a similar picture. I might have to try my hand at Photoshop ;-)
  3. An opportunity to post pictures of yourself is never wasted. Love that ladder.. I had one in my shopping cart just yesterday but then couldn't pull the trigger on the $350. :-(
  4. I know exactly what reviewers go through, the sacrifices that they make, and the general ungratefulness that they tolerate. My advice is avoid trying to become a reviewer at all costs.
  5. Good grief. It was humor. Please go about your business.
  6. I thought of a way for you to solve your problem.. just log a DNF on every first visit. Then the next time you visit log a Found It if you found it. ;-)
  7. A waste for sure. But I'll need to see your scientific credentials for the other part.
  8. I never audit or delete logs.. unless I am provided evidence to perform such an act. Then I do it without hesitation.
  9. No, I suspect it violates some code of conduct policy somewhere. If you were caught with soiled hands then perhaps plan ahead next time. ;-)
  10. When it comes down to it, some things just do not need to be studied. This is one of those things, in my opinion.
  11. I see you've recently found caches in Closed Minnesota parks. So the mud isn't limited to the reviewer and Groundspeak.
  12. The fascinating thing is, if you start a new thread about an old topic you get bashed for starting a new thread. Then, you find and old topic and bump it you get bashed for that too. The history here is documented and speaks for itself. Even so, there's a high likelihood I'll be bashed for even mentioning the catch 22.
  13. Might be a good time for Virtual Reward 3.0, Virtual Reward 4.0 and Virtual Reward 5.0.
  14. A bit of a frenzied and exaggerated response, don't you think? Suggesting online gathering might affect bandwidth somehow equates to ALL ONLINE TOOLS.. good grief get a grip.
  15. It's like picking up a penny. They all add up.
  16. This. And if the properly posted closed sign isn't going to stop geocachers do you (the collective) really think Groundspeak is going to have any effect?
  17. And tying up bandwidth for those working remotely doing what could be an important job in the fight against the invisible enemy.
  18. That has never worked for me.. in Earwigo.net
  19. Thank God all of the bragging about country hopping will slow for a while. ;-)
  20. If cache visits are declining then what is the point in disabling them. Seems like a problem already taking care of itself.
  21. I am wondering if this is by design or a bug in the WhereYouGo player. My zone events fire perfectly on all platforms, Android, Apple and emulator.. until you're on a smartphone and the WhereYouGo app is NOT in the foreground. When you put WhereYouGo to the background zone events do not fire. And I've confirmed that all of my timer event ARE firing in the background. In WhereYouGo, the "Disable when Hidden" setting is UNCHECKED.
  22. TOTTs Not TOTTs in my opinion
  23. AltText seemed to do the job. Odd that the Description property seems to me more important but not working. Not helpful. You have no idea what events lead up to my function.
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