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  1. While I don't like getting a DNF, I don't really mind them either. I'd rather have one that I have to work for then one that it easy. I'll spend hours looking and when I don't find it, it just makes me more determined to go back out again and find it. I'll will though, usually wait until someone logs a find before I go back just to make sure that it's there. Most of my most favorite finds have been ones that I had to go back to look for. Recently I had a DNF due to the snow. I logged it but I'm going to wait to go back after the snow melts. I know I'm in the right area so I'm confident that I'll find it. I have a couple of more that I'm going out to look for, though I'm pretty sure I'll DNF due to the snow. To me it's just nice to get out of the house and into the woods even if I don't find anything.
  2. My wife don't drag me out shopping and I don't drag her out geocaching. Works out great.
  3. This thread is funny. I can't believe it is being taken so serious. JohnnyVegas - That is such a cool name. I love it. How can anyone name Johnny Vegas do anything wrong? Anyway, it looks like ole' Johnny found himself a nut case. Keep the doors locked.
  4. Survival Straps??? Are you serious? Don't forget the Flint Steel and Magnesium Fire Starter Kit while you are at it.
  5. Cakmakli is the place I was stationed while in Turkey. It was an Army base about 15 miles outside of Istanbul. Cakmakli Frozen Barracks Middle of Nowhere And a very young me on the left a long time ago - 1986
  6. I once had trouble finding Stage 3 of a 4 Stage Multi. I looked for it for quite a few hours over a two day period. I then studied the photos in the log and one of them show cachers holding the cache. While it didn't show exactly where it was hid I knew the general location from the background. I then went back, skipped Stage 3, and went to where I thought the final was. I spend a few hours searching the area until I found it. No way I could have done that without the photo
  7. I'm afraid we are stuck with muggles but I don't like it because it sounds childish and makes me feel like a wizzard. I don't like using civilians either. To me anyone, that includes cachers and non cachers, are all civilians if they are not in the military. I really like Others and not just because of LOST. If you ain't part of any group then you are an "Other".
  8. Now that is some funny stuff.
  9. Drop the weight and have another go.
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