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  1. I don't know what others do outside of the Twin Cities but I know here that everyone that has claim on a significant streak has for sure cheated. What's funny is that the local cacher that has cheated the most even had an event to honor himself and his "streak". Now, I would never claim that I am 100% pure. But one thing is for sure, I can never imagine having an event to honor myself over what amounts to a lie.
  2. I am not invalidating your opinion. With 13,000 posts here we all know you have one. But everything after the first comma in your sentence was not necessary. Your geocaching preference is not germane to the topic at hand.
  3. Now if I can figure out how to solve them. My Spanish is very rusty. There's only ONE remaining cache in Toledo that I've found that hasn't been archived so when the world opens back up I'll have to schedule an adventure.
  4. Circumvent cheating (as much as possible) by forcing a question to user that can ONLY be answered while in the woods and not online. Use that answer in an algorithm that then generates the solution to the cache instead of having embedded coordinates in the cartridge.
  5. I just checked this out. If true, dang.. The cancel culture will destroy humanity eventually. But that's just my lowly opinion.
  6. I have no quarrel with my local reviewer and in fact respect the thankless job that he does. He does it well. But he's published his own caches for years and years.. and isn't anonymous. I always thought it was a serious conflict of interest but have never been so filled with angst about it that I felt a need to question it out loud.
  7. Your eyeroll doesn't intimidate me. Of course disabling a cache won't stop some. But if a cache is legally unavailable then it should still be disabled.
  8. I found that one. I personally think it's over-rated but then we all have our own way of interpreting ratings so who am I to judge. I believe the CHS is a good idea that just needs more work.
  9. nonsense. The CHS should be tweaked to reflect a closer reality.
  10. And if the cache isn't legally accessible then it should be disabled, in my opinion.
  11. This is awesome. I hope it's a sign that Groundspeak will start taking the idea of Wherigo seriously again.
  12. Official Groundspeak iPhone Wherigo app? I thought player spstanley wrote the Wherigo app for iPhone?
  13. Your expectations are your problem and nobody else's. You couldn't win with the "conflict of interest" idea so now you're micromanaging someone else's cache. Do you REALLY need help to find the best parking spot with 14 years of experience?
  14. What's even funnier is that you felt compelled to reply. You might need to geocache (or Adventure Lab) more often.
  15. Good God, some of you need to actually spend more time geocaching.. or Adventure Labbing.
  16. It also affects caches that have dynamically built images. I love you Groundspeak but at the risk of getting in trouble, this change seriously stinks and needs to be reconsidered. Or find a way around dynamic images.
  17. Why bother. There will always be a segment of the population that will want everything for nothing.That thirty bucks a year is tough to swing.. when you own a $1000 smartphone.
  18. Agree with 1 & 2 for sure. But not with 3 or 4. But that's my useless opinion.
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